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The reason why Chu Chuyan was able to leave the Qin clan without any issues today was because she told them she was going to inquire about the assassin incident in the palace.

Zu An was the crown princes secretary, so he should know about the inside details.

That was why the Qin clan tacitly allowed her to leave.

Of course, Chu Chuyan and her parents were of one mind.

They only wished to remain neutral, they didnt want to be caught up in this battle for the throne.

However, Chu Youzhao, this child who was raised in her grandfathers house since she was little, was already deeply partial to King Qi from what she was raised on.

That was why she subconsciously spoke out for King Qi.

The Qin clan received news that the captured assassins looked like they absolutely wouldnt submit at first, but after a series of torture, they all confessed.

All of them said that it was King Qi who sent them.

This made the situation much more serious.

Everyone in King Qis faction rose up in rage.

If they didnt deal with this issue properly, then their entire group might just collapse.

Chu Youzhao also seemed to take this personally.

She cursed yesterdays assassins for framing them, calling them shameless and despicable.

These words stung the ears of Qiu Honglei behind the screen, making her feel terrible.

She leaked out a bit of her aura due to a ripple in her emotions.

Chu Chuyan was now already a seventh ranked expert.

She immediately sensed that something wasnt right.

She didnt suspect Zu An.

Her first reaction was that someone was hiding to attack him.

After all, many people knew that he had the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, and he was now the crown princes secretary as well.

She heard that the death of the Shi clans young master was related to him, so there was a chance that this was an assassin sent by the Shi clan for revenge.

As such, she immediately flew over, thrusting her fingers out like a sword.

Sword ki immediately swept out towards the curtains.

The curtains were blasted to pieces by the sword ki in an instant, and a figure appeared.

The two of them exchanged several attacks in succession.

Qiu Honglei was the Saintess after all, so she was the best of her age in terms of skill and technique.

She wasnt at a disadvantage at all.

Chu Youzhao excitedly rolled up her sleeves and charged over.

“Big sis, let me help!”

When would she find a chance like this in the capital No one dared to really fight against her normally.

Murong Qinghe wasnt too bad since she had a high cultivation and was ferocious in battle, but she always gave up before the very end.

It really was boring.

It was much more dangerous when she encountered those assassins with her brother-in-law last time.

It was different today.

She had her big sis and brother-in-law here to protect her, so her safety was definitely ensured.

That was why she charged over excitedly.

Zu An pressed down on her head and stopped her.

“Dont charge over blindly.

Youll only add to the chaos.”

“Stop touching my head!” Chu Youzhao waved her claws at him, but her figure was so small that her hands couldnt even reach Zu An and only waved about in the air.

You have successfully trolled Chu Youzhao for 233 233 233…

Chu Chuyan stopped at this time as well.

“So it was you”

There was a bit of misunderstanding at first, but she already saw who she was from her appearance.

Brightmoon City Immortal Abodes courtesan queen! Later on, they even fought together on the way to the capital, so how could she not recognize this person

Qiu Honglei voiced her agreement.

“Greetings, Chu first miss.”

She was a bit alarmed right now and didnt know what to say.

“Huh They know each other” Chu Youzhao became disappointed when she heard what they said.

They werent going to keep fighting anymore! She angrily smacked Zu Ans hand away.

Zu An wanted to say something, but his survival instincts told him to shut his mouth right now.

“What is Lady Qiu doing here Could it be that you desire Ah Zus Phoenix Nirvana Sutra” Chu Chuyan frowned.

She naturally knew that she was the Saintess of the Devil Sect.

She still remembered how the Devil Sects experts tried to kidnap Zu An.

If it wasnt because Qiu Honglei secretly helped Zu An, there was no way she would show mercy right now.

Qiu Honglei said with a cough, “I was in the capital, so I decided to visit an old friend.”

This reason was indeed suitable, but Chu Chuyan just felt like something was strange.

Suddenly, she remembered that strange smell here.

She suddenly thought of something and said, “You havent wiped off all of the stuff on your face yet.”

Qiu Honglei was incredibly embarrassed.

She quickly moved her hand to her face, but there was nothing there at all.

“You lied…”

But she noticed right away midway through her sentence.

She fell for her trap.

Zu An gasped as well.

The pure and cold Chu Chuyan actually had this dark side to her!

Chu Chuyans expression became cold.

She harrumphed and gave Zu An a look.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 256 256 256…

This scoundrel! She was worried about him just a moment ago and felt that she might not have fulfilled her duty properly as a wife.

Yet in the end, he was having fun with another woman here!

Zu An laughed in embarrassment.


Chu Chuyan didnt want to hear any explanation.

She looked at Qiu Honglei and said, “If I recall correctly, Lady Qiu is unmarried.

By coming to the home of a married man and… doing these things, the Devil Sects people indeed do things differently.”

Chu Youzhao was a smart person herself.

Even though she didnt know what was happening exactly, she could roughly guess that this woman was her big sisters rival in love. Hmph, she looks like a slut.

I knew she wasnt anyone good.

She also spoke out and said, “Big sis, did you only realize this now The Devil Sect are all this shameless and despicable!”

Even though she rarely spoke noisily around her big sister, she obviously had to stand on her sisters side here.

Qiu Honglei was furious inside, but she was full of smiles on the surface.

“Indeed, our Devil Sect is shameless and despicable.

There is no way we can compare to the righteous great clans! If youre of value, then youll be worked like a dog.

Once youre useless, youre swept right out the door and never seen again, because it would be oh so terrible to have them bringing the clan down.

It is instead our Devil Sects monsters who have always been finding a way to rescue these people.

Ah Zu, what do you say”

Zu An broke out in cold sweat.

“Hey guys, its not that serious haha.

Separating from the Chu clan is something we agreed to beforehand, and I didnt want to trouble them.

Also, Chuyan, she still…”

Qiu Honglei immediately cut him off here and targeted Chu Chuyan.

“Oh, youre right.

I remember that you have nothing to do with the Chu clan anymore.

I wonder what a certain someone is trying to prove by strutting here as if they have a righteous reason”

Chu Chuyans breathing stopped.

The Chu clans decision to break things off with Zu An had always been a thorn in her heart.

She wasnt in Brightmoon City back then, and by the time she found out, it was already too late.

The two of them tacitly chose not to bring this up, but now, she was facing the consequences.

Right… the two of them werent husband and wife anymore.

Chu Youzhao was furious.

“Where did this vixen come from Youre stealing someone elses man, yet youre doing it with such forced justice! Im going to contact the government office and have them capture you Devil Sect scum.”

But Qiu Honglei merely leaned against Zu An charmingly.

“I am Ah Zus good friend, and I live here normally.

If you tell on me, then arent you putting him in an awkward spot Ah Zu has treated your Chu clan with utmost duty, right Is this how you bite the hand that feeds you”

“You…” Chu Youzhao was stumped for words.

How could she be a match for someone like Qiu Honglei, the Devil Sects Saintess who even stayed in Immortal Abode for a long time

Chu Chuyans eyelids were jumping when she saw how she leaned against Zu An. I shouldve just let Zhuxie Chixin capture her instead of letting her go! Hmph! Im so angry!

She turned around with an expressionless face.

“Youzhao, lets go.”

Chu Youzhao was a bit unhappy at this result. Big sis, you are his main lover! How can you let this bitch get away But when she saw how fast her big sister was leaving, she still followed her when she measured the gap between herself and Qiu Honglei.

Zu An was about to explain, but Qiu Honglei grabbed him.

“Ah Zu, can you bring me some water to wash my face with I feel like there are scabs forming on my face.”

Chu Chuyan, who had just reached the entrance, suddenly stopped.

She took a deep breath, and then she continued without even turning around.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 999 Rage points!

When he saw QIu Hongleis hopeful and pleading expression, Zu An sighed.

After everything that happened, he would seem a bit too heartless if he left now.

“Alright, Ill get some water for you.”

Qiu Hongleis panicked heart finally calmed down when she heard what he said.

Her face was beaming with smiles.

“Honglei, we couldve all got along, why did you have to say such harsh things” Zu An helped her wash her face while saying this gloomily.


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