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Chapter 813: How About Doing It Together

Bi Linglong was so angry her entire body was shaking.

“Absolutely outrageous! You two dare to have such thoughts about me”

Gu Xing rolled his eyes.

“Linglong, soon you won’t be the crown princess anymore.

What’s the point in trying to intimidate us at this point Honestly speaking, don’t tell me that being with us really would be worse than being with that idiotic crown prince That guy is completely mentally retarded.

I reckon he never even let you feel a woman’s true happiness yet.”

Bi Linglong’s expression was dismal.

“It looks like you’re already certain, or else you wouldn’t dare to say these things to me!”

Gu Heng gave his younger brother a look.

“Brother, Linglong is a sister we grew up with after all.

Be more courteous with your speech.”

Gu Xing sneered, “Bro, what’s the point in trying to act like a gentleman now Judging from what we’ve seen so far, it’s obvious that Linglong likes that Zu An a lot.

That fella is a ruffian from the streets.

There isn’t a trace of a gentleman in his bones.

“Doesn’t this mean that Linglong likes those ruffians more To be honest, my personality is a bit closer to Zu An’s.

Big bro, looks like you’re out of luck.”

Gu Heng immediately began to panic.

“Nonsense; Linglong likes an upright and modest nobleman.

After growing up together, that’s something I know well.

How can she possibly like a ruffian like him”

Bi Linglong harrumphed.

“Gu Xing, you dare compare yourself to Zu An Even someone like you”

She was actually quite confused herself.

It really was as Gu Heng said; she would prefer the dignified and steadfast young master of a distinguished clan.

She had used to hate the hoodlum type like Zu An, yet why did she view him so much more favorably

Gu Xing’s face turned cold when he heard her ridicule.

“Zu An is nothing.

His cultivation is beneath mine, his background is beneath mine, and even his looks aren’t as good as mine.

It should be him who has no right to be compared to me.”

Bi Linglong laughed mockingly.

“I never realized this before.

You’re clearly ordinary, yet you seem to have so much confidence for no reason.”

Gu Xing was furious.

Gu Heng quickly advised him to stop, and then looked at Bi Linglong.

“No matter how great Zu An is, you chased him away.

It’s meaningless to talk about these things now.

I advise you to instead hurry and pick one of us.”

He was more and more certain that his younger brother had already lost all favor in Bi Linglong’s eyes.

That was why he had the advantage right now.

“Fine, I choose Gu Xing,” Bi Linglong said.

“What” Gu Heng exclaimed.

Even though her voice wasn’t loud, it was like thunder to his ears.

Gu Xing instead went wild with joy.

“Haha, Linglong, I knew you loved me!”

He rushed over to hug her as soon as he finished speaking.

However, Gu Heng stopped him.

Gu Xing frowned and said, “Big bro, we already agreed on this.

What are you trying to do”

Gu Heng said, “Don’t you feel that she’s choosing a bit too quickly Judging from what happened so far and the words she just said to you, do you really think she likes you”

“What does it matter if she really likes me or not Her body is already enough for me.” Gu Xing looked unfazed.

Bi Linglong and Gu Heng were both speechless.

Gu Xing chuckled sinisterly and continued, “Furthermore, who knows She might just end up liking me if we do it a few times.

Girls always cherish their first man a lot.

According to the rumors we got from the palace, Linglong should still be a virgin.”

Bi Linglong looked away.

She was blushing a bit, as if she were embarrassed.

She clearly didn’t want to reply to such a personal question.

Gu Heng was instead about to go crazy from jealousy.

It was fine when the two of them had just been secretly in love, since neither of them could obtain her.

They could even console each other.

Now, his little brother was about to take his goddess to bed, yet he couldn't do a thing about it.

The worst part was that he had thought that everything was already within his grasp, yet the next second, she had chosen his younger brother.

The feeling of dropping straight from cloud nine into dirt was so horrible it made him want to vomit blood.

“Big bro, move aside.” Gu Xing was getting impatient.

However, Gu Heng still didn’t budge an inch.

“I finally understand what’s happening.

Linglong chose you on purpose precisely to start an internal conflict between us, or even for us to kill each other.

Only then would she even have a chance of making it out of this situation.”

Bi Linglong said indifferently, “You were the one who told me to choose, yet you’re saying all of this now after I chose someone.

Then do I have to choose you in order for you two to not start a fight”

She was indeed using this as a chance to get the two brothers to fight against each other.

If it were anyone else, they would most likely choose Gu Heng, feeling as if Gu Xing would be more rash, thus causing friction.

But Bi Linglong knew that if she chose Gu Heng, Gu Xing was much slower than his brother and wouldn’t be able to win in an argument.

Furthermore, his cultivation was also a bit weaker, so he’d easily get done in.

However, if she chose Gu Xing, Gu Heng could use all sorts of excuses to his advantage.

He could find all types of high-sounding reasons to stop his younger brother.

Furthermore, after pretending to be a nobleman for so many years, once his repressed true nature finally erupted, it would be even harder to control.

Reality showed that her choice was correct.

Sparks of conflict flew out as they stared daggers at each other.

Gu Xing also said in agreement, “Exactly! Does she have to choose you then Hurry and get out of the way.

Big bro, helps us keep watch outside the tent, yeah”

When Gu Heng heard that he was to stand outside and just listen to another man pound away at the woman of his dreams, he finally exploded.

“You idiot, you can’t even see through such a simple attempt to divide us!”

“Like I care if she wants to drive a wedge or whatever.

She chose me, so get out of the way!” Gu Xing was getting impatient as well.

He drew his blade.

It was like a fire that lit a fuse.

Gu Heng roared out, and then charged with his blade.

The two immediately exchanged several dozen blows.

Even though his cultivation was a bit higher than his younger brother’s, there was no way he would win without delivering another two hundred to three hundred blows.

Bi Linglong also became nervous.

She obviously wasn’t worried about the pair’s safety, but was rather searching for a chance to kill them both.

Suddenly, the two exchanged a palm, and then separated.

Gu Heng quickly said, “Hmph, fighting like this isn’t a solution either.

We’ll definitely both be weakened, and Linglong is also at the sixth rank.

We might not be able to restrain her if only one of us is left.”

Gu Xing wasn’t a complete fool either.

Furthermore, he knew that if they really fought, he wouldn’t even be able to win against his brother.

He asked, “Then what should we do”

Gu Heng gave Bi Linglong a look.

He quickly came up with an idea.

“We’re brothers born from the same mother, and we’ve shared many things.

That’s why women are naturally no exception.”

Gu Xing’s expression changed several times.

After a moment of silence, he nodded.


Bi Linglong was speechless.

She had never expected that there were such shameless people in this world, and two of them no less!

Gu Heng walked forward and said, “In that case, since I’m the big brother, I’ll go first.”

“No way, she chose me just now, so she’s supposed to be mine.

Sharing her with you is already a huge compromise.

I have to be the first to break her in.” Gu Xing didn’t step aside at all.

Gu Heng remained silent.

Seeing that they were going to fight again, he suggested, “Then, how about doing it together”

Gu Xing was convinced.


“Utterly disgraceful!” Bi Linglong finally couldn't hold herself back anymore.

She drew her sword and thrusted it at the two of them.

However, her attack was easily blocked by them.

Gu Heng no longer hid the desire in his eyes.

He laughed loudly and said, “Linglong, didn’t you just break through into the sixth rank We’ve already been at the sixth rank for many years, so how can you be our match Just obediently serve us.

We will treasure you properly.”

Hatred filled Bi Linglong’s eyes.

“Disgusting!” She didn’t say anything else and focused on facing the pair.

Unfortunately, her cultivation was beneath theirs to begin with, and it was two against oneHer sword was quickly knocked away.

Gu Xing excitedly pounced on her to try to grab her.

That way, she wouldn’t be able to resist anymore.

Right at that moment, a streak of sword light shot in from outside the tent.

Gu Heng quickly pulled his younger brother back.

Even so, a corner of his clothes was cut off.

Both of them turned around with serious expressions as a lone figure slowly walked in.

“Why are you here” The Gu clan brothers cried out in alarm when they saw who it was.


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