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Zu An was momentarily speechless.

“Sis, how in the world do you even come up with this stuff”

“Am I wrong” Zheng Dan sneered.

“You said that once you achieved human form, youll… youll…”

Her face grew entirely red, and she couldnt finish what she wanted to say.

“How could Ah Zu possibly have survived your attack Poor Ah Zu, for my sake…”

Zu An saw tears leak out from her eyes, and he attributed her behavior to a combination of the drugs effects and the fear she just experienced.

That was surely why her mind seemed so muddled.

Zu An pointed at the giant corpse.

“Look over there.

That dragon is already dead.”

Zheng Dan was stunned, and turned to look at where he was pointing.

Sure enough, there was a crimson dragon corpse there.

She was shocked and overjoyed.

“Its really dead”

“Of course, I killed it!” Zu An puffed out his chest.

He really needed another guy around to brag about this dragons cultivation for him.

Explaining it himself was just too lame.

He didnt dare ask Mi Li to help him out.

Compared to his ego, his life was more important.

“Ah Zu, it really is you!” Zheng Dan choked with emotion.

She threw herself into his arms.

“Youre really okay”

She examined his back while asking this.

The sight of the dragons claw slamming against Zu Ans back had clearly cast a dark shadow over her mind.

Zu Ans heartbeat quickened when he felt the astonishing heat coming off her supple body.

However, fearing that her imagination would run wild again, he quickly put away these thoughts.

He lightly patted her back to console her.

“I had a defensive treasure that managed to block that strike.”

“So that was it…” Zheng Dan pursed her lips.

She buried her head into his chest again.

Zu An drew on his Snowflake Sword again, sending strands of cold energy into her body in an attempt to get rid of the drugs effects.

Unfortunately, the cold energy was devoured by endless flames as soon as it entered her body.

After a bit of hesitation, he said, “This poison afflicting you is proving to be quite troublesome…”

Zheng Dan grunted in agreement.

“Yeah, I know.”

Zu An was dumbfounded. What do you mean,you know

With Zheng Dans higher cultivation level and her ability to run the Whale Gang, he had expected her to have all sorts of knowledge and experiences that could help her deal with this problem.

Yet in the end, she didnt offer any way to help her!

Zu An called out to Mi Li again.

“Big sis empress, do you know any other way to get rid of this poison” If Ji Xiaoxi were here, shed probably know a way.

“The poison in her system is unusual.

It is tougher than even that giant python in the dungeon.

I fear that there might not be any other methods.” Mi Li sneered when she said this.

“Brat, stop bragging! Youre already reaping all the benefits of this situation.

You know that there is only one way to cleanse her, yet you keep asking about this! Disgusting.”

Zu An became dejected.

“I was really trying to be a gentleman!”

“Hah!” Mi Li scoffed.

Zu An turned to Zheng Dan sheepishly.

“The only way to get rid of the poison in your body… is…”

Zheng Dan bit her lips.

Her voice was incredibly soft.

“Ill have to trouble you, then...”

She was a woman of incredible willpower.

If it were any other woman, they would surely have lost their rational minds by now, and given into their instincts. 

Of course, the fear of the giant dragon and the cold ki that Zu An had supplied her also helped her to hang on to the last shred of reason.

Unfortunately, it was because she was still rational that her situation caused her more embarrassment. 

“Its no trouble, no trouble at all!” Zu An said with an awkward laugh.

Which man would be troubled over something like this All those men had pursued the two of them for so long precisely because they didnt want the two of them to end up doing this.

Zheng Dans head drooped even lower when she heard these words.

Zu An raised his head to look at the nearby cave.

He decided that the inside of the cave was at least decent, so he carried Zheng Dan in.

That red dragons corpse still lay outside.

It still gave off a residual pressure, and ensured that no beasts would dare to approach.

As for human trespassers, they were in the depths of the Hidden Dragon Mountain.

No one would dare enter this deep.

Even if someone were here, no one could drag off such a massive dragon body.

“Big sis empress, you arent going to peep on us, right” Zu An suddenly asked Mi Li.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 513 Rage points!

“What kind of person do you take this empress for Why would I want to watch your filthy deeds!” Mi Li hollered furiously.

“Im going back to sleep.

Dont bother me!”

With that, his mindscape grew quiet again.

Zu An called out to her a few more times.

When he didnt hear any activity, Zu An sighed in relief.

After bringing Zheng Dan into the cave, Zu An was just about to say something when a pair of soft red lips covered his own.

The poison in Zheng Dans body had taken full effect.

Her fine, supple body was cradled in Zu Ans embrace.

With such a beautiful woman making such moves on him, there was no way he could remain indifferent and still call himself a man.

Their breathing and movements grew more and more intense.

Zheng Dans dress was thin, and had been slit almost in two by the dragon.

Whatever remained of it tore and scattered like a flock of butterflies, exposing the perfect body that countless Whale Gang members had dreamed about.

Zheng Dan had one final moment of clear-headedness.

She stopped Zu An, her eyes swirling with watery brilliance.

Her voice was equally conflicted and anxious.

“No… I cant… I cant ruin my purity before I get married…” she pleaded.

Many of the ideas she had been brought up with were already deeply etched within her.

Even in such a situation, she still remembered her many years of stubborn resistance.

Zu An wouldve been fine if she hadnt said this.

However, the more she behaved like this, the more he couldnt handle it.

The last time, he had failed at the very end because of this.

How could he make the same mistake this time

Zu An kissed her gently.

Her vision soon blurred, and the hand that pushed against him no longer did so as firmly.

Sensing her hesitation, Zu An pressed down on her gently with his body.

A line of tears trickled down her face.

The two of them had finally become one.


After a long time passed, a hint of clarity returned to Zheng Dans eyes.

“You wont blame me for this, right” Zu An said apologetically.

Zheng Dan shook her head slightly.

Her fine jade-smooth arms gently wrapped around him, answering him with her body.

A while later, she suddenly felt a wave of heat surging within her.

It was the same sensation as when shed first been poisoned.

She immediately recalled Chen Xuans arrogant words.

Her charming face grew red.

However, now that the situation was what it was, there was nothing left to be shy about.

She moved her lips next to his ears and whispered quietly, “Ah Zu, the drug I was given is calledEighteen Spring Winds...”

“I know that.” Zu An was stunned.

He didnt know why she would suddenly tell him this.

Seeing his incomprehension, Zheng Dans face only reddened further.

She had no choice but to explain, “Its exactly as the name implies, we need to do it… eighteen times…”

She cursed Chen Xuan to death inside.

Where in the world did he get such a despicable drug

Zu Ans eyes went completely round, then he laughed.

“I will serve the young lady!”

More time passed by.

Zheng Dan tightly embraced Zu An.

her entire body was trembling.

It took her a moment to catch her breath.

She helped Zu An wipe away his sweat.

“Wont you be too tired to continue”

Zu An laughed.

“Theres no man in this world wholl get tired, not with such a beautiful woman in front of them!”

Zheng Dan smiled sweetly.

His lingering emotions made her appear even more enchanting than usual.

Her true nature was not one that was rigid and conventional.

TheEighteen Spring Winds, coupled with their close relationship, completely ignited that flame she had suppressed within her very depths.

While the two embraced each other, she gently muttered by his ears, “Ah Zu, dont you feel like our relationship is like the lake and the moon

“The lake and the moon” Zu An was baffled. Do all noble daughters love this poetry stuff

“I am the lake, while you are the moon,” Zheng Dan said, smiling sweetly.

“The lake is beneath the moon, while the moon is above the lake.

I am under you, while you are…”

She giggled.

Zu An felt a wave of heat surge through his body, and he thought he was going to explode.

This woman really was a vixen among vixens!

Yet more time elapsed, and Zu Ans entire body suddenly went rigid.

He began to feel a slight hesitation.

After all, Zheng Dan was engaged.

He sensed trouble if word got out.

As if she could sense his misgivings, Zheng Dan looked at him with gentle eyes.

“Its okay.

Not even the sunlight reaches this place.


Zu An gave a guttural roar.

How could he possibly hold himself back

In a corner of the cave, Mi Lis soul body was just vaguely visible.

Her face was flushed red.

“If this woman ever joined an imperial chamber, she would surely suck away all affection and bring about absolute disaster!”

This woman was able to switch so seamlessly between being properly dignified and charmingly seductive.

Few men could resist such temptation.

She suddenly noticed that Zu An was making another comeback.

She was stunned.

“It really has been eighteen times… If he was a gigolo hed surely be the most popular one.”

The wordgigolo was also something she had learned from Zu An.

Her cheeks grew redder and hotter.

She finally couldnt take it anymore.

She shut off her five senses and hibernated.

“Stop sleeping already, get up!”

The next morning, Zu An was woken up by Mi Lis dissatisfied voice.

“Whats wrong, big sis empress” He looked towards the half transparent Mi Li, still drowsy-eyed.

At the same time, he checked on Zheng Dan.

She was still sleeping in his embrace, a sweet and satisfied smile resting on her face.

Mi Li snorted, “Take out that pearl.

Lets see what kind of treasure it is.”

This guy had tossed and turned for an entire night, which meant that she hadnt managed to get any rest.

The scenes she had witnessed had haunted her even after she shut off her five senses.

Yet somehow this guy had managed to sleep so soundly after all his exertions!

She was in a terrible mood, so she found a reason early in the morning to holler him awake.

“Oh…” Zu Ans curiosity was also piqued.

He searched inside his clothes and found the pearl.

“Lets go outside first.

I dont want to keep looking at a woman in such unkempt clothes.” Mi Li grunted and began to walk off.

He lowered his head to look at Zheng Dans rosy skin. Her clothes are already far beyond unkempt!

Zu An laughed awkwardly and quickly made to follow her.

However, he stumbled after just a single step.

It didnt feel like he was walking on solid ground, but on cotton.

Mi Li shot him a look.

She had clearly deduced what was wrong with him.

Zu An laughed in a simple and honest manner.

Mi Li snorted coldly, before giving him instructions.

“Imbue the pearl with your ki, and then send your consciousness in bit by bit.” She slowly taught him how to direct his consciousness.

Zu An nodded.

He did as he was told, and was shocked when he sent his consciousness into the pearl.


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