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Zu Ans eyes shifted to her chest as he said, “Cute big sis, if youre going to call me brother, then just call me brother.

Why do you have to add the wordlittle to it”

Jia Sili chuckled and replied, “Whether you really are small or not, wont this big sis know if I give you a try”

Zu An was speechless.

He was usually the one who teased others, yet the tables had been turned today.

This woman was a true master of the field!

He looked at her mantle in surprise, asking, “Why are you covering your face with a mantle Judging from your figure, you should be really pretty.

Isnt covering yourself up like this a bit of a waste”

Jia Silis body jerked back and forth from laughing too hard.

“Little brother over here really has a sweet tongue.

Big sis will make sure you can leave this world painlessly later.”

“Looks like theres no choice but to fight…” Zu An sighed.

His figure flickered as he thrust a sword at Jia Sili.

But then, he sensed that stinging pain in his head again.

Zu An harrumphed.

“The same little trick again!” He immediately used Hundredwarble to counter it.

The other party had suffered badly from using that skill last time, yet she dared to use it again.

There was definitely something fishy going on.

Sure enough, he saw that a void outline of a massive bell had appeared around the other party.

It was like an enlarged version of the bell around her ankle.

Hundredwarbles invisible sound waves smashed into the bell, releasing waves of sharp and beautiful ringing sounds.

Jia Sili kicked off the ground, sending her body drifting backward.

It was clear that as someone who was proficient in spirit element techniques, once she was prepared, Hundredwarbles attacks could no longer injure her.

Jia Silis fair white legs were faintly discernible within her cloak as the bell tied to her ankle rang.

Even though they were fighting to the death, Zu An had to admit that it was a beautiful scene.

However, he wasnt the type to show mercy because his opponent was attractive.

His sword struck ruthlessly at her vital areas.

“Little brother, you really are vicious! Every single attack is aimed at such a dangerous place.” Jia Silis figure darted left and right, disappearing and reappearing in different places.

“A blink ability” Zu An finally experienced the frustration others had when they fought against him.

Of course, this blink ability was entirely different from his.

His instantaneous movement was in a straight line, and it took him farther, while this blink could only move within a short range.

To a certain degree, it was more similar to his Sunflower Phantasm.

Mages were always full of tricks!

Zu An thought to himself that he had really chosen the wrong profession.

Look how cool these mage skills were! Meanwhile, the path he had taken was that of a stupid meat shield warrior.

He felt incredibly lame. At least I dont use a spear.

Nothing good has happened to spear users in history.

Huh… Wait, if I say I dont use a spear, Yun Yuqing over there might be the first to disagree.

Just then, he suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of fear.

Hundredwarble subconsciously activated, allowing him to recover a second later.

Was it a kind of fear skill He had played a lot of games in the past, so he naturally wasnt surprised that something of the sort existed.

He couldnt just keep letting her have the initiative.

As such, he immediately launched his counterattack.

He asked, “What are you looking at” 

Jia Sili had just been about to dodge, but when she heard those words, her movements paused momentarily.

She involuntarily replied, “Im looking at you, **head!”

Zu An had been waiting for this opportunity.

His Taie Sword rushed out like a shooting star and planted itself into her throat.

“Urg…” Jia Sili clutched her throat with one hand, while her other hand pointed at him in disbelief as if she wanted to say something.

However, in the end, she collapsed without being able to say anything.

Shu Shuhao saw the situation from the opposite side of the area.

“Jia Sili!” he roared furiously as he charged over.

Only now did Zu An realize that the ones who had died earlier—the man with the gold and silver rings, the red-tasseled spear user, and the golden hammer user, as well as the blade wielding deathsworn—had all beenrevived.

No, they hadn\'t been revived, but had instead turned into zombies.

Yun Yuqing had mentioned that that fellow could use corpse Gu-like things to control corpses.

As such, these were likely his corpse demons.[1]

The bloodstained corpse demons charged over with sinister expressions.

Zu An discovered, to his irritation, that even though these corpse demons looked like zombies, they actually retained a large portion of the hosts original cultivation and skills! What the hell How is that fair! Wouldnt this guy be unrivaled if he were on a battlefield

While Zu An was getting a headache wondering how to deal with these corpse demons, the sound of orderly hoofbeats suddenly filled the area.

Then, countless Embroidered Envoys jumped over the courtyard wall.

Even though the corpse demons were formidable, they suffered a disadvantage in terms of numbers and were quickly detained.

Shu Shuhao saw that the situation was unfavorable.

He immediately fled, even abandoning the corpse of his comrade Jia Sili.

However, no one could have expected a hand to suddenly reach out in midair, perfectly clamping down on his throat.

“Cough, cough…” Shu Shuhao struggled frantically, his legs waving about.

He tried everything he could to pry open that hand, but it was as immobile as a metal clamp.

His black and white face turned purple as he choked.

The large hand twisted.

With a crack, Shu Shuhaos intense struggle immediately came to a screeching halt.

Zhuxie Chixin! Zu An immediately recognized the figure on the courtyard wall.

Having an organization backing him really was the best after all! He hadnt had to work too hard to defeat these people himself.

“Commander Zhuxie!” Zu An greeted him as he walked over with a smile.

However, Zhuxie Chixins face remained expressionless.

He pointed at Yun Yuqing and said, “Arrest this Demon Race monster!”

“Understood!” The Embroidered Envoys voiced their confirmation. 

Zu An was startled and angry.

How did they know that Yun Yuqing was of the Demon Race After all, she had even made sure not to use her Devils Eye skill, precisely so she wouldnt expose herself.

However, he already couldnt be bothered to think about that, because Yun Yuqing was already injured.

There were so many Embroidered Envoys here.

If they all attacked at the same time, Yun Yuqing wouldnt have any chance.

He couldnt just watch a beauty be ruined like this.

He stopped the Embroidered Envoys\' attacks and brought Yun Yuqing to a vacant area.

Then, he quickly said to Zhuxie Chixin, “Sir Zhuxie, isnt there some kind of misunderstanding here She isnt a Demon Race monster, but rather Madam Wu!” He could only see if he could get by with that identity now.

Zhuxie Chixin harrumphed.

“Through our investigation, weve already found out that she is indeed Madam Wu, and shes also a Demon Race monster.

Sir Zu, please dont let yourself be deceived.”

Zu Ans face became overcast.

This was the worst case scenario.

Yun Yuqing gently pushed him away and said, “This is how things are.

You dont need to sacrifice yourself for me.” Then, she walked over on her own and faced the ruthless Embroidered Envoys alone.

Zu Ans expression changed several times.

He knew that in the current situation, watching everything happen without doing anything was the smartest choice.

But this woman had already engaged in close skinship with him, and she had even saved his life twice.

How could he just watch without doing anything

He walked over and grabbed Yun Yuqing.

He took a deep breath, and then said to Zhuxie Chixin, “Commander Zhuxie, even if she really is from the Demon Race, she was a kings wife all these years.

She has never acted improperly and was instead content with her position.

Why is there such a need to pursue this matter His majesty has conquered the world, and he has also done his best to convert the various races.

There are many fiend races even in the capital.

Hasnt his majesty been magnanimous and benevolent, allowing them to coexist with humans”

Zhuxie Chixin said indifferently, “The Demon Race is different from other fiend races, and the arrest of Madam Wu has been mandated by his majesty himself.

What Sir Zu has said just now already makes you a suspect of collusion.

Out of consideration for our past interactions, I will not pursue this matter further.

Please step aside.”

Zu An fell silent.

He felt that this matter was strange.

Why would the emperor know about Yun Yuqings true identity Could it be that there had been traces left behind from when she had used the Devils Eye to deal with the Embroidered Envoys in King Wu Manor But why did they know that Yun Yuqing would just happen to be here

Just then, Yun Yuqing spoke to him through ki transmission.

“Ah Zu, thank you, but this matter has nothing to do with you.

Please dont act recklessly.”

After saying those words, she looked at Zhuxie Chixin.

Her eyes erupted with purple brilliance.

“Ive heard that Sir Zhuxie is one of the most powerful cultivators under the grandmaster level.

I wish to experience your skills for myself today.”


A Gu is a legendary venomous insect.

In fantasy novels, the Gu clan is usually depicted as having control over  poisons and parasites.


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