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Chu Huanzhao felt invigorated to see the disappointed reactions of the two men.

“Her fiancé is no other than Sang Qian, the man you met last night.

Sang Qians father is obviously coming after our Chu clan this time around, and the Zheng clan has quite a few business-related conflicts with us here at Brightmoon City.

Theres no way Zheng Dan doesnt have any ulterior motive in mind by trying to approach you.

Only perverts like you would fall for her beauty trap!”

Sang Qians fiancé” Recalling the arrogant young general he met last night, Zu An fell into deep thought.

The ornate carriage of the Zheng clan was parked by a remote alley.

The panic on the coachs face had long vanished, replaced with composure.

“Young miss, did you manage to obtain the debt note”

Zheng Dan shook her head.

“It wasnt on him.

Looks like well have to try a bit harder.”

Earlier, when Zu An caught her, she snuck her hands into his pockets and searched through them.

Unfortunately, she couldnt find anything at all.

The coach harrumphed coldly.

“That wastrel must have used up his lifetime worth of fortune to get a chance to touch our young miss body with his unworthy hands!”

A faint smile surfaced on Zheng Dans face.

“Its fine.

It was through my clothes, and his hands didnt dare to wander about either.

I didnt suffer any grievances.”

The coach was relieved to hear those words.

“Young miss, Ive been by your side since you were still young.

I cant bear to see anyone taking advantage of you.

Speaking of which, that Sang fellow sure is ridiculous.

How in the world could a man possibly think of having his fiancée lay a honey trap for another man”

Zheng Dan didnt think much of the matter.

“Uncle Yue, calm down.

In the first place, my engagement with Sang Hong is a political marriage, a relationship built on mutual profit.

Its inevitable that we would have to lose something in order to gain something.

The coach named Uncle Yue sighed deeply.

“Young miss, youve suffered for the Zheng clan.”

“Its for myself too,” Zheng Dan replied with a smile.

“Anyway, I wont really let Zu An take advantage of me.

Besides, the earlier encounter with him made this matter even more interesting.”

Over on Zu Ans side, Chu Huanzhao continued to assault his ears through her rants, and the torture only finally came to an end when they arrived at the academy.

Chu Huanzhao headed straight toward her classroom, but Zu An went for the administrative building, toward the office of the beautiful principal.

He knocked on the door, and he soon Jiang Luofus charismatic voice echoing back in response, “You may enter.”

Zu An pushed the heavy door open and walked in.

There were many interesting objects inside the office, but it was still Jiang Luofu herself who stood out the most.

Under the rays of the morning sun, her skin looked fair like snow.

Her eyes were deep and enchanting, her nose was sharp and lofty, and her bright red lips looked ever so inviting.

She brought the contrasting ideas of imposingness and seductiveness together in perfect harmony.

Looking at her long, lustrous hair, one would feel an uncontrollable urge to reach out and pull out the hairpin holding it all in place.

Her cascading long hair would probably flow smoother than silk.

It was only out of fear that Zu An dared not to make a move at all.

“What a coincidence, I was just about to look for you.” Jiang Luofu was a little surprised by Zu Ans visit.

She gently waved her hand, and a light breeze blew across his face.

Before he knew it, the heavy door behind him had already closed shut.

“Principal, you have something for me” Zu An wasnt so narcissistic as to think that Jiang Luofu had fallen for his good looks.

“Youre acquainted with Shang Liuyu” Jiang Luofu directed an enquiring look at Zu An as she fiddled with a hairpin that looked identical to the one holding her hair in place.

“Shang Liuyu” Zu An shook his head.

“I dont know her.”

His mind quickly whirred into action.

He wondered if it was possible that Ji Dengtus request of having him to steal Shang Liuyus dudou had been exposed.

It shouldnt be though.

I havent even met her before!

“You dont know third place Shang Liuyu of the Sweetheart Ranking” Jiang Luofus eyes narrowed in skepticism.

“I mean, I have heard of her name, but Ive never met her in person.”

Oddly enough, Zu An suddenly remembered about Wei Suos excited fanboying over Jiang Luofu at this moment, such that his eyes subconsciously focused on the latters legs.

Hmm, it does look as smooth as jade.

Oh, is it skin-colored stockings today Wow, it looks good on her.

Jiang Luofu swifty noticed his rude stares, and her eyebrows arched up in displeasure.

Zu An jolted in fright, and he quickly added, “I think that those are nothing more than empty rumors.

How can that Shang-something possibly be more beautiful than you With those legs you have, theres no way she can hold a candle to you!”

Zu Ans extremely earnest tone provoked a chuckle from Jiang Luofu.

“Ive heard plenty of pleasantries from others in the past, but youre the first one that to dive into such elaborate detail.”

Seeing that Jiang Luofu didnt get mad at him, Zu An straightened his back and added on, “Of course, its a sincere thought from the bottom of my heart!”

“Liu Shangyu will be upset to hear your words,” Jiang Luofu replied with a teasing smile.

“Dont you think its ungrateful of you to talk badly of her behind her back”

“Ungrateful” Zu An was confused.

I dont even know this person, so how could I possibly be ungrateful to her

Jiang Luofu took out a book from her drawer and began flipping through it.

“Didnt I tell you previously that you shouldnt reveal the fact that you possess transcendent class aptitude You mentioned the aptitude test you had at the school entrance, so I went over to deal with the relevant records.

However, it turns out that someone has already dealt with them before me.

I looked into it a little, and it turns out to be Liu Shangyu.”

She paused for a short moment to assess Zu An intently for a moment before asking once more, “Are you certain that you arent acquainted”

“Hmmm… Could it be that my charisma has reached a level where I managed to make a woman fall head over heels for me unknowingly” Zu An lightly caressed his face as he remarked with astonishment.

“…” Jiang Luofu.


This guys skin must be as thick as city walls.

“Forget it if you dont know her then.” Jiang Luofu harrumphed softly.

“You were looking for me”

Zu An walked over and naturally pulled over a stool to sit right opposite her.

“Yes, I want to become an honorary teacher of the academy.”

Amused by what she had just heard, Jiang Luofu crossed her legs subconsciously.

“Are you insane, or am I out of my mind Did you just say that you wish to be a teacher at our academy”

“Thats right!” Zu An nodded his head in response.

Now that he was closer to Jiang Luofu, he was able to take a good look at her immense charm.

Her ample breasts were followed by a slim waist, creating quite a visual impact.

He felt like his nose would start bleeding at this rate.

Jiang Luofu scoffed coldly, “Dont you know whats the requirement to become a teacher in our academy If you wish to teach cultivation-related topics, you need to be of the sixth rank or above.

The requirement is lowered when it comes to literary subjects, but the staff we employed are all officials from the royal court who are skilled in their respective fields, be it laws, rites, or social affairs.

May I ask if youre a sixth rank cultivator or an official of the royal court”

“Of course I know that, but Im not planning to go about it the proper way.

Im hoping to see if its possible for me to become an honorary teacher or something by sponsoring the academy,” replied Zu An sheepishly.

Most institutions in his previous life had such ahidden function.

A tycoon sponsoring a school would be able to get a building named after him, and it would be easier for his children to get into the school as well.

If the donor had a high standing in society, he might even be conferred the title of an honorary professor.

“Sponsor” Jiang Luofu blinked her eyes in surprise.

She had never heard of something like this before, but it did sound like something that could be feasibly maneuvered.

However, she soon shook her head and said, “Tsk, youre just a drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan.

How much money could you possibly have”

“Is 7,500,000 silver taels enough for you” replied Zu An.

He had already come to a realization that the debt note was utterly useless in his hands.

He didnt have the ability to cash out the money, and it was likely that it would only bring him more trouble in the future.

More importantly, he would lose his greatest trump card, the Heiress Ball of Delights!

That was equivalent to losing a life!

Money was good stuff, but survival came first.

After careful contemplation, he decided to donate the money out, but where and how to donate the money were questions worth ruminating over as well.

It was best if he could get tangible benefits out of it.

“7,500,000 silver taels” Jiang Luofu widened her eyes in shock.

Even by her standards, this was still a humongous amount of money.

“Where did you manage to get so much money”

Knowing that Jiang Luofu was doubtful about whether he had the money or not, Zu An quickly shared the encounter he had at the Silverhook Casino with her.

“How did you manage to do it” exclaimed Jiang Luofu.

She had never been too bothered with the affairs in Brightmoon City, which was why she was only hearing about this major incident now.

“I was lucky, Id say,” replied Zu An shyly.

It wasnt technically a lie since he had used the Fortune Pill to boost his luck.

“Forget it if you arent willing to speak the truth.

Well well well, youre really piquing my interest here.” Jiang Luofu leaned forward a little to reassess Zu An once more.

“Everyone says that the First Miss of the Chu clan has married a useless husband, but why does it seem like theres more than meets the eye to this matter You sure are hiding many secrets, be it your transcendent class aptitude, your cultivation; even a trip over to the Silverhook Casino easily scored you 7,500,000 silver taels from Mei Chaofeng!”

On the other hand, Zu An cowered a little at Jiang Luofus sudden approach.

He was seeing a snowy ridge before him that was so enticing that he was afraid that he would inadvertently do something that would offend the beautiful principal.

“Attraction usually starts from interest.” After careful contemplation, Zu An felt that he should still remind her.

“Your skin is peeking through your clothes.”

Jiang Luofu lowered her eyes to look at her own clothes before the edge of her lips inched upward.

“Youre not like any other men.

I dont mind if its you.”

Zu An was taken aback.


Damn it, I should have taken a few more looks then! Could I actually be a lady killer Otherwise, how could I have won goodwill from Jiang Luofu and the legendary Shang Liuyu so easily

“Of course.

You arent a real man in my eyes; more like a fellow sister, Id say.” Jiang Luofu waved her hand, paying it no heed at all.

Zu An initially thought that she was just taking him to be a little brother or something, but being viewed as afellow sister was not a remark that he could tolerate.

“Principal, what do you mean by that”

Jiang Luofu chuckled softly upon seeing Zu Ans livid face.

“Dont worry, I wont tell anyone about it.”

The sympathetic gaze directed at his crotch was more than enough for Zu An to understand what was going on.

At that instant, he felt an urge to bang his head against the wall and end his pitiful life right there.

What the hell is going on Why are more and more people finding out about it!


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