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Leng Shuangyue bowed towards the two of them.

“Miss, young master, I need to go out for a bit.”

Qiu Honglei waved her hand.

“You should go.

Take care of them well.”

Leng Shuangyue voiced her acknowledgement and slowly left.

She closed the door behind her.

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“Look at how your eyes are glued to her.

If you want her, then I can give her to you.

Im being serious.”

Zu An blushed.

“What do you mean I was just preoccupied with some thoughts just now.”

Qiu Honglei turned around and sat in his embrace.

She hooked her hands around his neck.

“Its not like I mind.

Either way, I cant service you, so isnt it all the same if I have one of my girls take care of you”

After what they did in his room, the last barrier between them had been completely shattered.

That was why she didnt hold back at all before her lover.

She sat intimately in his embrace.

Zu An stiffened up when he felt the soft feeling of her bottom.

Qiu Hongleis cheeks blushed.

Her misty eyes looked at him.


Zu An gulped.

“You shouldnt play with fire like this.

You know you cant give yourself to me, yet youre still doing this type of thing.”

Qiu Honglei giggled.

“Even if a fire starts, so what Did you forget that this is a government brothel We can just find some girls to help appease your fire.”

This woman!

Zu An groaned.

He remembered his objective and used up a lot of willpower to push her away.

“Let me see what kind of person this Cheng Gang is for myself.”

“Scaredy cat.” Qiu Honglei said this on the surface, but inside, her heart was pounding.

If Zu An was playing with fire, then what about her

Zu An could have other girls help him, but what could she do

She stuck out her tongue at him.

Meanwhile, she told herself that she really couldnt be doing this type of stuff in the future.

Zu An arrived by the window and opened it a crack to take a look at the situation below.

He saw a stout young man with a thick neck in the lead.

As if trying to pose as a culture lover, he wore a blue vest that was popular among the capitals young masters.

He wanted to look scholarly and refined, but because of his built, it didnt suit him at all.

“Thats Cheng Gang.

Its obvious that hes a coarse muscle head, yet he still wants to look like a scholar.” Qiu Honglei arrived at his side and introduced him.

Her voice was full of disdain.

Zu Ans expression was a bit strange.

It wasnt that girls didnt like muscular guys, they just didnt like ugly guys.

There was actually a term girls on the internet liked to call this type of men: shrimp men.

Only after cutting off the head can you eat them.

“Hm So the one he invited this time was the Qin clans young master.” Qiu Honglei was surprised when she saw the people behind him.

“The two in the back with thick brows and big eyes are the State Duke of Triumphs grandson Qin Guangyuan, while the one with more delicate features is State Duke of Prestiges grandson Qin Yongde.”

The State Duke of Triumph is Chu Chuyans grandfather Qin Zheng, while the State Duke of Prestige is Chu Chuyans second grandfather Qin Se.

He had to admit that the Qin clan had good genes.

Their attractiveness indexes were all pretty high.

Cheng Gang looked like a servant next to the two of them.

This was understandable as well.

Qin Zheng and Qin Se werent bad looking, and with their high status, they were able to marry beautiful women.

This continued for their children, and since they were handsome and beautiful, the chances of giving birth to an ugly child was low.

“Hm Theres someone you recognize.” Qiu Honglei had a weird look on her face.

She nudged Zu An with her elbow.

“Your little brother-in-law came too.

Should I have my girls take good care of him”

Zu Ans eyes widened too.

He looked at the petite figure in the very back.

This really was an attractive kid.

Qin Yongde was quite handsome already, but compared to her, he was far off.

Why did that kid run all the way here Zu An felt a headache. Did you forget that youre a crossdresser Coming to this type of place is completely courting death! He quickly replied when he heard Qiu Hongleis teasing, “Theres no need, just treat him like how you normally do so they dont find anything off.”

“Young Master Qin, Young Master Chu, this way please.” Cheng Gangs boorish voice sounded.

He made it sound as if he was the master here and he was enthusiastically inviting them over.

Shangyue also skillfully received these guests.

She wanted to invite them inside, but the thick browed Qin Guangyuan stopped her.

“Lets stay here in the courtyard.”

Shuangyue was stunned, but she quickly reacted.

“Sure!” She ordered the maids to bring some drinks and fruits out from inside.

Qiu Honglei commented, “I believe they are discussing something classified and are scared of outsiders listening in.

That is why they chose a more spacious place.”

Zu An nodded.

This was what he thought as well.

Cheng Gang laughed and said, “Shuangyue, these are all formidable young masters.

However, the star of tonight is young master Chu.

This is the first time he has been to this type of place, so its enough if you take good care of him.”

Chu Youzhao blushed, but she quickly returned to normal.

“Its fine, Im okay by myself.”

The handsome Qin Yongde chuckled and patted her shoulder.

“Youzhao is still a bit shy.

Were all men, arent we Youll get used to it once we come here more often.

This Lady Shuangyue is quite a beauty.

Shes an excellent choice for your first time.”

Chu Youzhao evaded his hand in a tactful manner, but she was hard-pressed inside. I wouldnt have come with them to this place if I knew it was going to be like this! Sigh, its so tiring pretending to be a guy… Theres even all of these stupid things to worry about.

Shuangyue said with a smile, “Young Master Chu really is dashing.”

She naturally knew Chu Youzhaos relationship with Brightmoon Citys Chu clan.

She thought to herself that since he was Zu Ans brother-in-law, she really should treat him well.

The others teased, “Even Shuangyue seems to have been charmed by our Brother Youzhao, haha.”

Qin Yongde also smiled.

“Even Murong clans first miss has been completely captivated by him, let alone a brothel girl.”

Qin Guangyuan frowned slightly.

“Second brother, please speak cautiously.”

Qin Yongde also realized that comparing Murong clans first miss with a brothel girl wasnt too suitable.

“That was not too good of me.

Ill drink three cups as a punishment.”

Their group began to drink cheerfully soon afterwards, with each of them having two girls to keep them company.

Meanwhile, Chu Youzhao had Shuangyue at her side.

As he watched the Qin brothers and Cheng Gang take advantage of the girls at their side, Zu An felt like he returned to his past worlds club scene.

Uh… As a highly experienced keyboard warrior, he obviously never went to those places before.

He only heard about them online.

While these fellas were like fish back in water, Chu Youzhao was sitting restlessly.

She continued to move to the side and gave that pretty flower courtesan a vigilant look.

“Dont touch me.”

Shangyue giggled.

“Why must Young Master Chu be so nervous I wont eat you.”

Chu Youzhao frowned.

These women from brothels really had no sense of shame.

However, she couldnt express that right now and could only say, “Im not used to physical contact with others.”

“No problem, then I will sit a bit further away.” Shuangyue didnt suspect anything.

She had met all types of men in this place with many who were even more strange.

“Since this is the young masters first time, this humble one will pour a glass to honor you.”

Chu Youzhao bit her lip.

She felt extremely humiliated when she saw what the others were doing around her.

She didnt refuse the drink, because she needed something to divert her attention.

Shuangyue beamed when she saw that Chu Youzhao was willing to drink.

She quickly poured her one glass after another.

As the flower courtesan of a government brothel, she was full of tricks to get her clients to drink, so how could the inexperienced Chu Youzhao be a match She still unknowingly drank a lot even when she had the intent to refuse.

Inside the building, Qiu Honglei smiled.

“Your little brother-in-law is quite a gentleman.

Its just that he is a bit too feminine.”

Zu An rolled his eyes. Is this girl stupid Its one thing if you come to a brothel, but youre going to drink that much too Are you not scared that youll black out here and expose your identity

A while later, Cheng Gang said with a cough, “Lady Shuangyue, we have something we need to discuss among ourselves.”

Leng Shuangyue got up and bowed.

“If there is anything sirs need, please let this humble one know.” Then, she slowly left with the other girls.

Zu Ans face lit up.

“Theyre starting!”

This wait really was quite hard to endure.

He had to watch them play around while he couldnt do anything himself.

Qiu Honglei looked worried.

“We might not be able to hear anything once they deliberately hide what they are saying.”


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