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“Who is it” Zu An was alarmed.

He had just arrived at the capital and didnt know many people.

Who would come to seek him out at this time

“I…” A timid and lovable voice sounded from the entrance.

Zu An was overjoyed.

He was just about to undo the restrictions when he suddenly heard someone climbing over the walls.

He cursed inwardly, these restrictions really were shoddy! They weren\'t anything like his Embroidered Envoy residence in the palace.

It would only stop some small thieves at best and didnt do anything against those with higher cultivation.

He quickly put Daji away to prevent this intruder from seeing her.

A black robed figure leapt over soon afterwards.

Zu An waved his hand towards her.

“Im over here!”

This unknown visitor was dressed in a black cloak that wrapped around her entire body.

She was stunned when she saw that Zu An was currently inside a bathtub.

“You… are taking a bath.”

Her voice was lovable and pleasant.

This was clearly a girl.

Zu An patted the water.

“Wanna come in”

“Hmph, no way.” The woman took off her cloak, her clothes inside were pure white.

It was surprisingly Zheng Dan, who he had just met with.

He told her his address earlier, and this place wasnt too hard to find.

“Why are you still wearing this” Zu An asked curiously.

Zheng Dan curled her lips.

“I couldnt help it, I sneaked out of the house.

I still have to go back later, so it was too troublesome to change.

If you dont like it, then how about I change here”

“Nope, thats perfect.” Zu An pulled her towards him.

“Ah…” Zheng Dan staggered a bit.

Soon afterwards, she understood what he meant.

Her pretty face became red.


Zu An laughed.

He raised his hand and brought her into the bathtub.

Her clothes were completely soaked through and pressing against her skin.

Before Zheng Dan could voice her surprise at her sudden increase in strength, she was overwhelmed with shame and embarrassment.

“How am I supposed to go back afterwards”

A flame appeared on Zu Ans hand.

“Ill dry your clothes later.”

This was the good thing about the cultivation world.

He could take care of many things without borrowing an external device.

“Youve awakened a fire element ability” Zheng Dan was shocked.

Even though she was happy to see her lover grow stronger, the ability he awakened was the fire element!

Sang Qian was also a fire element cultivator after all.

She felt like they only ended up the way they did because they were incompatible like fire and water, but now, her real lover was also a fire element cultivator! She couldnt help but feel worried that this was an ominous sign.

Zu An knew what she was thinking.

He said with a chuckle, “Dont worry, I didnt only awaken the fire element.

I can control water too.” His finger spun, and then some water moved towards it.

The Blue Mallard ability allowed him a certain degree of water element control when there was water.

However, he wasnt able to use the water element in the air for battle, and his control over the same element was also a bit inferior to someone who mainly cultivated this element.

But its greatest ability was allowing him to become more intimate with water, allowing him to even freely breathe underwater like a fish.

Furthermore, it would become much easier for him to learn water element movement techniques and combat skills in the future.

The only part that was lacking right now was awakening this water element ability.

It looked like his only hope for this was summoning a water element valkyrie.

Zheng Dans worry immediately changed to happiness.

“Ah Zu, youre so awesome!”

Zu An moved over and said by her ear, “You know that there is something else about me that is awesome.”

“Youre so annoying…” Zheng Dan said, but her eyes were gleaming.

Zu An suddenly erupted with an unexplainable thought when he saw her soaked snow-white mourning gown.

How could he still hold himself back He threw himself at her with a growl.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Qiu Honglei finally managed to convince the capital city division.

She rushed towards Zu Ans courtyard in the evening.

She was extremely excited when she thought about their reunion.

She already had a good impression of him when they were in Brightmoon City.

Later on, they fought together on the way to the capital.

He risked his life to protect her, and she also helped him suck out poison…

Ahhh was I too reserved back then His wife Chu Chuyan is an ice beauty.

Does he like her type more

Hmph, isnt she just pretending to be decent Do you think I cant do the same

With a thought, her flirtatious smile immediately disappeared.

Her aura instead became extremely dignified like the daughter of a prestigious house.

But her features were just too charming.

Even if she was deliberately putting on this dignified appearance, she still gave off a feminine charm.

She took out a small mirror when she was outside of Zu Ans manor and looked at the reflection. 

Not bad, I washed my hair before I came out and put on some light makeup. 

She could already tell from their previous interaction that Zu An didnt care too much for heavy makeup.

Her bearing seemed spot on too.

She didnt look as flirtatious as usual. Yup, hell definitely fall for me as long as I keep this up.

She put away her small mirror with a content smile.

Then, she quietly walked up to knock on the door.

What, did you think Ill jump over the wall Even though the restrictions arent a big deal at all for me, jumping the wall is something a crude woman would do.

As a wise and virtuous woman, of course Ill enter from the front.

Her lush green fingers were just about to knock on the door when she suddenly picked up some faint sounds from within.

Her smile instantly froze.

She was so angry she kicked a rock on the side of the road.

If she knew it was going to be like this, she shouldve just had those capital city division members burn down this whole place!

Im so mad!

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 999 999 999…

Unfortunately, Zu An was completely preoccupied right now.

He didnt notice the Rage points at all.

Qiu Honglei was about to leave, but she felt like leaving just like this was too frustrating.

Hmph! Is that Chu Chuyan inside She always has that ice queen appearance on the outside, but look at her now! Shes even more wild than those girls from Immortal Abode!

She decided to take a look at herdisgraceful appearance for herself.

That way, she definitely wouldnt feel any inferiority when she met her face to face in the future.

She could no longer hold back when this thought emerged.

She scaled the walls and leapt in.

She knew that both of them were experts, so she had to be careful.

She moved about like a cat without making any noise.

Those excited sounds became louder and louder.

She crept closer.

“Theyre doing it in the bathtub Is Chu Chuyan that bold Is her ice queen appearance just a front” Qiu Honglei silently cursed.

She quietly peeped in.

Her eyes immediately shone brilliantly.

She didnt take off her clothes Because of the angle she was looking from, she couldnt see the girls face too clearly.

However, it was the same white clothes Chu Chuyan normally liked to wear.

She suddenly began to question life. What the hell is wrong with this world Why would you take a bath with your clothes on Arent you guys in too much of a hurry

Huh Wait a minute… theres other uses for the mouth than just eating

Who is the one from the Devil Sect here…

Only when the two of them came out from the bathtub and Zu An dried the girls clothes with a fire he created from his hand did she snap out of her daze.

Zu An awakened the fire element The quality of the flames looked pretty high too.

They don\'t look like ordinary flames.

Hold on, this girl isnt Chu Chuyan!

She met Chu Chuyan on the way to the capital, so she knew that she was not Chu Chuyan, but rather the Sang clans daughter-in-law Zheng Dan.

She wasnt wearing a white dress either, but rather mourning clothes.

She snorted.

What a vixen! Her husband had just passed away, yet she was already with another man.

Even though she already guessed at these twos true relationship, speculations were speculations.

Seeing it for herself was something else.

The scene she just saw was just too shocking!

After her clothes were dried, Zheng Dan quickly put on a cloak and left, clearly in a hurry to return.

Her legs almost gave out after running a few steps.

Qiu Hongleis brows jumped when she saw this. Serves you right! Its your fault for going at it like a lunatic!

She couldnt help but be distracted for a moment while mocking Zheng Dan.

There was a gap in her concealment.

“Show yourself!” Zu An knew that this person probably saw everything, so he didnt plan to show this person any mercy.

But he didnt expect the other party to not evade at all.

She continued to stare at him coldly from the treetop she was hiding in.


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