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Chapter 1285: Seniors Lesson

“Witch, what did you say!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed, her brows shooting up.

“The two of you have already gone that far, so why are you getting so worked up over what I said” Yun Jianyue retorted.

She had always disliked Yan Xuehens pure and indifferent act, so she always liked to annoy the other woman.

She always felt extremely happy whenever she saw her rival act out of character.

Yu Yanluo felt a bit guilty because of what had just happened.

Is Yun Jianyue indirectly criticizing me…

When she saw the pink blush appear on Yan Xuehens white jade-like skin, she had to admit that this woman really was pretty.

If she hadnt been known for pursuing the dao of mental purity, making others all think she would never blush like this, the title of number one beauty might not have fallen to me so easily.

And then theres Yun Jianyue.

Even though shes a bit fierce, she really is ridiculously beautiful for no reason.

Both of these women have already become grandmasters, and yet theyre also this pretty.

Can you two leave something for the rest of us, please

At that instant, she even began to wonder if asking Yan Xuehen to accompany her own man was a mistake.

Still, the most important thing was ensuring Zu Ans safety.

Everything else could come after.

“If you are so enthusiastic, why not go back with him” Yan Xuehen snapped.

Because of theLove Is More Solid than Gold skill, and the various intimate interactions theyd had, she knew very clearly that she couldnt afford to get any closer to him.

“I really wouldn\'t mind it that much, but those court bastards all think of me as some traitorous monster.

If I went back with Ah Zu, wouldnt I just be harming him instead” Yun Jianyue replied, then looked Yan Xuehen up and down.

“Youre different, though.

Youve earned quite a good reputation from your operations in the last few years.

From what I know, more than half of the court are your fans, always following behind you and calling you their goddess.

Theyll definitely believe what you say.”

She felt a bit jealous after saying that.

Their cultivation was clearly around the same, and their appearances and figures were also on the same level, and yet why was their treatment so completely different

Yan Xuehen knew she was on good terms with many officials, but with her natural disposition, she prefered peace and quiet.

She rarely interacted with them.

But that isnt the most important thing.

The most important thing is that…

She gave Zu An a look and just happened to meet his gaze.

She lowered her head guiltily and said apologetically, “Of course I am willing to help, but men and women should be separated, and time is pressing.

Carrying a second person might affect your speed.”

That was already a tactful refusal.

Zu An smiled and didnt force the issue.

He was about to reply when Yun Jianyue said, “You cultivate the heartless dao; when have you ever had any notion of the difference between men and women Dont tell me…”

Yan Xuehen was flustered and retorted, “What heartless dao! I cultivate the emotionless dao!”

“Either way, its more or less the same from our perspective,” Yun Jianyue replied casually, not thinking too much of it.

She said, “You would never have worried about something like this before.”

“It is not entirely out of the question because the situation is dire,” Yan Xuehen said.

She didnt dare to argue that point for fear of the other two really noticing something.

“Even if he were alone, however, it would be hard for him to arrive before tomorrow with such a distance, and I would instead become a burden.”

Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes and replied, “Youre so slim; how much could you even weigh The Wind Fire Wheels are a heaven-grade weapon, okay What difference would your insignificant weight make”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She could only give Zu An a pleading look, her eyes full of expectation and hope that he would help her out of this situation.

However, Zu An nodded and said, “What Big Sister Yun said is right.

It actually doesnt matter that much.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She hadnt expected him to say that at all.

She was completely stunned.

“Then its decided.

You two should hurry along so you can come back sooner,” Yun Jianyue said.

She yawned, as if she would soon go back to sleep.

Yu Yanluo greeted Yan Xuehen, saying, “Ill be troubling Big Sister Yan.”

After the mood had already become that way, it was already too embarrassing for Yan Xuehen to refuse.

She could only say, “Then… Alright.”

Because the matter was too urgent, they didnt waste any more time.

They quickly got ready to leave.

Zu An took out the Wind Fire Wheels.

Yan Xuehen asked, somewhat hesitantly, “Can we ride on one each”

“I fear that isnt possible.” Zu An shook his head.

“These two are a pair and cant be used separately.”

Yan Xuehens mouth opened, and she looked hesitant and conflicted.

Zu An said, “Ill carry you on my back.

That way, itll be a bit easier.”

Yan Xuehen bit her lip.

She knew that was the most suitable method at the moment.

A princess carry would be too dubious, and Zu An would get tired from doing that the entire trip.

Meanwhile, embracing each other was too intimate.

The only option she could accept was being carried on his back.

It wasnt as if she hadnt been carried on his back before, either.

When she saw him squat in front of her, she blushed, but she still climbed on.

Zu Ans hands supported Yan Xuehens thighs as he lifted her onto his back.

Then, he got onto the Wind Fire Wheels.

After using them a few times, he was already extremely proficient at maintaining his balance on them.

Besides, he had already tried riding with two people back in Bluefield Country with Tushan Yu, which was why he knew that having an extra person wouldnt hinder him much.

He turned around to say goodbye to Yu Yanluo and Yun Jianyue, saying, “Ill hurry back once I take care of things.

The two of you need to be careful and take care of yourselves.”

Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes and said, “You were still sucking on milk while I was already making a name for myself.

Just take care of that stone cold woman; her condition isnt all that good.

Ill need a proper explanation from you if I find even a hair missing when you two come back.”

Zu An couldn\'t help but grumble, “Dont you pluck her hair often”

Yan Xuehen was really embarrassed and pinched him.

She hadnt expected him to have even seen how Yun Jianyue bullied her in private.

Yun Jianyue instead said confidently, “Even if shes going to be bullied, it has to be by me, and not a brat like you.”

Yan Xuehen said through clenched teeth.

“You witch, once I recover, I will definitely beat you so badly your face turns completely red!”

Yun Jianyue didnt seem to care that much.

She said, “Our cultivation has always been similar.

Even if you do recover, it wont be all that realistic for you to beat me.

That is, unless you just happen to find me when Im seriously injured, but youre in better condition.

Thats why youll never be able to avenge the suffering you went through here.”

Yan Xuehen was really bitter and angry, but she knew that Yun Jianyue was speaking the truth.

She thought, Its all Zu Ans fault.

If I hadnt run into him, why would I be bullied by my nemesis like this

“Enough, its already getting late.

Were heading out,” Zu An said, blowing Yu Yanluo a kiss.

He didnt dare to remain after seeing that the two of them were about to start arguing again.

Yu Yanluos face was a bit red.

She thought, This guy is blowing a kiss toward me in front of two grandmasters Do you think theyre blind However, she could only hold those thoughts in.

She said, “After staying here for a bit longer, well head out again.

Our itinerary going toward the Fiend King Court is also quite tight, so well continue along while waiting for you.

Either way, you have the Wind Fire Wheels, so you can travel quickly.”

“Got it!” Zu An replied, waving toward them.

He got on the Wind Fire Wheels, then rushed into the air.

“Ah~” Yan Xuehen cried out in alarm.

She instinctively held onto Zu Ans neck.

“What is it” Zu An was worried that there might be something wrong with her body.

“It is nothing.

It is just that I never felt like this before when I flew on my own, but now, when I look down, I actually feel a bit scared,” Yan Xuehen said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Youre injured right now, so of course you dont feel safe,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

“I didnt expect a grandmaster to have such a cute side too.”

“Cute” Yan Xuehen replied as mind went blank.

Even after so many years, this was the first time someone had described her in such a way.

However, she quickly reacted and said with a straight face, “Please act more decently.

I am like half a master to you, and strictly speaking, I am your senior.

How can you be this cheeky”

She had long since been thinking about how she would be able to associate with Zu An in the future.

Apart from avoiding him as much as possible, a relationship between master and disciple seemed to be the most suitable pretext.

Even if there was some physical contact, it wasnt that big of a deal for a junior taking care of a senior, right

“Senior” Zu An replied with a grin.

He deliberately accelerated fiercely, then pretended to have lost his footing and stumbled a few times.

He even made a few turns, but just as he was about to fall down, he always regained his footing again at the last second.

“Ah…” Even Yan Xuehen, who was normally cold and indifferent, was now so scared she screamed endlessly and instinctively grabbed onto him firmly.

When they finally regained their balance, Zu An said apologetically, “Sorry, Im not too used to riding together with someone else.”

At that point, however, he was sighing in amazement inside.

When he had been chatting with others in the forums of his previous world, he had always felt that there was no way someone could be so slim, and yet still have such a crazy figure.

And yet, Yan Xuehen was a perfect example of that! Considering the great waves he had felt from moving and suddenly stopping… No wonder so many people liked to ride motorcycles to pick up women!

Yan Xuehen wasnt stupid.

She became extremely embarrassed, protesting, “You did that on purpose!”

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