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Chapter 1255: What Lies Behind the Thick Fog

The one who had spoken was the Elf race’s Qiao Heng.

At first, he had planned to fight alongside Princess Changning, but now that the pride of their races had been brought into the picture, he couldn’t just pretend that he hadn’t heard anything.

In the distance, Zu An’s eyes widened. That Princess Snow he’s talking about… It’s not actually Snow, is it

When Qiao Heng spoke, the smiles on the faces of those who had been flattering and fawning over Princess Changning immediately froze.

They quickly felt regret. 

How could we forget something like that If Princess Snow ends up rising up to that position, then won’t we have offended her

Still, they were in front of Princess Changning, so they couldn't say anything.

They all froze in place, not knowing what to do.

Princess Changning’s expression became unpleasant.

She actually had many things to say about the subject, but she was directly involved, so speaking of it was beneath her dignity.

If news of that got out, it would be greatly unfavorable for her reputation.

Fortunately, another voice helped her out of her predicament.

“Hah, Princess Snow I heard that she ended up being the maid of some human! How could someone like that become the crown princess Wouldn’t that turn all the fiend races into a laughingstock”

Zu An was stupefied.

It really was the Snow he knew!

Qiao Heng’s face turned entirely red.

He retorted, “How ridiculous.

Princess Snow suffered in the human territory for so many years, but then in the end, she successfully rescued many of our clansmen.

That’s what it means to think on behalf of the fiend races! If even someone like that is deserving of mockery, who would even want to do anything for the fiend races anymore”

“That’s its own matter.

The fact that she rescued those fiend race clansmen is something the Fiend Emperor has already rewarded her for.

She was granted numerous resources, and there was even an exception made to raise her status to princess.

What we’re talking about right now is the status of crown princess, which is something entirely different.

In order to become the crown princess, one naturally needs to be completely flawless.” Duan Tiande, the dark elf, paused after saying all of that.

Then, he chuckled and added, “After serving as a maid in human society for so long, to put it bluntly, she might not even be a virgin anymore.

How can the Fiend Emperor bloodline be tainted in the slightest”

Qiao Heng erupted into rage.

“You actually dare to insult and slander Princess Snow Die!”

He had even endured the fact that he had almost lost his life in the swamp due to the dark elf’s ambush; this time, however, he could no longer endure it.

He drew his bow and fired it at Duan Tiande.

However, Duan Tiande had already been prepared for something like that.

He deflected the arrow with his sword.

He was just about to retaliate when the others stopped them.

Jin Shi said, “Everyone, please calm down.

We are in a dangerous situation right now.

If we do not band together and instead start engaging in internal conflict, we might all die here.”

The others all spoke up as well.

Even Princess Changning said, “It is all my fault that this misunderstanding was created.

I do not want to hurt anyone.

If any of you are hurt, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

The most important thing right now is to work together to leave this place; if there are any problems, we can slowly solve them later…”

She was still rather pretty.

When she put on such a pitiful appearance, everyone else immediately began to console and praise her.

In the distance, Yun Jianyue sneered.

“This woman is surprisingly good at scheming.

Little An, don’t lose your head now just because she’s a little pretty.”

Yan Xuehen frowned.

She cultivated the Unshakable Daoist Manual, so she was quite sensitive toward such things.

She subconsciously felt dislike toward Princess Changning, but because of her nature, she didn’t show it.

Yu Yanluo instead had a smile on her face, because she trusted in her ability to pick her man.

Sure enough, Zu An couldn't help but laugh, remarking “This kind of green tea attitude is something I can still discern.”

“Green tea attitude” Even though it was the first time the women had heard that term, they strangely felt that it was quite fitting.

Meanwhile, Qiao Heng put his bow away and snapped, “We’ll settle things once we leave this place!”

Duan Tiande held his sword close and said with a sneer, “You make it sound as if I’m scared or something.”

Just then, the bear brothers stepped forward to smooth things over.

They waved their large hands, patting the other two’s shoulders, and said, “Alright, alright.

It’s not often that we work together, and I refuse to believe that we can’t deal with some formation.

Let’s try to get enough ki stones first.”

Xiong Second reluctantly took out a small pouch of ki stones while muttering, “It’s a pity that Hu Xin didn’t come.

He’s the richest out of all of us.”

Shi Ling’s expression became a bit unpleasant.

He said, “That guy probably avoided me on purpose because he was scared of running into me.”

Just as the Dark Elves had a natural grudge against the Elves, the Lion race and Tiger race also disliked each other.

There was almost always conflict as soon as they met each other.

Hu Xin was the child of the Tiger King, Hu Qianxiao.

He was often praised as a cultivation genius.

Because his age was close to Shi Ling’s, the two were often compared to each other.

Shi Ling had long been eager for a fight, wanting to defeat Hu Xin and become famous.

However, Hu Xin had actually avoided him!

Off to the side, Jin Shi said with a smile, “From what I know, he did plan on coming, but something happened and he ended up going to Bluefield Country.”

“Oh Did he go to meet his stepmom”

“I wonder if he went over to suck on some milk.”

Quite a few people roared with laughter.

There were clearly many people among the fiend races who thought Tushan Yu was Hu Qianxiao’s lover.

“I’ve heard that Bluefield Country’s Tushan Yu is an exceptional beauty.

I’ll have to pay her a visit myself after this matter.”

“Do you think the lord of a country would meet someone like you”

“I can just sneak into the palace, right What, if Hu Qianxiao can play around with her, do you think I can’t”

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehen’s expression was cold as she spat, “These guys are all filthy; it truly is disgusting.”

Yun Jianyue sneered.

“Don’t worry; this place is so dangerous, anyway.

I doubt many of them will be able to make it out alive.”

Zu An’s expression was completely cold.

He was about to teach them a lesson when several bitter cries rang out.

Several gray figures rushed forward, seizing the ones who had been laughing the most wantonly.

Their cultivation ranks clearly weren’t low, but after they were caught, they didn’t seem to be able to resist at all before disappearing into the fog.

The others’ expressions quickly changed.

They wanted to rescue those people, but they were also scared of the thick, labyrinthine fog.

None of them were brave enough to step forward.

Then, several more miserable screams rang out, and everything became silent once more.

“What in the world was that just now” the bear brothers wondered, scratching their heads.

“I could not see them too clearly.

Their appearances seem to be extremely blurry,” Jin Shi replied, his expression unpleasant.

Everything had happened too suddenly just then; they hadn’t been able to react at all.

Zu An’s group frowned as well.

If too much distance formed, the fog would cover everything.

They hadn’t been able to see clearly at all.

“We should get out of this place first,” someone suggested.

After that attack, many people approved of that decision.

“Moving recklessly in the fog will only make it easier for us to get ambushed,” Princess Suolun said.

She looked at the fatty and asked, “Do you have enough ki stones now”

Before he replied, those who had still been reluctant just then began to contribute generously.

A large pile of ki stones piled up in front of the fatty.

“It’s enough, it’s enough,” the fatty replied, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

He took out forty-nine banners and began to derive the mysteries of the heavens.

The others had initially only taken out the ki stones out of respect for the Demon Race Princess Suolun; they hadn’t really thought the fatty had a solution.

However, when they saw that, they all felt a sense of respect. 

Looks like this guy really does have a bit of skill.

When he saw those banners that seemed familiar, just a bit smaller in scale, Zu An chuckled and said, “So it was that good-for-nothing.”

Yu Yanluo frowned and replied, “That fat divining daoist He keeps changing his appearance and acting sneakily; he’s clearly up to no good.”

“He put on a mask to change his appearance, and also dragged so many people here.

Now, he’s even about to set up some kind of formation.

He’s not about to refine all of them, is he” Yun Jianyue wondered.

She came from the Devil Sect, so her first thoughts naturally went in a sinister direction.

Yan  Xuehen shook her head and said, “That is probably not it.

There are no traces of bloodiness coming from those flags.” Despite that, she still paid close attention to what the fatty was doing to make sure he wasn’t arranging some mad slaughter formation.

The fatty quickly drew all kinds of complicated formation runes.

Then, with a wave of his hands, the forty-nine banners immediately disappeared into the fog around them.

After that, he placed all the ki stones in the eye of the formation.

The formation runes he carved gradually lit up.

Then, the fog suddenly emanated waves of golden light.

They were coming from the forty-nine banners!

At the same time, the fog around them began to quickly scatter at a visible pace.

Then, those present finally saw what kinds of things were hiding in the fog and attacking them.


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