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Chapter 1330: Money and Influence Will Help You in Any Occupation

Off to the side, the grandmaster Elder Wu said with a frown, “Crown prince, even though the Snake race has declined in recent years, they are still a great clan at the end of the day.

If something happens to the Medusa Empress in the Fiend King Court, the consequences might be more than we can handle.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince coldly said, “Even if there are consequences, could they be worse than what happened to me If I don’t even dare to get revenge after what happened to me yesterday, who knows how many scoundrels will start having thoughts they shouldn’t have!”

Elder Wu figured that reasoning made sense too.

There had been so many Golden Crow Guards at the scene of the crime, so there was no way to hide what had happened when so many people were involved.

Who knew how many great clans were looking at them as if they were a joke Making an example for the others was necessary as well.

He said, “This old one will personally make the trip then.

That assassin’s cultivation is too high.

Between him and the Medusa Empress, normal Golden Crow Guards might find it difficult to restrain them.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Elder Wu.” The Golden Crow Crown Prince really wanted to go, but his condition really was unsuitable for that.

Even though he had already regenerated his broken parts with the Golden Crow Sacred Fire, that feeling of being crushed down there the previous night still remained.

That scene reappeared as soon as he closed his eyes, already having left behind psychological trauma that would take a long time to free himself from.

He was definitely not in the mood to show himself in public to be laughed at.

Meanwhile, Zu An changed into Yan Zu’s face mask and returned to the Snake race’s residence.

After everything that had happened the previous night, Yu Yanluo and the others had to be incredibly worried.

He was wondering how to explain things to the ladies when his entire body suddenly froze.

He saw that a large group of Golden Crow Guards had already surrounded the residence.

The one in the lead was precisely the grandmaster he had faced previously.

Zu An’s expression changed. How did the crown prince’s investigation reach this place so quickly

He was worried that showing up at that point would only prove the Snake race’s guilt.

As such, he hid nearby and used the jade badge to scout out the courtyard’s surroundings.

If the situation really did become that dangerous, he would have no choice but to rush out and save Yu Yanluo and the other girls.

Meanwhile, Elder Wu strutted into the courtyard with the guards.

He was about to give the order to arrest the Medusa Queen and her companions when his expression changed.

He noticed that there were many people inside.

It wasn’t just people from the Snake race; there were also leaders from many other races.

From the looks of it, they were holding a meeting.

Yu Yanluo slowly walked over and asked with a frown, “What are all of you doing”

Many of those present were meeting Yu Yanluo for the first time.

They were stunned by her beauty, crying out inwardly, How can there be someone so beautiful in this world When they saw her frown, they all felt incredible pity.

Many of the Golden Crow Guards felt a guilty conscience too, as if their sudden arrival had disrespected this beautiful woman.

Even though it wasn’t the first time Elder Wu had met her, he still sighed in amazement at her beauty again.

However, he was still a grandmaster; furthermore, he was not like the others.

He regained his composure and asked, “What are all of you doing here”

One of the leaders had seen Elder Wu before.

He walked over to greet him, saying, “We were invited by the Medusa Queen to discuss trade relations, so we came over.

Why did Elder Wu come here personally Did something happen”

Elder Wu’s expression changed a bit.

The Medusa Queen really did have influence.

Only a single day had passed, and yet she had already built connections with so many other races so quickly Some of them were just small border races, but many of them were also great clans with powerful influence.

Even though none of them were as dominant as the Lion or Tiger races, when all of them were gathered together, they formed quite the sizable force.

He hesitated for a moment, deciding to withdraw his previously overbearing attitude as he said, “We received a tip-off regarding the assassination on the crown prince yesterday, so we came here to conduct an investigation.”

The leaders of the various clans were all shocked when they heard those words, looking at Yu Yanluo.

The previous night’s events had caused such a huge uproar that they had been discussing it in private even when they were holding the meeting.

And yet now, it actually had something to do with the Medusa Queen!

Yu Yanluo’s pretty brow furrowed slightly. Then that really was Ah Zu

She became extremely worried.

It had already been a long time since she last saw Ah Zu.

She wondered if he was safe or not.

However, even though she was overwhelmed by emotion, she looked calm on the surface.

She said, “So it was Sir Wu.

May I ask what made all of you come here when you are investigating the crown prince’s assassination attempt”

“Right, could there be some kind of misunderstanding” Many leaders who were on good terms with Yu Yanluo who couldn't help but speak up for her.

Yu Yanluo’s charm was unmatched, so they were instinctively partial to her.

However, they were all clan leaders, so they weren’t completely infatuated.

Even though the Medusa Queen’s strength was exceptional, if one was to claim that she had broken into the palace to assassinate the crown prince and seriously injured that young prodigy under the protection of so many powerful cultivators, there was no way that was possible, right

After all, the Snake race had declined over the years.

The other races had never heard of them having any powerful cultivators.

Thus, they all felt the situation had nothing to do with Yu Yanluo.

They all wanted to take the chance to get closer to the goddess.

As he watched everything happen through the jade badge, Zu An had a strange expression.

Back then, Yu Yanluo had also been such a person on the human side, and now, it was the same on the fiend side.

He had to admit that being pretty made people welcome you wherever you went!

Elder Wu frowned, but he still said, “Our investigation has shown that the assassin used a Golden Crow Token to enter the palace.

Furthermore, judging from his skills, he greatly resembled the human who was traveling with the Snake race and the Medusa Queen last time.

That is why we must ask the Medusa Queen to please hand that person over.”

When they heard that, those who had just spoken up for Yu Yanluo were horrified.

They couldn't help but take a few steps back, maintaining some distance from her.

Even though the Medusa Queen was beautiful, they wouldn’t be so stupid as to risk their own clans for her.

Yun Jianyue, who had been watching everything from a side room, sneered.

“Hmph, men!”

Yan Xuehen also looked worried.

She said, “It seems to have been Zu An who started all of that last night.

Why is he so reckless The Fiend Emperor is overseeing the imperial palace! He just broke through to master rank, and yet he already dares to show off like this!” She couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Odds are that it was for that woman.

This guy is normally pretty sharp, but whenever it involves women, he seems to become an idiot without the slightest bit of intellect.”

Yan Xuehen thought about the things that had happened in the past.

She nodded in deep sympathy.

This guy really was willing to do anything for girls.

If one put it nicely, he was affectionate and true, but if one were to be more direct, he was just sex-crazed.

Yu Yanluo was very nervous, but she reacted quickly, replying, “According to what I know, though, there are more than a few Golden Crow Tokens, right Why are you so certain who it was that night Is there any recorded proof”

“We naturally have our own reasons for our conclusion.

We have already sent men to check on the other Golden Crow Tokens,” Elder Wu said coldly.

“According to how the Medusa Queen is speaking up for him, it seems that your relationship isn’t shallow.”

Yu Yanluo replied, “That human is just an acquaintance I met in Cloudcenter City in the past.

After the previous events, he was scared of the Fiend King Court’s revenge and quickly returned to the human side.

I do not know where he is right now, so I fear I will have to disappoint Elder Wu.”

“Is that so” Elder Wu sneered.

He had seen that the two’s relationship in the Snake race territory was extremely intimate.

How could they just be acquaintances

He had originally planned to directly arrest the Medusa Queen, and he would have more than enough methods to make her speak then.

However, he hadn’t expected there to be people from so many other clans present.

If news of him abusing his authority got out, it probably wouldn’t turn out too well.

However, the crown prince’s grudge couldn't be left unavenged.

If he gave up on the spot, it would be detrimental to the crown prince’s reputation.

As such, he took a deep breath.

He decided that he was going to bring the Medusa Queen back for the time being.

For all he knew, it was possible that the hidden assassin would make the reckless choice of trying to save her.

He was just about to give the order when a group of people appeared at the entrance, exclaiming, “Oh Why is Elder Wu here”

Elder Wu turned around.

He knew the person; it was the capable Kong Qing, who worked under the Peacock Wise King.

Behind him were representatives from the Peacock race; many of them were holding all kinds of household goods.

“Kong Qing, what are you doing here” Elder Wu asked with a frown.

Kong Qing looked around.

When he saw the Golden Crow Guards’ fierce attitudes, he was quite surprised.

After some hesitation, he replied, “I came on the wise king’s orders to bring some daily necessities to the Medusa Queen, so that their time spent in the Fiend King Court would not be too inconvenient.”

The other clans all began to exchange looks when they heard that. Does the Peacock Wise King have his eyes on the Medusa Queen

Elder Wu was also surprised.

He hadn’t expected the Peacock race to be so close to the Medusa Queen. Don’t tell me this assassination had the Peacock Wise King working behind it

In the side room, Yan Xuehen voiced her surprise.

“This Kong Qing actually dares to get involved in something like this He even used the Peacock Wise King’s name”

Yun Jianyue said, “I reckon that the Peacock race has been quite resentful of the crown prince’s smugness as of late.

How could the Peacock Wise King not have any thoughts of his own after he was forced to resign I fear he probably wants to take the chance to vent against the crown prince’s side a bit.”

Elder Wu’s thoughts moved quickly.

He became more and more certain that he had to bring the Medusa Queen back.

If they managed to find out that there was something wrong with the Peacock Wise King, that would save the crown prince a lot of headaches in the future.

He was about to give the order when another group of men entered from outside.


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