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This was a beautiful woman in an ice-blue colored long dress.

Long hair fluttered behind her picturesque figure.

Who else could this be but Chu Chuyan

There were too many people earlier, and they were all wearing dazzling helmets, so no one noticed her.

Zheng Dan sighed inwardly when she saw her exceptional appearance.

No wonder Ah Zu was willing to sacrifice himself for the Chu clan.

But thinking back, he also offered himself up to the Devil sect for his sake, and he shielded her by placing his own self at risk many times.

This made her smile warmly.

Sang Qien looked at that woman in the long dress in a stupor.

She heard about her beauty all the time in the capital.

Sure enough, when she really did meet this person, she was a devastatingly beautiful woman! No wonder so many of those young masters chased after her, and even her big brother seemed to be quite fond of her.

When she thought of her big brother, her nose wrinkled in soreness.

She almost cried again.

“Chuyan, why are you together with them” Pei Mianman looked at her in confusion.

Chu Chuyan came down from a horse and arrived by her side.

“I heard about the Chu clans affairs from the capital, and then hurried in Brightmoon Citys direction.

Later on, I heard that something happened to Zu An, and I just happened to run into Commander Zhuxie, so I decided to travel with them.

They have access to better information after all, so it would be easier to find Zu An.”

“So that was what happened.” Pei Mianman knew that Zhuxie Chixin was mysterious.

If it wasnt because of Chu Chuyans outstanding reputation in the capital, he wouldnt have given any normal person the time of day.

“What about you What are you doing here” Chu Chuyan blinked her eyes and asked in curiosity.

“I…” Pei Mianman was just about to reply when she felt a bit speechless.

How was she supposed to reply

“Did you come to save Zu An” Chu Chuyan sesemed to have guessed at her thoughts.

She asked her with a smile.

Pei Mianman voiced her confirmation with a guilty conscience.

“Arent we good friends You werent in Brightmoon City when all of that happened, so how can I do nothing”

“Manman, thank you so much.” Chu Chuyan couldnt help but grab her hands and say this with a moved voice.

She really went through a roller coaster of emotions during this period, and there was no one she could even talk to.

Now that she learned that her close friend was helping her all this time, she immediately felt warm inside.

“Chuyan, youre being too polite.

This is what I should do.” Pei Mianman felt more awkward the more she said. Am I really doing something good Ah, what am I feeling guilty for!

The Chu clan already wrote a letter of divorce in the Chu clan, so theyre not even husband and wife anymore! Pei Mianman, why are you acting like a caught mistress

This is so annoying!

Pei Mianman felt regret as she thought these things.

But it seemed a bit late to change her tone now.

The Embroidered Envoy Chief Commander on the side said at this time, “Sir Sang, did you all break out I didnt expect a loyal and devoted man like Sir Sang to dare do something so disgraceful.”

His voice was just as cold as his appearance.

Everyone shivered when they heard it.

Sang Hong replied with a heavy voice, “This humble one reports to Sir Zhuxie.

We did not break out, but rather that our group was attacked by a rebel army.

Later on, the Dark Elves and Devil Sect attacked us.

The ones who watched over us are all dead.

Commander Huang Huihong undid our seals for the sake of not letting us fall into their hands.”

“Huang Huihong died” Zhuxie Chixins eyes narrowed.

It was hard to tell what he was currently feeling.

“Correct.” Sang Hong coughed.

Sang Qien then explained the situation in his place.

“Cash Warrior Ding Run, good, very good.” Zhuxie Chixin laughed coldly.

Everyone thought that he would try to get revenge for Huang Huihong, but who wouldve thought that he would turn to the other Embroidered Envoy and say, “Did you all hear what they said Huang Huihong was killed so easily because he was incompetent! If you all want to live long lives, then you better cultivate hard every day.

Cultivate, cultivate, and keep cultivating!”

Zheng Dan and the other girls were alarmed.

This man is so callous! Could it be that all of the Embroidered Envoy are like this

“Understood!” Those Embroidered Envoy were extremely disciplined.

They didnt utter another sound after saying this word.

Zhuxie Chixin nodded in satisfaction, and then she turned to look at Pei Mianman.

“Youre that girl born of a concubine from the Pei clan”

Pei Mianman felt awful inside, but she didnt show it on the surface.

She could only reply, “Yes, this humble one is Pei Mianman.”

“It sounds like you want to save Zu An.

Are you trying to forcefully release a prisoner” Zhuxie Chixin gave her a cold look.

Pei Mianman felt as if she was thrown into an icehouse under this gaze.

She couldnt muster the slightest intention of rebelling.

She felt like it was hard to even gather her thoughts to form proper sentences.

Chu Chuyan immediately spoke up from the side.

“Sir Zuxie, we chose the wrong words earlier.

She is my friend, so she came to protect Zu An after finding out that various powers were scheming against his majesty.”

Zhuxie Chixin grunted anoh and declined to comment.

He shifted his gaze after a while.

Pei Mianman felt much more relaxed when she was no longer being stared at.

She was shocked.

There were always rumors that Zhuxie Chixins cultivation was deep and unmeasurable, but it seemed like he was even more formidable than what the rumors stated.

Zhuxie Chixin gave Sang Qien a look.

“Then what about Miss Sang Do you have any intentions of freeing your father and brother”

Sang Qien was now under the same pressure Pei Mianman just faced.

Sang Hong quickly spoke up in her place.

“The young lady heard that someone might act against us, so she came over out of worry for our safety.

She definitely has no intentions of breaking out prisoners.”

“Then according to what Sir Sang is saying, it seems like Miss Sang does not trust that the court can protect their own prisoners” Zhuxie Chixin harrumphed.

Sang Qien cursed inwardly. You guys already failed, okay But there was no way she would say that out loud.

“Of course I trust the court, but I was still worried for my family.

That was why I came here to take a look.”


I wont pry further out of consideration that this was out of filial piety.” Zhuxie Chixin gave Sang Hong a cold look.

“Sir Sang, are you going to follow us obediently, or will you defy us”

Sang HOngs face paled.

He immediately cupped his hands and said, “I do not dare trouble the Chief Commander.

I will quietly let myself be captured.

However, before this, sir please help me get revenge for my son.”

He understood his current situation well.

He was seriously injured, and even if he was in top form, he was no match for such a powerful opponent.

As such, there was no way he would have thoughts of revenge.

“Sang Qian What happened to him” Zhuxie Chixin was surprised.

He didnt see him anywhere.

Sang Hong gave the dried up corpse on the ground a sorrowful look.

“My son was harmed and died a tragic death.

Unfortunately, I dont even know who the murderer is.”

Zhuxie Chixin noticed the corpse in the underbrush at this time.

His eyes narrowed, and then he leapt off his horse.

He squatted down by the corpse and examined it.

In the end, he said with a grave voice, “This was done by the Blood race.”

“Blood race” Sang Hang was stunned, but he quickly reacted.

“Hasnt the Blood race already vanished for centuries after their defeat”

Zhuxie Chixin examined the wound on his neck and said with a grave voice, “It seems like the Fiend Emperor hasnt fully resigned himself to defeat.

He has begun to lust after our land once more.”

The expressions of the women here were all stunned.

They were talented students from their respective academies, so they were naturally aware of the related history.

In the past, when the humans fought against the foreign races, the so-called foreign races were actually the Fiend races.

In the eyes of normal people, the Demons, Elves, Dark Elves, Beastmen, and even the Dragons were all collectively known as the Fiend races.

But cultivators from distinguished clans knew that these races and the Pure Fiend race were different.

The Fiend race were the most powerful, while these races all followed the Fiend Emperor.

In this world, all types of animals, plants, and other life forms had a chance of cultivating and becoming fiends.

Even some non-living things, given the opportunity, could become fiends and transform into human form.

Of course, these were non-innate fiends.

It was extremely difficult for them to succeed.

There were another group of natural born Fiend race who didnt need to cultivate to become fiends, and the power within their blood was enough to give birth to human formed bodies.

The Blood race was a unique branch of the Fiend races.

Their primary trait was that they survived through bloodsucking.

Their original forms are of all different sorts, like bats, leeches, and mosquitoes.

Even the other great fiends within the Fiend races feared them.


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