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Chapter 895: Abrupt Inspection

Zu An cleared his throat when he saw the two lesser eunuchs confused expressions, explaining, “While my mind is still somewhat clear, I want to pay the crown prince… and crown princess a visit.” Even if he was going to go, he had to have a decent reason for it.

Sure enough, the two lesser eunuchs were shocked.

“Sir Zus loyalty is truly deserving of praise!” The two of them praised him endlessly.

They obviously didnt dare to stop him from doing such a thing, and thus carried him in the Eastern Palaces direction.

Bi Linglong sat restlessly in the Eastern Palace.

Even though she had survived, she had no idea how Zu An was doing.

The emperor had always been extremely suspicious of others.

They would all be done for if he found out the truth.

But then, her subordinate informed her that Zu An was requesting a meeting with her.

She couldnt help but become overjoyed at the good news and subconsciously stood up to welcome him.

However, she immediately noticed the startled look in her maid, Rong Mos eyes.

She quickly picked up her teacup and sipped on it to hide her embarrassment.

She calmed herself down and said, “Let him in.”

She was now no longer that bashful young lady in the dungeon, and had already returned to being the usual noble and dignified crown princess.

Her previously panicked heart also gradually calmed down.

The fact that Zu An was here proved that their plan had worked.

Zu An was quickly brought in.

Bi Linglong grinned when she saw him lying on the stretcher.

This guy really does put on quite the performance.

However, in front of others, she still had to act the part.

She asked him about his injuries, then expressed her and the crown princes gratitude toward him for saving their lives.

Meanwhile, she had her maid bring the lesser eunuchs out to bring some refreshments, and also to bring out some of the Eastern Palaces precious medicines to treat Zu Ans wounds.

When Rong Mo and the two lesser eunuchs left, she asked in a soft voice, “Did you encounter any danger earlier in the imperial study”

“Is the crown princess worrying about me” Zu An looked at her with a mischievous smile.

“Hmph!” Bi Linglong harrumphed.

She looked around nervously, and when she saw that no one was watching, she then warned him quietly, “Were already back in the palace, so there are ears all around us.

We have to be more careful, or others might notice that something isnt right.”

Zu An chuckled and replied “What is there to be scared of Ill just elope with you if it comes to that.”

Bi Linglong really wanted to bite him when she saw his carefree attitude.

She blurted out, “Then what about Chu First Miss”

Zu Ans breathing suddenly stopped.

This was an impossible question! Even though he wanted to confidently say that he wanted everything, actually saying that out loud might get him beaten to death.

The room entered a strange state of silence.

Zu An quickly changed the topic.

“There was something unexpected that happened in the study though…”

Bi Linglong was also starting to regret what she had said.

As such, she tacitly chose not to continue their previous topic.

She was startled when she heard that Zhao Ruizhi had actually worn a recording pendant.

“But it doesnt seem like it had anything bad recorded on it.

Maybe the energy explosion was too great when Zhao Ruizhi fought against Xu Fu, so it couldnt record everything like it was supposed to.” Zu An had been wondering why they succeeded on the way here.

That was the most logical conclusion he had reached.

Bi Linglong was a bit hesitant.

“Do you think that the pendant recorded those… those things That the emperor is only holding in his anger to deal with us later”

Zu An chuckled.

“Do you think thats possible”

Bi Linglong was stunned.

Then, her expression also eased up.

“Youre right, its not too likely.

With his majestys personality, theres no way he would tolerate that, let alone even you and the empress…”

Her body suddenly trembled and her expression became dangerous.

“I almost forgot about that matter.

I remember you saying that you and the empress…”

Zu An quickly cut her off.

“I was only saying that back then to piss him off because we were going to die anyway!”

“Really” Bi Linglong was still skeptical.

She wanted to ask more, but a eunuchs voice suddenly came from outside.

“The empress carriage has arrived!”

Bi Linglong was stunned momentarily, but she quickly snapped out of her daze.

“Speak of the devil.”

She quickly got up and sorted out her attire, then walked out to welcome the empress.

She just happened to bump into the empress procession at the entrance.

“I greet the empress,” Bi Linglong said.

“Please be at ease, Linglong.” The empress helped her back up in an affectionate manner.

“Oh my, your hair has turned all white.

My heart aches for you.

Hurry and go back to get some rest, dont run around all over the place…”

She supported Bi Linglong and headed inside.

Suddenly, she noticed Zu An on the stretcher.

She was completely stunned.

Bi Linglongs eyes drifted between her and Zu An, and her suspicion grew stronger and stronger.

But the empress was someone who had experienced many things, so she quickly reacted.

She said with a smile, “So Sir Zu was here.

I heard that Sir Zu has brought back tremendous achievements from the dungeon this time, and that he was seriously injured while trying to protect the crown prince and crown princess.”

When he saw that stunning and mature woman, Zu An couldnt help but recall that intense, but evenly matched battlefield the two of them had had that night.

He felt a bit of heat start to stir inside of him.

But he quickly noticed Bi Linglongs suspicious eyes and snapped out of his daze.

He replied seriously, “I dont deserve your highness praise.

This is our duty as subjects.”

The empress couldnt help but pat Bi Linglongs arm.

“Wow, your Eastern Palaces subjects are starting to even make me jealous.

I almost want to steal him for myself.”

Bi Linglongs expression turned even stranger.

If she didnt know about their relationship, she wouldnt have thought anything of it.

But now that she knew that they might actually havethat going on between them, hearing those words made her extremely suspicious.

I really suspect the two of them have something going on, but I have no proof… She also replied with a big smile, “Sir Zu is indeed quite excellent.

The crown prince likes him as well.

After they met, he wasnt willing to receive instructions from anyone else.” She immediately countered the empress ambiguous suggestion of wanting him for herself.

“I only said that on a whim; how can I really take away someone so important to you” The empresss expression didnt change much.

“Right, this empress came mainly to visit you and the crown prince.

I heard that your vitality has suffered, so I came with some nourishing medicines.”

When they received her signal, the maids brought out all kinds of cases.

They carried a strong medicinal fragrance that could be smelled even from far away.

They were all extraordinary goods.

“Thank you, your highness, for your care.” Bi Linglong thanked the empress while having Rong Mo receive the gifts.

The empress continued to exchange greetings while pretending to have inadvertently looked at Zu An.

“Since Sir Zu is here, its actually perfect timing.

I just happened to have brought some extra medicines with me that Linglong might not have a chance to use, but with your injuries, you should be able to make use of them.

They can be considered my gratitude for protecting the crown prince and princess.”

Zu An felt his throat go dry when he saw her bright red lips.

This woman was clearly saying normal things, and yet as her gaze was shifted on him, he felt as if his soul were being tugged on.

“Ahem.” Bi Linglong coughed.

“Sir Zu, why arent you thanking the empress for her gift” Theres definitely something up with these two! she thought, based on her womans intuition.

“Thank you, your highness!” Only then did Zu An react.

The young dont know the benefits of a mature woman; they instead treat young ladies as treasures… Actually, young ladies are pretty good too.

The empress gave him a smile, but afterward, didnt look at him again.

Instead, she said to Bi Linglong, “By the way, Linglong, apart from visiting you, I came bearing another task.

His majesty fears that you might have all suffered from some serious injuries, but it isnt too proper for the regular physicians to check.

That was why he had me come with some older nurses.”

Bi Linglong felt goosebumps all over her body when she heard those words.

The empress was making it sound nice by saying it was to check for injuries, but it was actually to inspect if she was still a virgin.

Zu An cursed inwardly.

The emperor was a naturally mistrustful person.

Even now, he had still sent someone to check that.

Bi Linglong forced a smile.

“Im doing okay; its just my vitality that has experienced a bit of loss.

Ill be fine if I rest for a while.”

“Sigh.” The empress said with a smile, “Youll regret it for the rest of your life if you develop some hidden illness.

Dont worry, theyre all skilled older nurses; they wont hurt you.

Itll be hard on them too if they return without completing their task.”

Bi Linglong knew that there was no way out of this now.

She panicked and subconsciously glanced toward Zu An next to her.

The empress frowned.

Why had Bi Linglong looked at Zu An first, and furthermore with that kind of expression

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