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But even though he thought this, Zu An still said, “But why would those people listen to me I cannot just tell them about the relationship between us.”

After being targeted by Cheng Xiong, he understood that there were too many smart people in the capital.

A slight moment of weakness would easily result in his doom.

Zhuxie Chixin was currently looking for Yun Jianyue, and the emperor also cared a lot about this.

He didnt want to bring disaster onto himself.

Furthermore, he couldnt visit the Devil Sects captives with his status as an Embroidered Envoy.

The only ones who knew about this identity were Yun Jianyue and Qiu Honglei.

He could trust them, but he didnt dare take this risk with others in the Devil Sect.

“You dont need to expose our relationship.” Yun Jianyue remained silent for a moment before saying, “You can just meet them with your real identity.

Say that Honglei entrusted you with the task of saving them.

They will trust you.”

“Why” Zu An was shocked.

Yun Jianyue said, “There are some among the captives who will recognize you, for example, Solitary Fire.

He even captured you before on your way to the capital.”

“So its that guy.” Zu An had an impression of him.

Back then, those Solitary Eight were quite powerful when they came to capture him.

Unfortunately, later on, Solitary Ice was killed by Mosquito Daoist, and now Solitary Fire also became a prisoner.

He didnt know how the others were doing now.

Yun Jianyue continued, “There is one other person who you might have met before in Brightmoon City.

Hongleis senior brother Gu Yueyi, he seems to have been captured as well.”

“Ah, that dude.

I remember him.” Zu An remembered that he even tried to pretend to be Chen Xuan.

In the end, the fake met the real deal.

He was beaten pretty badly back then.

“He is your disciple too It seems like you arent very good at picking disciples.” For some reason, Zu An felt rather annoyed.

Why would such a great beauty take in a male disciple

“I have quite a few disciples like him.” Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes.

“The Holy Sect is rooted in many different places, so its only natural that I foster my own strength to strengthen my position.

Taking in disciples is one of the easiest ways to get others under my wing, so why not”

Zu An sighed and said, “Being a disciple of yours is truly pitiful.

They all exist to be used.

I really pity my Honglei.”

Yun Jianyue said calmly, “The fact they became my disciple means that they obtained far more resources than before.

What is pitiful about doing what they ought to do Furthermore, Honglei is different from others, she is my core disciple.

Only she alone cultivates my true cultivation secrets.”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

“It wouldve been better if you didnt pass on your stupid unmarried woman technique.”

He suddenly thought of something.

Yun Jianyue cultivated the Heavenly Devil Temptation.

This skill name seems similar to one of Dajis skills.

Did they have some type of connection

Theyre both charming techniques.

Probably similar.




Say!” When she heard the words stupid unmarried woman, Yun Jianyues eyelids jumped.

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 999 999 999…

It was clear that these words possessed tremendous destructive power against her.

Zu An hurriedly changed the topic.

“By the way, when I saved Honglei, I saw that one of your sects experts was captured by Cheng Xiong.

He seems to be the one who was fighting against the crown princes lesser tutor by the eastern palace back then.”

Yun Jianyue couldnt remain angry when she heard that he was talking about something important.

She replied, “He is our sects elder Sun Luzhen.

He is an upstanding person who is also loyal and devoted to me.”

A bit of melancholy appeared between her brows when she spoke of him.

She suffered disastrous losses this time during this imperial palace assassination.

“I can tell.” Zu An remembered how Sun Luzhen had a chance to escape, yet he let himself get captured for Qiu Hongleis safety.

He couldnt help but say, “According to what I know, your Devil Sect has many powerful individuals.

Why did only this amount of people join this operation”

He remembered Qiu Honglei mentioning that there was a vice sect leader, left and right emissaries, kings, elders, and the Solitary Eight.

He didnt see any of these kings or emissaries during this attack.

Yun Jianyue sighed.

“I told you before that our sect has many factions.

Even though I am the sect leader, I cannot decide that many things with my word alone.

The assassination on the imperial palace was something many people didnt agree with.

Even though I put this plan into motion by using my authority as the sect master, the other factions werent too enthusiastic about the matter.

I could only make them hold up the enemys reinforcements.

Me and my personal men were the only ones to carry out the main operation.”

Zu An snorted.

“I didnt expect that even a grandmaster like you would still have to live such a stifled life.”

Yun Jianyue said with annoyance, “The emperor is number one in the world, yet there are still so many things he is helpless before.

How can anyone living in this world have everything go as they please.”

Zu An gave her a worried look.

“Then according to what you are saying, youve lost a lot of your personal men during this attack.

Youre seriously injured now as well.

How are you still going to remain as the sect master”

Yun Jianyue said proudly, “As long as I do not die, the rest of the sect has no chance of climbing over me.”

Zu An thought to himself, why are you setting up a flag for yourself! What if the entire sect goes against you when you go back and you get reduced to nothing I dont really want to see that happen.

But after thinking about it, he realized that her cultivation was still high.

He was indeed feeling groundless fears.

His attention shifted to the case.

“There is something else annoying to worry about.

The captured assassins are all in Right Guard General Guo Zhis hands.

I might not be able to even meet with them.”

Yun Jianyue snorted.

“Isnt your relationship with the crown princess pretty good Just seduce her and start from that side.

Cheng Xiong is under King Qis faction, so you arent the only one who wants to get rid of him.”

Zu An was surprised.

He chuckled and said, “Big sis sect master, with how intelligent and wise you are, I dont think any man who marries you would dare go after another girl.”

“Beat it! Im going to treat my injuries.” Yun Jianyue chased him away with an annoyed expression.

If it was anyone else who said this to her, they would already be dead.

Unfortunately, after staying around this brat these days, she was already gradually getting used to his constantly joking manner.

She still had her pride as a senior, so she couldnt kill him.

As such, she could only chase him away.

Zu An left the courtyard with a smile.

He didnt seek out the crown princess with his identity as Golden Token Eleven like she suggested, but rather changed into his crown princes secretary outfit.

He arrived at the eastern palace.

The crown princes lesser tutor was still wounded and couldnt hold classes.

The big fatty crown prince was happily playing around with the lesser eunuchs.

After giving them a look, he decided to seek out the crown princess.

He declared who he was and walked in.

He saw that the crown princess was propping her face up with her hand and currently staring blankly out of the window.

As the cool breeze blew in from the window, he seemed to be able to vaguely make out her fine eyelashes. 

Zu An sighed.

It was probably exhausting for her to have that type of a husband.

He released a light cough to announce his arrival.

The crown princess snapped out of her daze.

Her arms crossed in front of her and she straightened her back.

She recovered her usual dignified appearance.

“What is it”

Zu An gave the surrounding maids and eunuchs a troubled look.

“I have something important to discuss with the crown princess alone.”

The crown princess frowned.

However, the door was still opened.

There was no way the crown princess could speak with another man alone with the palace rules.

“I really do have something important to say to the crown princess…” Zu An took a few steps closer, because this matter really couldnt be heard by others.

The crown princess became a bit unhappy.

“What are you doing Stay there and speak.”

This woman is quite guarded against others.

Zu An thus said, “Does the crown princess know about the recent uproar over Cheng Xiongs case”


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