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Bi Linglong replied, “The Director of the Imperial Secretariat Pei Ming has two sons, Pei Zuo and Pei You.

The one who they sent was Pei You.

Hes always been sharp, and hes also a well-known figure among the Pei clans younger generation.”

Zu An thought to himself, The ones who are coming aren\'t the best after all.

Looks like the crown princes faction did think this through. He thought that it might have been Big Manman, but it seemed he might have been overthinking it.

“What is it You seem to be a bit disappointed,” Bi Linglong asked out of curiosity.

“Its nothing.” Zu An obviously wouldnt be so stupid as to mention another woman in front of the girl in front of him.

“Right, are you guys close to the Pei clan” he asked.

Why did he seem to recall Pei Mianman saying that their clan was part of King Qis faction

Bi Linglong shook her head.

“Itll take a while to explain our relationship.

To put it simply, the Pei clan is split into two parties.

The first belongs to the Waterfront Duke, Chief Attendant Pei Zheng.

He has many children and theyre connected to King Liang, the Liu clan, the Jiang clan, and other powers in marriage.

They appear to not be under anyones faction, but I know that he supports King Qi more.”

Zu An nodded.

That seemed to be the party Big Manman had been talking about.

Bi Linglong continued, “As for Pei You, he comes from the Greatdeer Duke, Director of the Imperial Secretariat Pei Ming.

Because hes also a member of the Imperial Secretariat, he doesnt really get along with my father…”

Zu An was surprised.

“Why would you let his grandson participate in this exam if they dont get along”

Bi Linglong explained, “Perhaps its because you dont understand our clans unwritten rules.

A clan isnt necessarily all stuck together.

There are bound to be different opinions.

Even though Pei Ming doesnt get along with my father, his second son Pei You is close friends with my older brother.

Furthermore, Pei Mings wife is extremely close to my sister.

With these relationships, thats why we obviously wouldnt refuse Pei Yous participation.”

Zu An sighed.

These clans were all joined in marriage, so even clans that were part of different factions could remain close.

He smiled and said, “If Pei Yous grandmother and your mother are close, shouldnt he call you auntie”

Bi Linglong blushed.

“Thats only if you look at family seniority.

In terms of age, were about the same.”

Zu An was about to tease her a bit when he suddenly thought of a problem. Pei Zheng and Pei Ming are clan brothers, while Big Manman is Pei Zhengs granddaughter.

Doesnt this mean that Big Manman needs to call Bi Linglong auntie as well Then isnt she also my aunt…

Zu Ans smile froze on his face when he realized that. Pah! Ill just mind my own business.

This stuff has nothing to do with me.

Bi Linglong said, “Because of the existence of the Pei clans other faction, I suspect that Pei You approached my brother precisely for infiltration purposes.

Thats why I have no choice but to be on guard against their people.

This time, our attention will mainly be focused on Pei You in preparation for any sinister plots.”

“Alright.” Zu An nodded.

This woman was rational, not letting friendship cloud her judgment.

She was a natural politician.

Bi Linglong continued, “Apart from him, the Liu clan sent in Liu Xian.

Hes General Liu Yaos second son, a hedonistic child.

Hes only barely reached the fifth rank despite being well into his thirties.

It really is embarrassing.”

Zu An was stunned.

“The crown princes exam is extremely important.

Why would you bring in a straw bag idiot like him”

To be honest, the fifth rank wasnt low at all.

In some rural areas, five ranks already represented an incredible existence.

But this was the capital where geniuses were everywhere.

That was why he paled in comparison.

Most importantly, he was already in his thirties.

The fifth rank students of Brightmoon City were geniuses, and they were only in their teens.

A fifth rank in their thirties, furthermore one that had reached that level due to endless resources, really could be called a good-for-nothing straw bag.

Bi Linglong said with a bitter smile, “Theres nothing we can do.

This exam is too important, so the different clans are all sending some of their children to make it look as if they care.

After all, in the eyes of most people, this exam will probably be filled with dangers.

If they could somehow overcome this trial with the crown prince and complete this mission, that would be a tremendous contribution.

Everyone has their own goals, and as their ally, I have to pay attention to the interests of all of these clans.

I cant refuse his addition.

“But the Liu clan understands the importance of this trial.

Apart from sending in Liu Xian, this spoiled young master, they also sent in his sisters outstanding son.

Hes much more capable.

Hes roughly the same age as Liu Xian, but hes already reached the peak of the sixth rank.

Furthermore, his steadfast nature is reassuring.”

Zu An smiled and remarked, “Looks like the Liu clan arent all idiots.”

Honestly speaking, even that old fart Liu Yao was quite mediocre, so it wasnt surprising that he had produced a son like that.

Zu An thought, Out of everyone in the Liu clan that Ive met so far, its still the empress whos the most formidable, both on and off the bed…

Bi Linglong rolled her eyes.

“Its fine if you say that in front of me, but dont think youll be able to get away unscathed if the empress or other important ministers hear you.”

Zu An smiled and replied, “Im only saying this in front of you because youre no stranger.”

Bi Linglong blushed.

Was this fellow using this chance to take advantage of her She instinctively wanted to criticize him, but she was also worried that she would end up hurting his feelings.

She still had to rely on him for the upcoming examination.

Furthermore, after she thought about it, those words didnt seem to be too disrespectful either, so she just let it go.

She changed the topic and said, “By the way, the Meng clan sent their second young master Meng Pan.

This person is a bit more formidable than Liu Xian and has already reached the sixth rank.”

After having spent so long in the capital already, Zu An knew about the Meng clan.

The Meng clans elder was one of the empires eight dukes, Minister of Works Meng Jing.

However, he was already old, so the acting clan leader was actually his son Meng Yi.

Meng Yi was the Central Secretariat Supervisor and had many sons.

Furthermore, his youngest daughter was a kings wife.

“King Liang Manors forces will be led by King Liangs son Zhao Xi.

Zhao Xi is also a talented individual,” Bi Linglong continued.

She then explained, “The Bi clan will be led by my older brothers trusted aides, Gu Heng and Gu Xing.

These two are from the Bi clans branch, the Gu clan.

They studied and grew up together with the Bi clans children, so theyre part of our core forces.

These two brothers are hardworking and diligent, and their aptitudes arent bad.

Theyve both broken through to the sixth rank.”

Zu An had a weird look on his face as he asked, “Oh Childhood sweethearts”

Bi Linglong quickly replied, “Dont think such random things.

Theyre only like family to us.” She was stunned even as she replied. Why am I explaining this to him

She was worried that he might pick up on something and quickly said, “And as for you, Ive already added you to the list through my fathers connections.

Even though your cultivation has surpassed the seventh rank, it doesnt go too far above, so it shouldnt be a problem.

Rest up well today; were entering the secret dungeon together tomorrow.”

Zu An smiled.

He thought to himself, This lass is still using her own clans power and has no idea that the emperor already put everything together. However, he didnt say anything and only replied in the affirmative.

The next morning, Bi Linglong woke up early and got dressed.

Since today was an important day, she hadnt gotten much sleep the night before.

Fortunately, she was a cultivator, so it didnt affect her too much.

Her maid Rong Mo, who was helping her with her hair, sighed from time to time.

“Your highness, you should sleep a bit more if you didnt sleep well.

Why are you getting up so early, and moreover putting on your makeup so carefully You werent even this meticulous when you were getting married back then.”

“What does a brat like you know” Bi Linglong blushed.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She looked even more beautiful than usual, leaving even herself shocked.

Why was she doing this Was it because she was going to meet that person Her heart rate quickened.

She quickly explained, “This matter is related to the crown princes prospects, so of course I need to appear at my best.

Not only is this war against King Qis faction, it will also inspire our own men.”

Rong Mo smiled and said, “Your highness is so pretty, those men will definitely fall over themselves for your favor.”

Bi Linglong harrumphed.

“How can you say nonsense like that”

“The crown prince isnt here anyway.” Rong Mo didnt seem bothered.

“Honestly, recently, your highness mental state has become much better than before.”

“Really” Bi Linglong was stunned.

She hadnt even noticed that herself.

“Of course.” Rong Mo chattered continuously.

“Your highness was always shrouded in worry whenever you woke up in the past, but now, theres even an uncontrollable smile between your brows.”

“Nonsense! How could I have changed that much” Bi Linglong was startled and immediately criticized her.

Then, she looked at the stunning woman in the mirror.

She reached out her hand to gently caress her own face.

Could it be… because of him


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