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Chapter 1355: Hunter And Prey

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

She activated her Empress Lantern and the wild White Lotus Flame was instantly sucked in, ultimately turning into a soybean-sized flame that jumped around in the lantern.

It seemed to be struggling with everything it had, and yet it couldn't break free from the Empress Lantern’s restrictions in the end.

Ban Ka was shocked.

He had never expected his trump card to be so easily dealt with! How could he not have realized that he had made a big mistake this time He didn’t hesitate, and immediately turned tail and ran.

The Hyena race had powerful endurance; in terms of long-distance running, not even the Lion race was their match.

However, Yun Jianyue didn’t give him a chance.

She appeared behind him in almost an instant.

Then, she grabbed his head, effortlessly plucking it like a turnip.

Indeed, she plucked it right off his body.

There weren’t many other words more suitable to describe what she had just done.

Ban Ka had no idea what had just happened.

As he ran with everything he had, he suddenly felt as if his body had become lighter.

Then, he suddenly saw a figure in front of him, but why was it still running without a head

As soon as that confusion emerged, he realized a horrifying possibility.

Then, his entire consciousness completely sank into darkness.

The headless body ran for a while, then suddenly collapsed.

Then, blood gushed out powerfully from its neck as it twitched endlessly on the ground.

Heichi Gu was utterly horrified when he saw what had happened.

He quickly ran in the other direction.

However, his legs buckled several times, nearly causing him to fall.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue was like the reaper of death, quickly reaping the lives of the subordinates around him.

Faced with the encroaching threat of death, Heichi Gu screamed while running, “You can’t kill me! I’m from the Heichi clan! my uncle is the royal family uncle and the Court Grand Secretary, my big brother is…”

Before he could even finish, he heard wind stir behind him, making him worry that he would end up sharing Ban Ka’s tragic fate.

He quickly turned around and opened his ferocious mouth to bite down on the enemy.

His black teeth flickered with a threatening radiance.

This was his clan’s innate skill.

His teeth were incredibly tough and could easily crush metal.

They were also venomous, so if one were to get bitten, no matter how high their cultivation was, they would still suffer bitterly.

Unfortunately, the one he faced was the Devil Sect’s sect master, someone who had experienced endless mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

How could someone like her let him scheme against her A blast of wind shot out from her finger, hitting him in the forehead.

Then, blood and brain matter exploded out from the back of his head.

Heichi Gu’s overbearing mouth instantly lost all the strength behind it, falling open weakly.

He fell backward, utterly ruined.

His eyes were wide open as he died in complete disbelief that someone dared to kill him in the Fiend King Court.

It seemed as if everything had happened in an instant.

The hunter had become the prey, and such overbearing and vicious individuals had breathed their last.

Yu Yanluo was shocked.

She was used to watching the two grandmasters argue back and forth, so she had already subconsciously begun thinking of them like little girls.

Only then did she remember that Yun Jianyue was the vicious Devil Sect Master!

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned completely cold.

She cried, “Witch, aren’t you being too cruel You actually killed so many people!”

“Hmph, miss spineless, stop trying to preach to me,” Yun Jianyue replied.

Perhaps because she had just carried out a huge slaughter, there was still a hint of viciousness left in her eyes as she continued, “If you’re not happy with it, then come at me too.”

Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, Zu An quickly stepped forward to mediate things, saying, “Actually, big sis Yun is doing this for our safety.

If we let some of them go, it would just bring about greater retribution.

Besides, information about us would end up being leaked, and they would start to pay attention to and investigate us.

Even the Fiend Emperor could start paying more attention, and if that happened, none of us would survive.

Big sis Yun knows all that, but you know how she is.

She just didn’t feel like explaining it to us.”

Yun Jianyue was a bit moved. This guy really does understand me.

 However, she wouldn’t admit to it on the outside, saying, “Hmph, there’s no such overly sensitive stuff.

I just wanted to kill.

There aren’t that many reasons at all.”

Yan Xuehen had already more or less guessed the reason, but she had been the leader of the orthodox faction for a long time.

She found it a bit hard to accept such a vicious method.

However, what she was even angrier about was that Zu An had actually chosen to side with Yun Jianyue, even though the two of them were clearly closer!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 333 333 333…

Zu An jumped in fright.

He didn’t understand how he had offended her.

Just then, Yun Jianyue’s Empress Lantern began to shake back and forth.

Judging from the intensity of the shaking, it seemed as if it could explode at any time!

“What happened” Zu An quickly asked.

Yun Jianyue said seriously, “I was able to seize this White Lotus Flame Ban Ka had because his cultivation was too low.

However, this White Lotus Flame is a unique existence that belongs to the world.

One mountain can’t house two tigers.

Even though I can restrain it temporarily with the Empress Lantern, the two true flames inside can’t coexist.

If this continues, it might explode completely.”

Yan Xuehen quickly let go of her previous anger.

She quickly said, “We need a vessel to store this true flame.

However, a normal object cannot contain this true flame, as it would instantly be burned to ashes.”

“Unfortunately, just now, Ban Ka’s furnace was broken during the fight,” Yu Yanluo said as she picked up the furnace from Ban Ka’s corpse.

It was already completely crushed.

It seemed that when the Empress Lantern had pulled out the White Lotus Flame, its berserk force had damaged the furnace.

“Isn’t it because someone was a bit too vicious” Yan Xuehen remarked, shooting Yun Jianyue a hateful look.

Yun Jianyue’s eyebrows rose.

Zu An saw that the two were about to fight again and quickly said, “I have something on me, but I don’t know if it can store this White Lotus Flame.”

He took out the Nine Cauldron he had gotten from Shen Xuzi’s courtyard in the Royal Academy.

It had been a long time since he last used it to refine some Ki Condensation Pills.

As far as he understood it, the cauldron needed a fire to refine pills anyway, so it would likely be highly resistant against flame.

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen both voiced their surprise.

“Your cauldron doesn’t look like anything special, but on closer inspection, it seems really extraordinary… Not even we can see through its secrets.

It really might be able to.”

Thus, Yun Jianyue taught Zu An how to collect the flame.

At that point, the Empress Lantern was already reaching its limit.

She was worried that the Empress Lantern would be damaged, so she released the White Lotus Flame, taking the chance to burn away the Hyena race and Black Teeth race’s people, not even leaving behind any ashes.

Zu An immediately began drawing the White Lotus Flame into the Nine Cauldron according to Yun Jianyue’s method.

Yun Jianyue said with a sigh of praise, “Kid, your talent really is a bit ridiculous.

How can you learn things that quickly”

Yan Xuehen rolled her eyes.

She thought, Did you forget about his transcendent aptitude already

She suddenly remembered that she owed her recovery from her serious injuries to having been filled with Zu An’s blood essence… A  faint blush instantly spread across her white and pure cheeks as she thought of that.

Meanwhile, Zu An was completely focused.

In time, he successfully collected the White Lotus Flame.

The flame, which had previously still been quite stubborn and unyielding, immediately became obedient when it entered the Nine Cauldron.

Yan Xuehen clicked her tongue in wonder, saying, “This cauldron is pretty interesting.”

“Let’s head back for now.

The Golden Crow Guards seem to be hurrying in this direction,” Yu Yanluo reminded them when she saw rising smoke in the distance.

They had clearly caused quite the disturbance, startling local authorities of high status.

Heichi Gu alone couldn’t have stopped them from arriving.

Thus, the others naturally had no objections, and they quickly left.

Just after they left, a group of Golden Crow Guards quickly arrived.

The one in the lead was, surprisingly, Left Guard General Ma Tian.

Because he was the one who had let the assassin into the palace, he had been sent out as a punishment, ordered to chase after the assassin.

When he sensed the unusual ki fluctuations nearby, he brought his men over.

He frowned when he saw the scorched black expanse.

There were quite a few capable people present.

They reported that a battle had just taken place, but all traces of it had been burned away.

To unleash such devastating power within such a short amount of time was something only the legendary true flames could achieve.

“True flame” Ma Tian muttered, frowning slightly.

Why did he feel that the Fiend King Court hadn’t been all that peaceful as of late He commanded his men, “Send some people to look into the soldiers that stopped us earlier.

Ask whose orders they sealed up this street on.”

Soon, the report came back.

Ma Tian scowled, muttering, “Huh Why is it the Heichi clan again”

The previous time, they had been the very same ones to screw him over so badly!


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