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“What\'s going on” Zu An was taken aback by how hesitant the giant taotie was.

Pei Mianman glanced at the elevated pavilion.

“I think its scared of this elevated pavilion.

There might be something terrifying lurking over there.”

“But theres nothing over there…” Zu An jumped high up into the air, but did not see anything.

“Lets wait for a while,” suggested Pei Mianman.

Regardless of what was going on, something that could scare even this giant taotie was probably not something that they could deal with on their own.

“All right.” Even though Zu An was usually rather easygoing, he was a cautious person deep down.

There was clearly something dangerous up there, so there was no way he would run headfirst into that.

“I wonder when that guy will leave,” Pei Mianman remarked, frowning at the giant beast.

“I dont care about it leaving.

Im more worried about it charging over.” Zu An estimated that the distance between them was only about ten or so meters.

For most cultivators, such a distance could be taken care of in a single leap, and the same went for that taotie monster.

That giant taotie had clearly grown impatient as they were talking.

It pushed off its hind legs strongly and charged at them.

Zu An could not believe it.

Why the hell did I have to raise a stupid flag for myself!

“Does your mouth have some bloody superpower” Pei Mianman was incredulous.

This sort of thing had already happened more than once.

With no other escape route, the two of them were forced to run up the stairs.

They had only made it up a few steps when ancient music began to fill the air around them.

The ferocious giant taotie hesitated when it heard this music, and subconsciously took a few steps back.

“Where is that music coming from” Pei Mianman was confused.

There were no instruments around them to explain the sudden music.

“I think its coming from the stairs.” As he said this, Zu An stomped on the step he was standing on, and music drifted out.

“Why would these stairs make music” Pei Mianman stomped in disbelief as well.

Sure enough, more music followed.

“I dreamt of some musical staircases.

All sorts of songs could be played when they were stepped on…” Zu An didnt dare bring up his hometown as an excuse anymore.

After all, everyone knew that he had spent his entire life in Brightmoon City.

Pei Mianman was intimately familiar with Brightmoon City, so he wouldnt get away with that sort of bluff.

He could only put all of this on dreams.

Pei Mianman already knew that he dreamt of weird things, so she accepted what he said.

“The music that is being played sounds like wind chimes, but also a bit like the bianzhong, that ancient bell instrument.

But this melody is different from the usual sweet-sounding tunes that these instruments tend to play.

It actually sounds rather sinister.

I think its giving me the chills.”

“If somethings not right, then lets not climb up any further!” Zu An pulled Pei Mianman back.

Creepy music was playing, and they had a giant taotie right behind them.

Everything about this was weird!

Unfortunately, that giant Taotie had no intentions of letting the two of them go.

Even though it didnt dare climb up, it opened its bloody mouth, sending a long tongue shooting out at the two of them.

The skeletal warriors bones, which were as hard as steel, had been instantly shattered by this tongue.

The two of them didnt dare underestimate its power, and instantly evaded to the side.

However, the massive taotie used its tongue like a spear, continuously thrusting it at the two of them.

There wasnt that much room to evade, since they were on a flight of stairs, and they were almost impaled by the tongue several times.

Zu An knew that it was folly to continue on like this.

They were going to be wounded by that tongue sooner or later.

He grabbed Pei Mianman and began to run up the stairs.

“Theres no choice! We have to go up!”

Even if this giant taotie didnt continue to attack them, its mere presence would be enough to trap them here, and they would die sooner or later.

Pei Mianman voiced her agreement.

Given their current situation, she would much rather risk whatever was up there than face the giant taotie.

The two of them went up the stairs.

It was as if they were stepping on a piano―every step produced music that echoed through the cavernous place.

It really was eerie.

“Do you feel like the air is getting colder” Pei Mianman crossed her arms and asked in a puzzled manner.

Zu An spread his arms.

“Come here, Ill give you a warm hug.”

Pei Mianman snorted.

“Youre always so annoying.

Im being serious!”

Zu An put away his smile.

“Youre right.

There might be some sinister things nearby.

We need to be careful.”

“I think theres a stele over there.

There seem to be some words on it,” Pei Mianman said, pointing at the distant summit.

Zu Ans eyes narrowed.

“I cant see whats on it.”

Given their cultivation, it shouldnt have been difficult to make out the words from this distance away.

However, the air around that stele seemed rather strange, and it was making the words blurry.

As the two of them approached, the words grew less blurred.

By the time they reached the end of the stairs, they could finally make out those words.

Unfortunately, they were still written in the cryptic runes of the oracle script, and Zu An could not make heads or tails out of them.

He called out to his big sis empress, but Mi Li didnt respond at all.

“Turn back now, turn back now; forty-four steps, none shall leave!” Pei Mianman looked at that stele and slowly recited the words.

Zu An looked at her in shock. What the hell… 

“You can understand these characters as well”

Pei Mianman shook her head.

“I dont understand them, but for some reason, I subconsciously read them out when I looked at those words.”

“Forty-four steps… I think we just happened to have walked up forty-four steps.” Zu Ans face paled.

Whoever planted this stele had put it in a terrible spot! They hadnt been able to see it clearly beforehand, and it only managed to warn them when they were close to it.

Of course, by the time they were close enough to read it, it was already too late! What a stupid scam!

The music grew ever more sinister and eerie, sounding as if countless spirits were wailing.

The two of them felt the ground beneath them tremble.

When they looked down, they didnt see any stairs.

The path was made of countless skulls!

There was a row of torches along the sides of the stairs, which Pei Mianman had lit with her black flames earlier on.

The ordinary flames within them suddenly flickered, and took on a frightening green color.

Zu An swallowed.

“What the hell is this...

I dont like where this is going at all!” 

As soon as the words left his mouth, many transparent ghosts suddenly appeared from within the mist, each with a sinister appearance, and every single one of them wailing and howling.

“Ghosts” This sight was a rude shock for someone like him, who had been educated using science.

Pei Mianman jumped in to explain it to him.

“In some special circumstances, if the souls of the deceased are not extinguished, they will turn into these evil, spirit-like existences.

Some texts refer to them collectively as the underworld race, but they are quite rare…”

As she was explaining this, the spirits, which seemed to be flickering in and out of existence, suddenly grew alert, as though they had smelled blood.

A group of them flew towards the two humans, but the majority headed towards the giant taotie.

Its massive size clearly made it more attractive.

That taotie immediately broke out into a run.

Unfortunately, it had unknowingly ended up on the stairs while chasing Zu An and Pei Mianman, even if it wasnt as far up as the two of them.

Those evil spirits swarmed over it, drowning its massive body in a sea of ghostly ones.

The taotie wailed continuously, waving its razor-sharp claws about itself, and using its bloody mouth to tear at the spirits.

Its sharp tail thrashed about.

Unfortunately, the evil spirits had no material form, and so its physical attacks passed straight through them without doing anything.


The giant taotie shrieked furiously, but as time went on, its utterances sounded more and more like cries of anguish.

In a matter of moments, its massive body collapsed.

The flesh covering some parts of it had already disappeared, exposing the white bone beneath

At this rate, its entire body would soon be devoured by those evil spirits.

Zu An and Pei Mianman had no time to be distracted.

Some of the evil spirits were swooping towards them as well.


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