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“Courtesan Meeting” Zu Ans eyes brightened.

How could those courtesans who only sold art, not their bodies be missing from those historical dramas and novels of his past world He was obviously hooked.

He never thought that he would personally experience this! Just when he was about to agree, he suddenly thought of something.

He shook his head and said, “All of you should look at this pure and upstanding face of mine.

Do I really look like someone who would go to a brothel”

Chu Yucheng: “......”

His eyes that were previously narrowed into slits from smiling instantly widened.

This brat… thats exactly the type of person you are!

Even Chu Hongcai who was coldly standing on the side turned around in astonishment.

The fella in front of him really was shameless beyond imagination.

Zu An snickered inwardly.

His time in Chu estate couldnt be considered long, but it wasnt short either.

Neither side had much dealings during this period, yet theyre suddenly inviting him to some Courtesan Meeting How could he not suspect them

If he really did end up going, and then they dragged in a Qin Wanru, a Chu Chuyan, he might really have to commit seppuku.

Chu Yuchengs little round eyes moved.

He seemed to have roughly guessed Zu Ans thoughts, thus saying with a smile, “Ah Zu, youre thinking too much.

Visiting brothels is a noble and elegant affair in our Great Zhou Dynasty.

As long as we dont bring anyone home, it isnt a big deal even if your cousins find out.”

Only now did Chu Hongzai chip in, saying with an aloof appearance, “Correct!”

Zu An gave him a look.

This fella really cherished his words like gold! His bearing really is much more dashing than that dark bag eyed father of his.

Chu Yucheng said with a laugh, “The two of us were planning to head over ourselves, and then we suddenly thought to invite Ah Zu to join us in this happy occasion.

Youve already been in the estate for so long, yet we are still not close at all! Thats why this is the perfect chance to give you a big welcome.

Dont worry, well foot the bill this time, you can just focus on enjoying yourself.”

Zu An was full of suspicion.

Were these two fellas really that nice

However, from the sincerity in their voices, they didnt seem to be lying either.

Ah, isnt this just because I was too brilliant during the clan competition I even rescued Chu Chuyan in the dungeon, so they must feel that this young masters position is pretty much set.

Thats why they are trying to curry favor and get on my good side!

When they noticed that he was already moved, Chu Yusheng reached out his chubby hand to pull him.

“Hurry and come, or else therell be way too many people later on.

By then, we wont be able to even squeeze our way in!”

“Is it really that bad” Zu An was extremely doubtful.

“Cant blame you for not knowing.” The originally proud and reticent Chu Hongcai suddenly said with shining eyes, “Ever since Qiu Honglai arrived in Brightmoon City two years ago, she immediately became the undisputed number one courtesan.

Not only is she devastatingly beautiful, she is even talented in the arts, not lacking in a single aspect.

Her guqin and dancing techniques skills are even more dazzling.

In my opinion, if not for her status as a courtesan, not even Chu Chuyan would be able to sit comfortably in her seat as Brightmoon Citys number one beauty.”

“Cough cough…” Chu Yucheng hurriedly tugged his clothes.

“What are you saying Qiu Honglei is a brothel girl, how can she compare to our cousin”

Chu Hongcai released an irritated snort, but he didnt argue back.

He clearly also acknowledged this.

“Qiu Honglei” When he heard this familiar name, Zu An suddenly remembered that back then, that lecher Ji Dengtu told him that as long as he could find the personal underwear of some ladies, then he would agree to treat him.

Qiu Honglei was precisely one of them.

Even though he didnt need that old thing to treat him anymore, since it was a woman even Ji Dengtu couldnt forget, then he also became a bit curious.

After all, regardless of whether it was Yu Yanluo, Shang Liuyu, or even Qin Wanru, they were one in a million beauties.


He suddenly realized something.

“How old is this Qiu Honglei”

Yu Yanluo and Qin Wanru were all from Ji Dengtus generation.

There was no way this was true for this courtesan as well right

When he thought of a courtesan auntie…

Zu Ans expression immediately became extremely strange.

However, when Yu Yanluo and the others exceptional appearances emerged in his mind, he suddenly felt like being a bit older didnt matter at all.

Let alone the fact that this was a world of cultivation, living to a few hundreds to over a thousand years was completely possible.

Once ones cultivation reached a certain realm, they could ensure that their appearance didnt age, that age wouldnt affect ones appearance as much.

“No one knows her exact age, but from the various fanclub rumors, she should be about the same age as our cousin.” Chu Hongcai spoke about these things in an extremely familiar manner.

If not for Chu Yucheng cutting him off, he might have even started preaching about the different Qiu Honglei fanclubs in Brightmoon City.

Zu An was completely stunned.

This fellas aloof and reticent appearance was falling apart! Turns out he was also a celebrity chasing fanboy!

Pah, what celebrity, isnt this just lusting after appearance and figure!

“Lets set out first, well talk about these things along the way.

Otherwise, we really wont have a seat anymore.” Chu Yucheng pulled one of them with each hand, hurrying them along.

“Wait!” Zu An was a bit hesitant.

“Chuyan is sick, yet we are still going out like this… Cough cough...

Its not too good for us to go out for culture like this, right”

Chu Yucheng stared blankly.

“Isnt cousin just experiencing some small problem What is there to worry about”

“Exactly.” Chu Hongcai on the side echoed, “Cousin will get better after resting a few days, but Qiu Hongleis Courtesan Meeting is a one time deal! According to the rumors, lady Qiu might even choose someone to meet her in private.”

When he spoke these words, his eyes shone brilliantly.

It was clear that he already began to fantasize that he was the lucky chosen one.

Zu An immediately reacted, saying with a smile.

“Youre right, Chuyan will get better after a few days anyway.

Its still more urgent to give this courtesan a look.”

Chuyan my love, its not that I am fondling flowers and trampling the grass, but that I have to hide your condition! This humble husband can only pretend to follow them in a carefree manner, sigh… I must sacrifice my actual feelings and entertain those vixens!

“Ah Zu, what are you thinking about that is making you smile so big” Chu Yuchengs meaty palm patted his shoulder.

“No… nothing.” Zu An was given a fright, saying this with a guilty conscience.

When he saw that no one else noticed anything, only then did he release a breath of relief.

After leaving Chu estate, there were already a few fine steeds prepared for them.

They were all men, so they obviously didnt need to go by carriage.

Zu An gave this group a look.

He suddenly noticed that he forgot Cheng Shouping.

He was just about to call him, but the other twos expressions immediately changed, rushing to stop him.

“Ah Zu, you mustnt fret over trifles!”

“Indeed, us brothers merely wish to drink merrily together with some girls, why would we bring any subordinates”

When he saw these twos strong reactions, Zu An began to suspect that they really were setting up a trap, that he still had to be careful.

At the same time, he thought to himself that even if he ended up falling into a trap, bringing Cheng Shouping wouldnt really make a difference, so there was no need for those two to fret like this.

When he saw the nervous expressions in their eyes, his mind suddenly shook, understanding what was going on.

Seems like after staying in Chu clan for so long, Cheng Shoupings reputation as a blabbermouth was already common knowledge.

If he was brought to the brothel, then everyone in Chu clan would know within half a days time.

Even though visiting prostitutes in the Great Zhou Dynasty wasnt anything shameful, it wasnt anything glorious either.

If it reached the Master or Madams ears, he wouldnt have a good time.

Zu An decided not to bring Cheng Shouping after thinking through these things.

The three of them thus rushed towards Immortal Abode.

“By the way, I am a bit curious.

Seems like this Qiu Honglei doesnt sell herself, but instead takes pride in her arts” Zu An couldnt help but ask along the way.

“Yup, this is something everyone in Brightmoon City knows.” Chu Hongcai seemed to be extremely proud when he said this.

“It isnt just Brightmoon City.

Lady Qius beauty is already widespread, even people from the neighboring commandery will flock over to see her.

It is precisely because she has remained principled and incorruptible that so many men have gone crazy.”

“The brothel has so many gentle and beautiful girls, yet none of you are cherishing them.

All of you insist on scrambling madly for this unobtainable girl.

Tell me, isnt this kind of rude” Zu An couldnt help but release a sigh.

Chu Hongcai: “......”

Chu Yucheng: “......”

Only after some time did Chu Yucheng begin to roar with laughter.

“Ah Zu, even though your words are a bit direct, you have hit the nail on the head! This is human nature.”

“Also, this Qiu Hongleis purity, who can confirm such a thing Do we just have to trust her on this” Zu An shook his head.

“I still cant believe it.

If she really has the body of a goddess like you all say, then she cant possibly remain untainted after spending so many years in a brothel.”

Chu Yucheng was completely stupefied.

“This… has indeed never been proven before.”

He was completely dumbfounded.

How would one even go about proving this type of thing If it was confirmed, then wouldnt it mean that she wasnt pure anymore

Chu Hongcai said with extreme discontent.

“Brother Zhu, Lady Qiu isnt that type of person.

Please do not speak nonsense about her or bring disgrace to her pure reputation!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Hongcai for 168 Rage!

Pure reputation

Zu An almost lost himself.

A famous brothel courtesan even has a pure reputation to speak of

He inwardly disapproved.

He laughed and said, “This isnt some random speculation, but rather logical deduction.

Think about it, she is so pretty and even a brothel girl.

You can easily imagine how many big shots are drooling over her.”

“This is a world of cultivation where the strong prevail.

Could it be that their brothel even has some right to refuse”

“Perhaps a certain high official already had interest in her.

Is a single claim ofselling art not self enough”

Chu Hongcai originally still felt some dissatisfaction.

He wanted to argue back, but when he listened to this string of arguments, his complexion gradually changed.

These really were reasonable deductions.

When he thought about how the perfect goddess in his heart had been pressed down and toyed with by who knew how many bigwigs, he immediately felt extremely unwell.

When Chu Yucheng noticed how his soul seemed to have left his body, Chu Yucheng still inwardly thought that Zu Ans mouth really was formidable.

He hurriedly said, “Brightmoon City is Chu clans land.

Master has always acted with fairness, so he naturally wouldnt get involved in this type of thing.

The city lord is also known for being generous and refined, so there isnt a big chance of him doing this type of disgraceful thing either.

With the two of them overseeing things, who else would dare do something like this”

Zu An said with a frown.

“That may be true, but I just feel like this is still up for grabs.

If there is anyone who completely loses their head from desire, losing all restraint…”

Chu Hongcai immediately stopped him from continuing, covering his ears and shaking his head fiercely.

“Stop talking, stop talking, I am already starting to picture things!”

Chu Yucheng laughed.

“Our plan is to enjoy ourselves, so lets not talk about things that will spoil the fun.

Ah Zu will understand when we see Qiu Honglei later.”


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