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Despite their clumsy appearance, the gargoyles were actually quite agile.

They closed the distance in the blink of an eye, reaching out their claws to grab Mosquito Daoist.

Mosquito Daoist struck out with her palm, instantly smashing a gargoyles arm to pieces, although the counterforce caused her body to tremble as well.

She knew that facing off against these giant statues wasnt a sensible choice.

After all, her opponent could continue to make more of them.

With a wave of her hand, her daoist robes fluttered about her, and she planted her feet firmly on the ground.

Solitary Earth was overjoyed.

It seemed that this Mosquito Daoist, despite being known for her vicious reputation, wasnt all that impressive after all.

He ordered the gargoyles to surround her.

The gargoyles grabbed a hold of Mosquito Daoists arms and legs, then pulled with all their strength.

Mosquito Daoists frail-looking body was instantly ripped to pieces.

Everyone on the battlefield was stunned, and even Solitary Earth was stupefied.

He hadnt expected that the renowned Mosquito Daoist would be killed so easily.

Was this a clone

Suddenly, the mutilated corpse of the mosquito daoist transformed into a swarm of black mosquitoes, which then flew around the gargoyles.

“Be careful!” Cries of alarm sounded from Solitary Earths companions.

Solitary Earth knew that the situation was dire.

He quickly dodged to the side, but Mosquito Daoist just happened to be right there.

A fair-skinned hand struck him silently.

His ki armor only managed to last a few short seconds before shattering.

The fair, white hand drove straight in and slammed against his right side.

Solitary Earth felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His body was flung backwards like a leaky sandbag.

More than half of his ribs had been broken, and he suffered severe internal injuries as well.

His ki was thrown into an absolute mess.

There was no way he could fight again.

Mosquito Daoist seemed surprised.

“The bodies of earth element cultivators are pretty tough after all.”

She was clearly surprised that Solitary Earth had only been seriously injured, and hadnt been killed straight away.

The rest of them finally realized what had just happened.

Mosquito Daoist had used mosquitoes to create a clone, baiting in those gargoyles.

Meanwhile, her real body had crept up to Solitary Earths side in order to ambush him.

This woman was just too cunning, and it seemed almost impossible to be completely prepared for her attacks.

No one else wanted to give her another opportunity to try something.

They converged on her at once.

Solitary Wood spread his hands out, and green leaves showered down on Mosquito Daoist like a rain of arrows.

With a snort, Mosquito Daoist flung her the wide sleeves of her daoist robe outwards, sucking in all the green leaves flying towards her.

Then, she leapt viciously towards Solitary Wood.

She was just too fast for him.

There was no way Solitary Wood could evade in time.

Mosquito Daoists fingers suddenly lengthened and became incredibly sharp.

They stabbed straight into his chest, and she seemed about to rip his heart out.

Suddenly, she frowned.

Solitary Wood had turned into a block of wood.

Meanwhile, his actual body had already retreated a fair distance away.

His face, which had previously given off a faint green glow, was now incredibly pale.

That last blow had definitely terrified him.

“Wood Illusion Technique” Mosquito Daoist had a wealth of experience and knowledge, and she quickly put together what had just happened.

At that instant, Solitary Winds attack arrived.

A myriad of wind blades swept over, each blade more than ten meters in length, flying towards their target with incredible, terrifying power.

Mosquito Daoist didnt face it head on, instead turning into a swarm of black mosquitoes to evade this attack.

The blades were too large, which made it hard for them to harm those small mosquitoes.

“Ive made you wait for quite a while!” Solitary Lightning suddenly charged out of the ruins of the inn, flinging her hammer into the air.

It fired off countless streaks of radiant lightning, trapping the fleeing mosquitoes in an electric field.

“Ah!!” Mosquito Daoist screamed bitterly.

She could evade most physical attacks by changing into mosquito form.

Even if she encountered a stronger opponent, she could live to fight another day as long as a single mosquito escaped.

However, an electrical field such as this one was her natural counter! Electricity arced through the sky, scorching the mosquitoes no matter how many there were.

A burnt smell spread through the air.

A large amount of the mosquitoes had been electrocuted by the arcing lightning.

Zu An swallowed as he took in this scene. Why does this remind me of those UV mosquito-killing lamps

Mosquito Daoist no longer dared to remain in her mosquito form, and quickly reverted to her daoist nun form.

However, she had lost her previous confident and domineering stance.

Her face was covered in a patchwork of black charring.

A large amount of her hair had been scorched away or turned into a frizzy mass, and her clothing was even more tattered than before.

“You muscle-bound hag, Im going to kill you!” Mosquito Daoist stared balefully at Solitary Lightning.

It had been a long while since she had been made to suffer like this.

Solitary Lightning was furious when she heard her enemy address her in this manner.

Her appearance was the one thing she was most sensitive about.

She cursed out loud.

“Im going to blast you to death with my lightning!”

The hammer, which was still in midair, began to rotate more quickly, and thicker streaks of lighting began to arc towards Mosquito Daoist.

Mosquito Daoist spread out her arms, her loose daoist robes fluttering about behind her.

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide, sending out a blast of energy that created visible ripples in the air in front of her.

The thick streak of lightning arcing towards her from above was deflected by this invisible ripple, and the air was filled with an unbearably loud buzzing sound.

This was a sound that everyone was familiar with; the sound mosquitoes made during the summer.

However, it was now amplified many, many times.

All those present clutched their ears in pain.

Several of them even fell to the ground and began to roll around in pain.

Zu An found it the hardest to endure.

After all, his cultivation was the lowest out of them all, and it was extremely hard for him to protect himself against this sort of sound wave attack.

Qiu Honglei noticed this, and grabbed his hand.

She transmitted a gentle aura through her hand to help strengthen his defenses against this tortuous sound.

However, she wasnt all that better off herself.

Her beautiful brows were knotted together tightly, and her exquisite face was twisted in pain.

Mosquito Daoist smiled when she saw the pained expressions of all those around her.

She began to walk towards Zu An and Qiu Honglei.

She hadnt used this move at the start because this technique was quite exhausting to use, and she couldnt use it carelessly.

In addition to that, the technique also easily alerted distant enemies.

She had grown accustomed to keeping a low profile these years, hiding in the shadows and ambushing her targets.

She did her best not to alert others of her existence, knowing that it could spell disaster if she ended up provoking a truly formidable figure.

However, she couldnt be bothered with all of that now.

Even though these people from the Devil Sect werent particularly strong individually, they all had unique skills, and it was rather tricky for her to deal with all of them.

She did not want the battle to drag on any further, just in case they brought out more tricks.

Better to seize the two of them now, and leave this place quickly.

Mosquito Daoist drew closer, a malevolent smile on her face.

Zu An knew that he couldnt let things continue on this way.

He knew that, if he fell into the hands of other powers, he would still have a chance of escaping.

However, if this woman captured him, it wouldnt be too long before he was turned into a desiccated corpse.

Was there anything he could do

He scanned his surroundings, seeing the Solitary Eight clutching their ears in pain, and was struck by a sudden thought.

“Whatcha lookin at”

Mosquito Daoist was stunned, and she felt a mysterious, subconscious urge to reply.

“Im looking at you, **head!”

As she replied, her sound wave attack was naturally interrupted, releasing the rest of them from their torment.

Mosquito Daoist frowned.

She couldnt understand why she would reply to such a question.

However, dealing with these people was still her top priority.

As such, she opened her mouth, preparing to use the same skill again.

However, the instant she released her sound waves, the voice sounded again.

“Whatcha lookin at”

“Im looking at you, **head!” Mosquito Daoist replied again.

You have successfully trolled Mosquito Daoist for 444 Rage points!

She was struck completely dumb.

Once might have been a coincidence, but two times

She suddenly looked over at Zu An.

“Are you from the dragon race”

She knew of the power of the dragon races Soulspeak ability.

“Now that you know, why dont you just back down quietly!” Bracing himself, Zu An stuck out his chest.

He was going to bluff his way through this situation by banking on the formidable reputation of the dragon race.

The last thing he expected was for Mosquito Daoists eyes to light up in sudden excitement.

“Ive never had a chance to feast on a dragons blood essence.

Ive really stumbled upon a delicacy today!” With that, she pounced at him.


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