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Chapter 1245: Swindler

Zu An immediately felt his scalp turn numb.

These women were just too smart! They had been able to pick up some clues just from a few words! Faced with the three women’s suspicious stares, Zu An was 0.01 seconds away from being exposed when fortunately, Maid Xing brought the others over to receive them just then.

With that breathing room, he finally thought of an excuse.

He coughed lightly and replied, “There was a slip of paper in the pastries this morning, containing that  information she just happened to have received.

That’s why I was alerted ahead of time.”

Yan Xuehen voiced her surprise.

“Normally speaking, that should be something only the higher ups in the Fiend King Court should know.

Why was she able to obtain that information”

Yu Yanluo explained, “The Fox race’s people have always been good at being smooth in social situations.

Their relationship with the different forces is quite good, so their intelligence network is also outstanding.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both nodded inwardly.

Yu Yanluo was more familiar with the two fiend races, so this type of explanation made sense.

“What I’m more curious about is why she would contact you, and through that kind of method no less,” Yun Jianyue said, looking at Zu An in confusion.

As someone who had grown stronger step by step in a place like the Devil Sect, she was quite sensitive to unusual things.

She just felt that the matter was extremely strange, and yet she couldn't really say how either.

Zu An had already sorted out his thoughts.

He said, “It’s probably because I saved them, so she did this to thank me.

That’s why she used such a method.

It was probably to protect herself, to prevent others from knowing that she contacted me.

She didn’t come out today either, probably to avoid suspicion and make the other forces think she wasn’t very close to us.”

He was even starting to admire himself as he said that. I really am a genius for being able to salvage this kind of situation.

“So that was it.” The women all sighed.

“I felt that Tushan Yu was being a bit cold, but now, I know that we’ve accused her wrongly.

We’ll have to make sure to express our thanks properly next time.”

After the tension was defused, they all gradually calmed down.

A strange silence fell upon the carriage.

Yu Yanluo found a chance to secretly tug on Zu An’s sleeves.

Then, she asked through ki, “Ah Zu, did I end up offending the two of them somehow You have to tell me, in case I might have made a mistake and not even know about it!”

Zu An felt a bit embarrassed.

He said, “You didn’t.

You must be overthinking things.” Of course she hadn’t done anything wrong.

He had actually used her to take the blame.

“No, there’s definitely something,” Yu Yanluo said.

Her pretty brows furrowed slightly.

She surreptitiously looked toward the two girls.

She had sensed that something was off all the way from their first morning greeting.

She hadn’t thought too much about it before, but later on, various clues had shown that there was indeed a problem.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue, who had been paying close attention to her, both looked away.

They all thought to themselves, She’s secretly gossiping about something again.

They’re probably flirting.

Hmph, do you really like sneaking around that much

Besides, Zu An, do you have no self-respect Do you have to engage in this public display of affection in front of us

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 111 111 111…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 111 111 111…

Zu An was stunned when he saw the incoming Rage points.

However, he didn’t dare to ask them about it at that moment.

Afterward, the mood in the carriage became a bit heavy.

When they arrived at a small town, Zu An called for a stop to get some rest.

Maid Xing was confused.

She said, “It has only been half a day since we left Bluefield City.

Why are we stopping for a rest so quickly”

Yu Yanluo coughed lightly and said, “We’ll listen to him and stop.”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen couldn't take the strange atmosphere in the carriage anymore either.

They both voiced their approval of the break too.

They wandered around the small town while deep in thought.

In order to ease the awkwardness, Zu An found a topic and remarked, “Hm There seemed to be quite a few strong individuals along the way here.”

“You ‘re right.

I noticed that before in Bluefield City too.

At first, I thought  it was because Bluefield Country was more open to outsiders, and that these cultivators were here to experience the famous fox women.” Yun Jianyue didn’t want to talk to him at first, but since it was about something important, she still responded.

Yan Xuehen sighed and added, “After the great war between humans and fiends, it’s already been a long time since I last saw so many fiends.”

Yu Yanluo wanted to ask if these two had experienced that bitter war, but she suddenly remembered how strangely they had been acting right before she spoke and swallowed the words right back down.

She thought, Hmph, you’re all giving me the cold shoulder, so why would I treat you guys enthusiastically

“I seem to have heard those fiends chatting about some treasure map and great treasure,” Yun Jianyue said.

She had been paying close attention to everything the entire time.

“I noticed that as well.

It looks as if many people are holding maps of some sort.

It would be strange if it really was a treasure map,” Yan Xuehen said.

She obviously didn’t believe it.

If there really was some great treasure, it was likely extremely precious.

Why would everyone have a share

“Tushan Yu mentioned before that recently, there have been some things that she has to deal with here.

Did she tell you anything else about it” Yu Yanluo asked.

She ignored the two women and looked straight at Zu An.

Zu An’s smile immediately froze.

He replied, “She didn’t…”

The two of them had been focused on their ‘interaction’.

Even when they had talked, it was mainly about the Fiend King Court and the matter of his transcendent aptitude.

If he had known that things were going to be like this, he would have asked her about it then.

With their current relationship, she definitely wouldn’t have hidden anything from him.

“Everyone, come and take a look! This is a treasure map I just happened to have stumbled upon; written on it is a great opportunity! Who knows, the lucky one might just be you!

“It is only ten taels of silver for a copy, and you might become the one chosen by the heavens.

You might be able to experience an unmatched encounter!

“It is just ten taels of silver, and yet you cannot even afford it Look at these poor beggars.”

When the group heard the curses, they exchanged a look.

The voice was quite familiar: It was precisely the fat daoist who had previously given them divinations.

The party followed the source of the sound.

Soon afterward, they saw that Wu Liang was shouting and spitting saliva as he tried to sell treasure maps.

He wasn’t holding the ‘pseudo-immortal’ banner today and wasn’t even wearing his daoist outfit.

Instead, he wore a fluffy hat with dog-like ears, just like a street vendor.

After some time, many people left while swearing, but there were a few who spent ten taels to try their luck.

Just like that, Wu Liang managed to successfully sell quite a few.

Zu An’s group was stupefied.

“This guy is just a swindler after all!”

Wu Liang was fixated on the silvers when he suddenly felt a pat on his shoulder.

He reflexively turned around and began, “Ah, are you going to buy a map… Oh, so it was you guys.”

Zu An chuckled and asked, “Why did daoist priest change careers”

Wu Liang seemed completely unfazed as he replied, “The people here are too enthusiastic; if they see my daoist outfit, they will want to make donations.

I cannot refuse them if they do that.

I did not want to be tainted by the karma of the secular world too much, so I changed into a different set of clothes.”

Zu An’s group was speechless.

This guy really knew how to speak nonsense with a straight face!

“Then this treasure map thing you’re selling, aren’t you scared that it will taint you with secular karma” Yun Jianyue said with a sneer.

Wu Liang said with a sigh, “Even the great ones who stand aloof from this world must eat.

I am making money through my own skills, so what is wrong with that”

The gorup was speechless.

Wu Liang’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He began to gesture and wink toward Zu An, saying, “Seeing how you are smiling from ear to ear, your brows and eyes full of romance, how did that romantic affair go”

The three women who had initially been upset at each other all simultaneously looked at Zu An when they heard that.


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