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All of the gamblers were initially anticipating for Zu An to be utterly embarrassed in public, but upon realizing that there was an even greater drama that was about to unfold here, the atmosphere rose to a new high as all of them urged for Plum Blossom Seven to unveil the results.

Under the urging of his disciples, Plum Blossom Seven finally snapped out of his daze.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he cursed himself for being so foolish as to actually roll a triple.

If he had gotten any number instead, he wouldnt have lost so badly.

He could already imagine how tragic of a plight he would be in.

Thats 7,500,000 silver taels! We wouldnt be able to raise that much money even if we sell all of the Plum Blossom Sects businesses!

The sect master will really dice me and feed me to the dogs!

Just thinking about the pitiful plight awaiting him, Plum Blossom Seven toughened his resolution and discreetly slipped his hand beneath the table.

There was a mechanism there which, once pushed, could change the result of the dices.

Given the current circumstances, he could only take a gamble and pray that Chu Chuyan wouldnt notice it.

It was only unfortunate that he couldnt comprehend just how powerful a rank five cultivator was.

It wasnt a gamble at all but guaranteed failure.

As soon as his hands started moving, he suddenly found himself shrouded by a white aura, and at the next moment, his entire hand froze up.

He couldnt move it anymore.

“What are you trying to do over there Cheat”

One must know that Chu Chuyan had been keeping a tight eye here, especially since she hadparticipated in this gamble too.

She couldnt possibly allow anyone to tamper with the results.

Zu An sighed deeply and said, “I warned you not to cheat, but you wouldnt listen to me.

You over there, open it!”

He casually pointed to one of Plum Blossom Sevens disciples and ordered him.

“Open it! Open it! Open it!”

The eyes of the gamblers around had turned red in agitation.

Will we be seeing a miracle today

Plum Blossom Seven, on the other hand, was utterly panicked.

He was just about to say something when he suddenly felt a pressure crushing down on him, preventing him from speaking a single word.

The disciple pointed out by Zu An was hesitant.

He looked around fearfully, but there was no one here for him to rely on.

In the end, he stretched his trembling hand forward to remove the cap from the dice shaker to reveal three brilliant red dots pointing upward.

There was a moment of silence before an utter uproar broke out.

Even Chu Chuyans breathing hastened too!

At a payout ratio of 1:150, that made a hulking sum of 7,500,000 silver taels! What did that mean

The Chu clan was known for its humongous wealth that could rival the country—its salt and arms businesses were bringing it huge amounts of money every single day—but even so, its annual profits didnt come close to this amount.

They wouldnt earn that much if they were to save up three years of profits!

Zu An looked at Plum Blossom Seven gleefully as he said, “Thanks a lot.

If not for you stopping me earlier, I could have just walked away with only 50,000 silver taels.

I never thought that I would actually end up winning 7,500,000 silver taels here.

I must say, your mouth really brings me good luck! Alright, heres 10 silver taels as a tip for you.

You can use it to buy yourself a cup of tea or something to quench your thirst.”

Those words reminded Plum Blossom Seven of how he desperately tried to keep Zu An here.

Just the recollection of it made him feel like an utter fool.

It turned out that he was the one who had brought about his own downfall!

The slight gleam coming from the 10 silver taels seemed to be mocking him for his naivety.

Unable to take it anymore, he spurted a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Seven for 1024 Rage!

However, his collapse only spurred Zu Ans displeasure.

“Hey hey hey, dont think that you can escape from this just by fainting.

You, come here and settle the debt!”

Just like how Chen Daozai was able to earn 27,000,000 HKD with just 20 HKD, I, Zu An, have earned 7,500,000 silver taels with just 1000 silver taels today! Converted into the currency of my previous world, that would be 13,500,000,000 RMB!

This is what being the God of Gambling means!

Meanwhile, over at the headquarters of the Plum Blossom Sect, Mei Chaofeng was laughing leisurely as he said, “Say, Miss Qiao, you really need not worry so much.

From the moment that trash decided to enter the Silverhook Casino, hes already in my grasp! Its impossible for anything to go wrong! Once he rakes up a debt of tens of thousands of silver taels, you can be assured that there would no longer be a place for him in the Chu clan anymore.”


The Chu clan is extremely strict on its clan members, not to mention that Madame Chu has never had a high opinion of her useless son-in-law.

Let alone tens of thousands, even if he just made a loss of several thousands, I reckon that Madame Chu would do everything she could to evict him from the household!” Snow nodded in agreement.

“The only problem were facing right now is that Chu First Miss.

She wouldnt stand still as he rakes up a huge debt.

Miss Qiao, may I ask you to head over there and find a way to distract her We need to lure her off first before our brothers in the casino can work on Zu An,” said Mei Chaofeng.

Snow shook her head in response.

“Its too risky.

Chu First Miss already carries some suspicions toward me.

If I lure her off at this juncture, Ill surely give my identity away.

We cant mess everything up just to deal with Zu An.”

Mei Chaofeng nodded a little before bursting into laughter.


Only with Miss Qiao keeping an eye on Chu First Miss and ensuring that she doesnt get sullied by any men will the young master be able to rest easy.”

Snows face immediately turned cold.

“Dont gossip about the young master behind his back.”

“Im just joking, Im just joking!” Mei Chaofeng replied with a laugh.

On the inside, however, he was getting a little irritated by how rudely Snow was talking to him.

A mere lass like you dares to act big just because you have the young masters favor.

Hmph! Its only a matter of time before I get the young master to betroth you to me.

By then, Ill have you know the results of daring to offend me!

Snow stood up and looked at the direction of the gambling den.

She recalled all of the bickers she had with Zu An over the last few days, and a hint of worry flickered across her eyes.

“Why do I have an ominous feeling about this”

“Youre worrying too much! That wastrel cant possibly pull off anything!” Mei Chaofeng replied casually, thinking to himself that women sure liked to worry about useless stuff.

“If Im not wrong, it should be around time for us to receive news of our success.”

Right after he said those words, footsteps suddenly sounded outside.

A sect member rushed over while shouting anxiously, “Sect master, b-bad…!”

Mei Chaofengs face immediately darkened.

“Who are you calling bad Slap your own face!”

The sect member was stunned, but out of fear of Mei Chaofeng, he immediately kneeled down and slapped himself viciously without any protest.

Meanwhile, Mei Chaofeng leisurely picked up his teacup and blew on it lightly.

“Remember, dont act in such an uncultured manner in the future.”

“Yes…” The sect member felt wronged, but he dared not to refute the sect masters words.

Mei Chaofeng finally nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Speak, what happened.”

The sect member finally began reporting the issue on hand, “It was a loss of 50,000 silver taels.”

“50,000” Mei Chaofeng burst into laughter.

It wasnt as much as he imagined it out to be, but Plum Blossom Seven still did great this time around.

One had to consider the fact that he had done it right under the eyelids of Chu First Miss.

“50,000 silver taels should be enough to get Zu An kicked out of the Chu clan.”

A hint of a smile also emerged on Snows lips.

She also agreed that 50,000 silver taels would be enough.

As long as she fanned the matter a little, she was certain that Madame Chu would surely come to the limit of her tolerance with that fellow and kick him off.

On the other hand, the sect member realized that his words had been misinterpreted, so he anxiously clarified, “Sect master, I meant that we lost 50,000 silver taels!”

“Ah” Mei Chaofengs smile suddenly froze in place.

His eyes slowly turned back to the sect member, reflecting killing intent in them.

“What did you just say”

The sect member had no choice but to suppress his fear and repeat the matter once more, “It was the Silverhook Casino who has lost 50,000 silver taels to the young master of the Chu clan.”


The teacup in Mei Chaofengs hands immediately shattered into pieces as he flew into a state of rage.

“What the hell is Plum Blossom Seven doing How could he lose that much money to that wastrel Even if I were to put a pig on the gambling table, it wouldnt be so inept as to lose 50,000 silver taels!”

“Actually, it was all lost in a single round,” reported the sect member.

“In a single round” Surprised to hear that, Mei Chaofeng quickly enquired what was going on.

The sect member quickly filled him in on the details.

After hearing the full story, Mei Chaofeng fell into silence, but his complexion clearly alleviated significantly.

With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the sect member before leisurely returning back to his chair to sip on yet another cup of tea.

Snow couldnt stand how Mei Chaofeng remained unmoved despite having heard about the accrued loss, so she stood forth and asked, “Why are you still sitting down here, sipping on your tea Arent you going to head there to take a look Youve already lost 50,000 silver taels!”

“No rush,” Mei Chaofeng replied calmly.

“Miss Qiao, dont let your anxiety get ahead of yourself.”

“How can I not be anxious You wont be able to take responsibility for ruining the young masters plans!” Snow pointed out coldly.

Mei Chaofeng clenched his fists furiously upon hearing how Snow was using the young masters name to threaten him, but he quickly composed himself and explained, “If Plum Blossom Seven has lost 50,000 silver taels after a series of bets, without a doubt, theres indeed a problem here.

However, just as you have heard, they had only gambled for a single round.

Its obvious that Zu An was simply lucky.

“Luck could save him once, but it wont save him every time.

Rest assured, Plum Blossom Seven will earn the money back very soon and place Zu An in debt.”

“What if Zu An refuses to continue gambling” asked Snow with a frown.

To that question, Mei Chaofeng burst into laughter.

“Ive seen that many people like him over the years.

They lose themselves as soon as something good comes their way.

He doesnt have the wisdom to stop while hes ahead.

Besides, Plum Blossom Seven is there.

Even if Zu An doesnt want to continue gambling anymore, he would have ways to keep him there in the casino.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have placed him in charge of the casino.”

“You seem to trust Plum Blossom Seven a lot” asked Snow.

“Of course! Hes one of my most trusted aides.” Mei Chaofeng revealed a hint of gleefulness.

“I have nurtured quite a few talents over the last few years.

Just wait and see, good news should be coming in very soon.”

It was then that flurried footsteps sounded by the doorway.

Mei Chaofeng pointed over and remarked with a laugh, “See what I just said Looks like theyre here now.”

A slight smile slowly surfaced on Snows face too.

It looks like the Plum Blossom Sect is still quite reliable after all.

Soon, a sect member scrambled into the room with a completely pale face.

He rushed all the way toward Mei Chaofeng and exclaimed pantingly, “R-report… Lost… Lost 7,500,000 silver taels!”

Mei Chaofengs face immediately darkened.

“What do I always tell you Why do none of you ever learn If you cant even keep your composure, youll never be able to achieve great things!”

It was then that Mei Chaofeng suddenly jolted a little, and he asked with a sharper tone, “Hm What did you just say”

“7… 7,500,000 silver taels…” reported the sect member once more.

Ravenous joy broke out on Mei Chaofengs face.

“Hahaha, 7,500,000 silver taels! That brat is done for! Even if the Chu clan sells all of its properties, it wont be able to raise that much money!”

Its no wonder why my sect member is so agitated!

Mei Chaofeng had already forgiven his subordinate for his breach of etiquette.

Even he could hardly keep his calm hearing such a shocking number.

Snow was astonished too.

“That fellow actually lost 7,500,000 silver taels”

It was beyond her imagination to fathom how a person could lose so much money within such a short period of time.

However, her heart was put at ease as well.

There might still be a small probability that the Chu clan would clean up after Zu An if it was just tens of thousands of silver taels, but a debt as huge as 7,500,000 silver taels was indubitably out of question.

Putting aside just the Chu clan, even if one were to throw in the Yuan clan, Zheng clan, and Wang clan as well, they might still be unable to raise such a huge amount of money.

Mei Chaofeng poured a cup of wine and passed it to Snow.

“Miss Qiao, your mission has been successfully accomplished.

May you be able to return to the young masters side soon.”


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