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Only now did Chu Chuyan realize that she was the one who was thinking wrong thoughts.

A layer of light redness covered her pale face.

Her ice-cold body also produced a bit of warmth from shame.

Zu An grinned mischievously when she saw her bodys sensitivity.

“Honey, you still havent replied to my question! What part of your body is the most uncomfortable I should do that part first.”

Chu Chuyans teeth were gritted. This guy just didnt know when to stop!

The two of us are already doing this, what else do you want me to say

“If you dont tell me, then I have no choice but to randomly treat you my way you know” Zu An whispered by her ear.

Chu Chuyan frowned when she noticed his movements.

She tried to stop him at once, “Wait!...”

Under Zu Ans confused expression, Chu Chuyans eyes swirled with mist, as if tears were about to come out.

“Please stop for a bit, let me catch my breath.”

Even though this wasnt the first time the two of them were so intimate with each other, for some reason, her memories of the last experience in the dungeon were extremely blurry.

She only remembered a mixture of anger, embarrassment, and confusion.

This was probably the first time she was still rather clear-headed.

“Are men all this extreme” Chu Chuyan tightly clenched her teeth as she endured bitterly.

Her face immediately flushed red from this thought.

Her strict upbringing immediately stopped her from going any further with her thoughts.

She could only hold tightly onto his clothes, breathing heavily as she gradually got used to the body of a man.

When he saw her beautiful brows furrow, Zu An was full of sympathy.

He couldnt help but lean down to kiss her red lips.

Chu Chuyans entire body trembled.

She suddenly felt as if her body was completely turned on.

Zu An was stunned.

She didnt expect this ice queen to be so sensitive.

A naughty smile appeared on his face.

“Im going to start then.”

Chu Chuyan was so embarrassed she didnt dare to look him in the eyes.

She turned her face to the side, exposing her neck that had long become a bit red.

She quietly voiced her agreement.

She didnt know what in the world was coming over her either.

If it was her previous self, she would never agree to any man doing this to her.

Even her yesterdays self definitely wouldnt have agreed.

But now…

She didnt understand why either.

She didnt want to understand right now.

Soon, she didnt have any room to think about these things.

She felt as if her body was like a skiff in the sea, tossed and turned under a violent storm.

Sometimes, she was sent into the clouds, sometimes dragged deep into the sea… she didnt know when she would completely drown…

After some time passed, the Chu clan members outside were already extremely anxious.

“I wonder what the situation is like now inside…” Qin Wanru paced around the entrance.

Because her daughter matured from an early age, and then her personality became more and more reserved.

That was why she arranged special rune formations around the door and windows to isolate all sound.

That was why no one had any idea what was happening inside.

Qin Wanru thought to herself that it would have been good if Snow was still here.

She could use her to scout out the situation inside.

Ever since Snow left, Chu Chuyan didnt find another maid for herself.

“Why dont you go inside to take a look,” said Chu Zhongtian from the side.

His wife said that the treatment had to be conducted without clothes, so it was indeed inappropriate for him to enter.

But there was no issue for his wife at all!

Qin Wanru felt like this made sense as well.

It wasnt appropriate for others to go in, but as a mother, there shouldnt be any issues.

That was why she knocked on the door and said, “Ah Zu, how is Chuyans condition”

“Im going to come in if you dont say anything!”

There was still no reply.

Out of worry for her daughters safety, she pushed the door, but the door didnt budge at all.

“That brat locked the door!” Qin Wanru looked angrily at her husband.

Chu Zhongtian nodded.

Her daughter was still young, but her cultivation was extremely high.

The restrictions she put in place wasnt something ordinary people can undo.

He walked over to the door and gently pressed against the door.

Ki left his body, undoing the restrictions on the door.

“Its done.”

“Help me watch the outside.

Im going to take a look,” Qin Wanru warned.

If a lot of people accidentally rushed in and saw their daughter without any clothes on, then what kind of purity would their daughter have left

That was why she could only relax if her husband stood guard here.

Chu Zhongtian gave her a nod, indicating for her to feel at ease.

Qin Wanru thus pushed open the doors and entered.

She hurriedly closed the door again behind her and locked it up again.

Only then did she head inside.

This was the precious daughter of a dukedom after all, so her room was still quite large.

Qin Wanru couldnt immediately see the situation inside clearly.

Out of worry that they were at a crucial part of the treatment process, she didnt want to use a loud voice either. Ill just sneak a look and leave after making sure my daughter is fine.

I wont disturb their treatment process.

When she walked into the room, she suddenly heard some strange suppressed sobbing and moaning noises.

“Hm” Qin Wanru was confused.

She was no stranger to these types of sounds, but how could this be possible!

These are probably the groans from Chu Chuyans condition being too serious, right

This thought had just entered her mind, yet when she turned over the screen, the scene before her left her completely stunned.

She thought of countless possibilities, even prepared herself for her daughters condition being incurable, but she never expected to see this scene.

Zu An and Chu Chuyan didnt expect her to enter either.

They turned around subconsciously when they heard the strange noise.

Then, the three of them all widened their eyes.

“Zu brat, you bastard!” After her initial shock and astonishment, Qin Wanru finally recovered.

She couldnt help but erupt into rage.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 1024 Rage!

Qin Wanru refused to believe that her daughter would allow any man to treat her like this, not even if this was her actual husband.

Then there could only be one explanation! Zu An took advantage of her like a deranged beast while she was seriously injured and powerless to resist!

When she thought about how everyone was still worried outside, completely unaware that her daughter suffered this type of misfortune and humiliation inside, she wanted to skin Zu An alive.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 999 999 999…

She could no longer hold herself back, directly attacking Zu An.

She was completely ruthless, striking to kill.

Zu An dodged to the side in a panic.

But Qin Wanru still had six ranks of cultivation.

How could it be that easy to evade

At the moment of crisis, he hurriedly displayed Mi Lis modified Sunflower Phantasm.

His figure immediately split into two, running in two different directions.

Qin Wanru focused all of her attention on the figure in front of her.

Her palm hacked out viciously, directly cleaving into the middle of his back.

But the empty feeling that transmitted back into her had left her shocked.

The figure in front of her scattered into an expanse of light and shadows.

“A decoy”

She was still a duchess after all, so she was experienced.

She immediately reacted.

Soon, her eyes locked onto Zu An on the other side.

When she was just about to attack again, she suddenly heard her Chu Chuyan say weakly from the side, “Mom…”

“Its okay, mom is here.” Qin Wanru immediately rushed over to support her.

At the same time, her heart softened.

She thought about how proud and arrogant her daughter had been since birth, yet her purity would be destroyed by this type of fella.

Its all our fault for trusting him too much!

She was just about to get up and attack again.

“Stop…” Chu Chuyan immediately grabbed her hand, while the other hand grabbed the comforter around her.

Qin Wanru looked at her in puzzlement.

Her daughters reaction was too strange! Was this because she was too shocked by the situation

“He… he was actually… giving me treatment.” Chu Chuyan lowered her head, her face already completely red.

This really was too embarrassing! She was seen by her own mother.

She was still too embarrassed to say anything, but she was worried that her mother would really kill Zu An or alarm someone else into rushing in.

That would be even more humiliation.

“Treatment What the heck is being treated here!” Qin Wanru just took this as her daughter was too embarrassed to speak the truth.

“Dont worry, your mother will avenge you after this little bastard violated you today.”

She charged at Zu An after saying this.

Chu Chuyan panicked when she saw that her mother didnt understand.

She could only say.

“Actually… actually… I agreed.”

Qin Wanru came to a screeching stop mid charge.

She turned around in disbelief.

“What did you say”

Chu Chuyans face was completely dark.

After a bit of time passed, she finally set her resolution.

“Actually… in the dungeon… we… we already became a real… a real husband and wife.”

Qin Wanru: “......”

She never would have imagined this situation no matter how she thought about it.

Zu An was incredibly moved.

After all, even though the two of them had an intimate interaction, it was only to save Chu Chuyan.

Both of them knew that the two of them were still far from a true husband and wife.

Chu Chuyan didnt truly accept him yet.

Who would have expected that Chu Chuyan would actually admit to this herself He was so happy he was about to explode.

“The two already consummated your marriage in the secret dungeon” Qin Wanru was immediately stunned.

She suddenly understood a bit. No wonder my daughter was willing to receive treatment without clothes on despite her cold and aloof nature! I should have foreseen this!

“But even if the two of you are really husband and wife, the two of you are still doing… doing this type of thing at this type of time… this… this is too much!” Qin Wanru already wasnt in the mood to try and figure out these twos history.

Right now, her daughter was clearly extremely injured, a group of people were nervously waiting outside, yet they were…

“I really am rescuing Chuyan!” Zu An said with a bitter smile.

“Shut your mouth!” Qin Wanru gave him a hateful glare.

But her expression suddenly froze.

She was chasing after him so angrily just now that she didnt notice anything else.

Now that she calmed down a bit, she suddenly realized that he wasnt wearing anything.

“Why is this guy so… so…” Qin Wanrus face immediately became red.

She was a bit flustered as she looked at Chu Chuyan.

How could her delicate daughter endure such a thing!


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