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Chapter 836: Beyond Disrespect

Zu An felt all of his fine hairs stand on end when he saw the crown prince walk over.

However, the more dangerous the situation, the calmer he became.

He didn’t immediately rush out or move.

He understood well that even if he had made great progress with his cultivation, even if he used Grandgale, he still wouldn’t be able to escape.

He saw something out of the corner of his eyes and couldn't help but become overjoyed, quickly using the jade badge to communicate with it.

The crown prince got closer and closer.

But just then, a black figure suddenly jumped out of the underbrush.

He casually reached out and the dark figure entered his hands, squealing as it struggled.

The crown prince’s expression eased as he muttered, “It was just a Bright Fur Mouse.” As he spoke, he twisted his hands, wringing the mouse’s neck.

You have successfully trolled the Bright Fur Mouse for 1 1 1…

What the hell did I do to deserve this thought the mouse.

The crown prince’s aura swept around, then his eyes returned to Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun.

He reached out his hand toward their heads, but then he stopped.

He muttered to himself, “No, I have to leave two people alive as witnesses.”

He confirmed that the two of them really had fainted.

Then, he picked up one in each arm and rushed into the sky before disappearing.

Zu An was worried that the emperor might not be really gone yet, so he didn’t dare to budge an inch.

But a while later, he sighed in relief.

“Thank goodness I was able to remain calm.

Otherwise, I would’ve already been on my way to meet my maker.”

“Heh.” Mi Li sneered.

“If not because I helped you hide your aura just now, do you think you really could’ve escaped his detection”

Zu An was stunned.

He couldn't help but smile and remark, “Big sis empress, so you do still love me after all.”

Mi Li’s expression immediately changed.

“What did you say”

Zu An explained, “It’s just a common saying from my hometown.

I’m saying that even though you’re always talking about how you won’t help me, you still won’t remain indifferent when it counts.”

Mi Li harrumphed.

“I wasn’t helping you, just saving myself.

That was an enemy you had zero chance of winning against.”

Zu An smiled.

This woman really was tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.

But his focus quickly returned to the emperor.

He said with a sigh, “I should’ve realized that something was off earlier.

No wonder the emperor didn’t seem to care that much about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

It was because he already had his own method of immortality.

He even fooled me and said he was seeking some sort of immortality through historical famey.

Call me naive and innocent, I actually trusted his damn words.

How could an emperor like him possibly be satisfied with just leaving behind a name”

Mi Li also nodded sympathetically.

“This Zhao Han’s shrewdness and grasp of politics has already reached the pinnacle of emperors.

He would even have a chance against the first emperor Ying Zheng.”

Even though Zu An sighed, he was also secretly glad.

The emperor’s soul must have been dormant most of the time, or else he might have known about the time Zu An had controlled the crown prince with the jade badge.

Huh Wait… Zu An remembered Concubine Bai’s warning.

‘His majesty is more formidable than you imagine.

He knows everything; it’s just that he hasn’t said anything yet.’ Those words reappeared in his memory.

He quickly asked Mi Li, “Do you think the emperor already knew about these things”

Mi Li shook her head.

“The price of awakening his possession each time would be huge.

The crown prince wasn’t in any danger back then, so I don’t think controlling the crown prince for a short time with the jade badge did anything.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Mi Li sneered, “Aren’t you feeling happy a bit too early Even if the emperor doesn’t know, he’ll probably find out about everything that happened in the dungeon.

You’ve displayed tremendous strength this time.

You’re growing too quickly.

As an emperor, he definitely wouldn’t let a variable like you continue to exist.

I’m sure he’ll suspect you and wonder why your cultivation speed is so fast, as well as whether the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra you gave him was real or fake.”

Zu An wanted to curse just then.

Why the hell had he worked himself like this Wasn’t it for that stupid crown prince Yet he had ended up exposing himself because of that.

What the heck was this

“He should’ve seen how close you were with the crown princess all this time as well,” Mi Li said, her tone seemingly indicating she was actually happy to see him in this situation.

Zu An froze up.

He remembered how back then, when he had saved Bi Linglong, not only was the emperor not grateful, he had instead become angry just because he hugged Bi Linglong once.

He had demanded that Zu An cut off one of his arms.

He’d thought that the emperor was just temperamental, but he now knew that the reason for the emperor’s fury was because Bi Linglong was not only his daughter-in-law, but also the future wife he had arranged for himself.

No wonder he had shown no interest in the fact that the crown princess was a virgin the entire time.

That was probably a present he had kept wrapped for himself in the future.

Zu An had not only slept with the emperor’s current wife; even his relationship with the emperor’s future wife wasn’t clear.

This was already beyond disrespect!

Zu An asked with a sullen look, “Then what do I do now”

Mi Li said, “What’s inside the crown prince right now is a portion of the emperor’s soul.

Normally speaking, the two’s thoughts should be connected, but we’re inside the dungeon right now.

The dungeon is a world of its own, so not even Zhao Han can communicate between his souls across worlds.

That’s why there’s something you can try, which is to erase this part of his will in the dungeon.

That way, the emperor won’t know about what happened inside.

With your wit, you should be able to survive this ordeal.”

Zu An could only laugh in self-mockery when he heard this proposal.

He was going to erase the emperor’s soul in this dungeon He couldn't even take two hits from the mid stage master ranked Lu Xiao!

“Sigh, I think it’s better if I start thinking about how I’m going to run once I leave this dungeon.” Zu An even began to think about where he was going to hide once he left.

Brightmoon City was definitely unsuitable and would only bring danger to the Chu clan.

I guess there’s no choice but to go to the fiend races’ territory.

I can pay Qiao Xueying a visit along the way.

Sigh… Goodbye, this lively capital; goodbye, my beauties…

Mi Li fell silent for a moment before saying, “Whatever; it would indeed be quite hard to eliminate that soul of his.

But if you want to run, it’ll be best if you leave the dungeon now.

Otherwise, once the emperor finds you, it’ll be too late for you to run then.”

Zu An voiced his agreement and ran in the direction of the dungeon entrance.

He was worried that he might be discovered by the emperor, so he didn’t fly and instead moved stealthily

As for Bi Linglong, the emperor was here, so she should be fine.

He’d find a chance to leave her a message and tell her the truth later.

His thoughts were quite grave at the moment, so he couldn't be bothered to think about it too much.

Suddenly, a rumble erupted, causing birds to leave the distant forest.

Many beasts ran for their lives.

It was as if an earthquake had happened.

Zu An was stunned.

“What’s happening”

“There’s something strange about this dungeon.” Mi Li hesitated for a moment and didn’t say too much.

“But that shouldn’t be the case! This is the Royal Academy’s territory.

This dungeon should be extremely stable!” Zu An exclaimed, confused.

Mi Li said, “Humans know too little about dungeons.

All sorts of things can happen in these spatial cracks.

I think it’s best if we leave as quickly as possible.”

“Okay.” At that point, Zu An was in quite the predicament himself, so he couldn't be bothered to think about what was happening.

Zu An turned around to run toward the dungeon entrance, but a while later, he heard sounds of fighting ahead.

His expression changed.

“This is just too much to be a coincidence, right” He decisively changed directions, planning to take a detour.

He didn’t dare to meddle in the fight.

Just then, however, a charming female voice screamed.

Zu An suddenly froze.

Mi Li said mockingly, “The two of you really were brought together by fate.”

The female voice was clearly Bi Linglong’s.

Judging from the sound of her scream, she was already in extreme danger at that moment.

Mi Li didn’t try to dissuade Zu An from helping.

After sticking around him for so long, she knew he wasn’t that type of person.

Even though she always mocked him for making such unwise decisions, if Zu An really had been the type of person who was willing to do anything to achieve his goals, she would instead dislike that more.

Meanwhile, Bi Linglong sat on the ground in despair as she looked at the three deathsworn soldiers that surrounded her.

Her plan had been successful, drawing away the troops that were chasing after her.

She had been about to run away, but she had ended up being surrounded by several of King Qi Manor’s deathsworn soldiers.

As they had split up, she no longer had any guards around her.

Furthermore, after she had used her secret technique, she had been drained of strength.

She wasn’t a match for these three deathsworn soldiers.

When they saw Bi Linglong’s fair white arm exposed through her torn sleeves, the deathsworn soldiers’ eyes burned hotly.

One of them gulped and said, “Screw it, I’ve already been holding myself back for three years! There hasn’t been a single woman here; my hand has even been getting calluses from all the rubbing! I have to enjoy myself today no matter what!”

One of the other soldiers had some misgivings.

“She is the crown princess after all.

This doesn’t seem too good.”

“Like hell I care if she’s the crown princess! She’s about to become a corpse anyway.” The third person harrumphed.

“We’re going to kill her anyway, but if we kill her immediately, that’d be such a waste.

We might as well have some fun first.”

The second soldier felt a strange sense of desire when he heard those words.

They were deathsworn soldiers without any future anyway.

Furthermore, they had lived such desolate lives alongside beasts for three whole years.

It was enough to turn any human into a wild beast.

“It’s just a pity, her hair is a bit too white…”

“It’s been three years already! I’ll even ** a pig, let alone this chick who was hot to begin with.”

“Who’s going first”

Bi Linglong was embarrassed and furious as she listened to their filthy words.

She had never expected to end up in this state.

Unfortunately, her acupoints had been sealed, so she couldn't even commit suicide.

When she thought about how the purity she had protected for so long was going to be destroyed, she felt regret.

If she had known it was going to be like this, she would have just given herself to Zu An.

King Qi Manor’s experts had chased after them, so Zu An, who had been holding up the rear, was probably already dead.

She felt great pain when she thought of that.

She could no longer hold herself back, and pearl-like tears trickled down her cheeks.


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