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Zu An was shocked. The hell is wrong with this dude

Chu Zhongtian reacted quickly.

He immediately rushed between the two.

“Brother Wang, there are many misunderstandings at play here.”

“What misunderstandings Why would this disaster have happened to Wang Yuanlong if he didnt invite him to that damn brothel today!” Wang Fu roared in fury.

You have successfully trolled Wang Fu for 446 Rage!

Zu An couldnt help but say, “Its not like brother Wang died.

Arent you jinxing things by saying this kind of stuff now”

Wang Fu almost exploded on the spot.

“Damned brat, what did you say!”

You have successfully trolled Wang Fu for 514 Rage!

Qin Wanru suddenly felt a bit happy when she saw this situation.

She was usually on the other end of being infuriated by this brat, she now finally had a fellow sufferer.

Chu Zhongtian hurriedly stopped Wang Fu, saying with a bitter smile, “Brother Wang, lets have a proper talk inside.

Well end up as laughingstocks if we cause a commotion here.”

“Hmph! You arent even scared of becoming a laughing stock by taking in this type of person as a drafted son-in-law, so what would I be scared of!” Wang Fu directly pushed him away.

Chu Zhongtian: “.....”

Qin Wanru: “......”

Zu An was also speechless. Even if you hit someone, you shouldnt hit their face! Isnt this going too far

He was just about to speak, but Chu Chuyan immediately grabbed him, indicating for him to not act rashly.

Only then did she walk up to greet Wang Fu.

“I pay my respects to uncle.”

“So Chuyan was here.” Even though Wang Fu didnt even treat Chu Zhongtian with any respect, when he saw Chu Chuyan, his tone still subconsciously softened.

Zu An scoffed inwardly. Pah, men!

“This matter actually cannot be blamed on Ah Zu.

The idea to invite Yuanlong to Immortal Abode was mine,” said Chu Chuyan.

“Your idea” Wang Fu was shocked.

He really couldnt figure out why a cold and aloof girl like Chu Chuyan would be involved in this matter.

Was she saying this just to shield her husband


The main reason was because we wanted to express the Chu clans goodwill, but prevent others from knowing.

I wanted to dissolve the crisis between us…” Chu Chuyan explained what happened with a suppressed voice.

Wang Fus expression became gloomy.

“Even though your plan was good and rather low profile, why did something happen to Yuanlong as soon as they separated Perhaps it was just a performance all of you put on”

Chu Chuyan explained, “Why does uncle think this way Even though two hundred thousand silver taels isnt a small amount, it isnt that big of a number for either of our families either.

Would we really put on this type of performance for the sake of this bit of money Whether or not we really wanted to ease the tensions between our allied clans is something I believe uncle understands.”

Wang Fu was shocked.

“Could it be that Sang…”

“I do not dare speak rashly.” Chu Chuyan shook her head.

“But your esteemed son should still be okay.

He was kidnapped by Chen Xuan.

Since the other party didnt kill him and instead went through the efforts of kidnapping him, this means that he is definitely scheming something.

As such, he wouldnt harm his life.”

“Chen Xuan, that ruthless and cold-blooded great bandit!” Even though Chu Chuyans words were extremely logical, Wang Fu was still filled with endless worry.

When he heard Chen Xuans name, his limbs immediately went cold.

He suddenly glared at Zu An.

“Its all your fault! I heard that Chen Xuan wanted to kill you.

He definitely ran into our Yuanlong while following you!”

Zu An was speechless.

He really was being wronged here!

Forget it, I wont argue with you since youre just concerned about your son.

Chu Zhongtian thus spoke up.

“Brother Wang doesnt need to worry.

Our Chu clan will definitely do everything we can to rescue Yuanlong.”

“Alright, I wont go too far out of favor for brother Chu today.

But dont blame me for using harsh words.

If anything ends up happening to Yuanlong, me and your Chu clan arent finished!” Wang Fu harrumphed, and then angrily left with his subordinates.

Qin Wanru was so angry her entire body was shaking as she watched them leave.

“Absolutely preposterous! Seems like any random person even dares to strut around our Chu clan now, almost as if they are the dukedom in Brightmoon City!”

Chu Zhongtian said with a bitter smile, “Madam, there is no need to brood over this.

You understand that our situation is grim as well.

The Wang clan is one of our few allies, we still need their help.

Moreover, something happened to their clans beloved son, so losing a bit of self-control is to be expected.”

Qin Wanru snorted.

“You are always considerate of others, but when has anyone else been considerate of you”

Chu Zhongtian said with a heavy voice, “I do not treat others well in hopes that they treat me the same way, I only seek a clear conscience.”

Qin Wanru also realized that her words went a bit too far just now.

She held his arm and said apologetically, “Master, you really are a good person.”

Zu An rolled his eyes from the side. Can you two oldies get a room If you keep doing this, me and Chuyan will give you something to watch too.

But when he turned to Chu Chuyan, he saw that she was frowning, clearly trying to figure a way out of this situation.

“If we cannot successfully rescue Wang Yuanlong, the alliance between the Chu clan and the Wang clan is done for.

Sigh, if I knew this was going to happen, I wouldnt have done all of this.

I should have just directly sent the silver to Wang clan.”

Zu An immediately consoled, “How can this be blamed on you No one can ever know the future.”

“But my condition isnt great right now.

I dont have any ability to investigate Wang Yuanlongs whereabouts.” Chu Chuyan bit her lips.

In reality, after Zu Ans treatments these days, normal activities weren\'t a problem.

However, if she used any ki, it might worsen her injuries.

She had always been strong since she was young.

Her current weakness made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Zu An said, “Dont worry, just leave it to me.

I will definitely rescue Wang Yuanlong.”

“How will you find him” Chu Chuyan was a bit nervous.

Zu An said, “Well start with Plum Blossom Sects property in the city.

I feel like Chen Xuan should be hidden precisely in one of their areas.”

“Alright, but be careful.

Bring a few more guards with you,” reminded Chu Chuyan.

Zu An laughed loudly.

“I definitely cant bear to have anything happen to me with such a pretty wife waiting for me at home!”

Chu Chuyans face blushed.

“Pah, not a shred of decency.”

After Zu An left the Chu clan, he directly went to the academy to find Jiang Luofu.

Since the other party was already preparing to help him take over Plum Blossom Sect, she definitely already looked into the details.

With him giving directions, finding Chen Xuan should go much smoother.

While Zu An tried to find Chen Xuans whereabouts, Chen Xuan instead appeared on a city outskirts lake center island.

A large group of tough, blade wielding men currently surrounded him.

Chen Xuan stood at the very center, completely unfazed.

“I came to meet with your gang boss.

Is this how Whale Gang treats their guests”

“Disgraceful! Do you think our gang boss is someone you can meet with just because you want to!”

“How did you even find out that our Whale Gang was here”

“There are so many guards patrolling this place as well.

How did you get all the way here”

Chen Xuan laughed loudly when he heard all these voices.

“The authorities might not be able to find your Whale Gang, but how could I, Chen Xuan, have any trouble”

“Chen Xuan”

“Blackwind Stockade Great Bandit!”

Chen Xuan was so infamous that it would even scare children at night.

These men acted tough in the beginning, but they immediately lost confidence when they learned his identity.

All of them backed up a few steps.

“Our Whale Gang has never interfered with your Blackwind Stockade.

What did you come here for”

A daring troop leader braced himself and asked.

Chen Xuan shrugged with his palms exposed.

“Relax, this Chen Xuan didnt come here to kill today.

I wanted to discuss a potential business opportunity with your Whale Gang boss.”

“Since Stockade Master Chen roams the underground world as well, you ought to know that our gang boss never receives guests,” replied that leader.

Chen Xuan smiled.

“I heard that Whale Gangs boss is extremely mysterious, never seen before in public.

Some say that the Whale Gang boss leader is a beautiful woman, some say that its a stooped elder, others say that he is a tough and domineering man.

I really am interested in seeing what your gang boss looks like.”

“Dont tell me you want to brute force your way in” These Whale Gang members expressions all changed.

All of them tightened their grip around their blades handles.

“If here is somewhere I, Chen Xuan, wish to go, would you all be able to stop me” Chen Xuan snorted.

A proud loftiness spread in all directions.

Those Whale Gang members werent his match at all.

It immediately became hard for them to breathe.

They subconsciously backed up.

Those who still had a bit of strength could only bitterly hold on.

“Let him come in.” At this time, a gentle and soft voice suddenly sounded from the distance.

The voice was clearly altered.

It was hard to tell if it came from a man or woman.

When those Whale Gang members heard this, they didnt find this too surprising at all.

They respectfully moved to the side to open up a path.

Chen Xuan walked straight in with a smile.

When he arrived before a house, two doors opened on their own.

Chen Xuan was confident in his own strength, so he didnt feel much misgivings.

He went in.

“If we are talking about mysteriousness, Blackwind Stockades Master Chen isnt inferior to me at all.

Why did you suddenly decide to pop up here and there” A figure sat behind a screen.

“The reason I came to visit the gang boss is naturally to express my sincerity.” Chen Xuan smiled and said, “I just never expected the illustrious Whale Gang boss to actually be a woman.”

“Oh What made you so certain that I am a woman” The one behind the screen said with curiosity.

“I am someone with a special skill, this special skill makes me extremely sensitive to women.

Even without looking, just a whiff of the surrounding air is enough for me to know that the gang boss is a woman, moreover quite the beautiful woman.” Flames filled Chen Xuans eyes.

His plan was just to do some business, but he never expected this pleasant surprise.

A light laughter sounded from behind the curtains.

There were no deliberate alterations anymore.

Sure enough, it was the voice of a woman, delicate like an oriole, but also tender like a teacup filled to the brim.

“I didnt expect Stockade Master Chen to have this type of miraculous ability.

My exposed identity cannot be considered a loss.” That woman laughed gently.

“Stockade masters luck is not bad.

I am normally not on the island.

If not for some special things that happened today, you might not have been able to meet with me.”

Chen Xuan laughed loudly.

“My luck has always been good.”

“Anyone who can remain free and unfettered under Brightmoon Duke and City Lords encirclement obviously has good luck,” said the woman with a sigh of admiration.

“The same could be said about the lady.

Arent we sufferers of the same fate” Chen Xuan was a bit curious about the other partys appearance.

This type of pleasant sounding voice truly tickles the heart.

If it was a different time, he wouldve already rushed up to rip apart that curtain.

But Whale Gang has done quite well for themselves over these years, not even he knew how much strength they had backing them.

He didnt dare act too reckless here.

As such, he pulled over a chair and sat down.

He decided to get a better view of the situation first.

That woman clearly didnt have much interest in chatting idly with him.

She immediately brought up the main matter at hand.

“Why did the stockade leader insist on meeting with me today”

Chen Xuan said with a serious tone, “I came here to offer the gang boss a business opportunity.”


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