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Chapter 1239: Mooching Has Never Felt So Good

Seeing as he hadn’t gotten his way, resentment flickered through Chi Wen’s eyes.

However, he suddenly noticed Zu An off to the side.

He was so scared his voice changed.

He squeaked, “He… Why is he here He’s the devil, auntie! You have to be careful!” He wanted to take out the Trident and continue fighting, but he was too weak.

All of his muscles were trembling.

“You did something so despicable, and yet you still have the nerve to call him the devil” A trace of disgust flashed through Shang Liuyu’s eyes as she replied.

With a sweep of her sleeves, she flung the Trident to the ground.

Zu An was shocked.

Even though Shang Liuyu was also from the ocean races and probably had the technique for controlling the Trident, the fact that she had been able to easily seize Chi Wen’s weapon meant that her cultivation wasn’t low.

However, she probably had something that helped her conceal her aura.

It was difficult for him to find out her real cultivation.

He couldn't help but recall how back in Brightmoon City, people had all said that Ms.

Shang excelled in the arts and wasn’t good at cultivation.

Many people had suspected that she was only around the third level.

Each of them really was more blind than the last.

Chi Wen was quite depressed, but he needed to rely on Shang Liuyu for protection at that moment.

He naturally wouldn’t talk back to her.

Shang Liuyu spoke up just then, saying, “I’ve helped you plead for leniency, and he was willing to let you go.

Let’s go according to the fiend races’ rules.

You should now pay up for your life.”

Zu An was stunned.

He had agreed to Shang Liuyu’s request to spare Chi Wen’s life.

With their relationship, there was obviously no reason for him to collect any ransom.

He was about to say something when Shang Liuyu spoke to him through ki.

“Don’t refuse; it’s good to teach this wastrel a lesson, or else he’ll end up getting more and more out of hand.”

Zu An smiled.

In that case, there was no need to refuse.

This Chi Wen really did deserve a good beating.

Chi Wen opened his mouth, but since it was about keeping his life, he didn’t retort in the end.

He obediently took out a large sea conch that had runes flickering across its surface.

It was clearly a storage artifact.

He rummaged inside for a long time, then took out a precious blade that glittered like frost and snow.

He said, “This is the Sea Cleaving Blade.

It’s rumored to be able to cleave even an ocean in half with boundless power.

If auntie weren’t here, I would be reluctant to give it to you.” He handed it over with a pained expression.

Zu An gave it a look.

The quality wasn’t low; it was quite good among earth grade weapons.

In the martial world, it was enough to serve as the clan defending treasure of some sects.

Shang Liuyu snorted from off to the side.

She remarked, “Who are you trying to fool with that trash Is your life only worth this shoddy knife”

Chi Wen was alarmed. Auntie is trying to save me! That devil is completely unfathomable, so he won’t be so easily fooled.

If I accidentally offend him, I really might not be able to keep this little life of mine…

As such, he obediently took out a gold brick.

Fearing a misunderstanding, he quickly explained, “It’s more than just a gold brick! Um… Even though it is a gold brick, it’s not a normal gold brick…” When he noticed that he was talking incoherently, he quickly added, “This is a heaven-grade weapon that can be used to strike people.

It feels as if a mountain is weighing down on the target.”

He was suddenly a bit eager to give it a try himself.

If he suddenly brandished the brick, would it be enough to pulverize this guy

However, he remembered the weird movement technique this devil had, as well as those damned fists.

He felt that his life was still more important and that there was no reason to take risks. It’s just a heaven-grade weapon anyway; it's just a worldly possession.

Zu An received the golden brick.

He could feel its immense weight.

There were runes flickering faintly across the surface, and they carried a great dao aura.

He recalled that back when he was in Cloudcenter City, when he uncovered Jian Taiding and the Zhenyuan Merchant Group’s meeting, one of the experts had used a gold brick as a weapon.

However, in terms of aura, this brick was much stronger than the one he had seen before.

He sighed in amazement at the ocean races’ wealth.

He was about to say that the matter was decided, but then Shang Liuyu spoke up again.

“Is your life only worth a brick”

Zu An was dumbfounded.

Chi Wen was speechless.

He gritted his teeth. I am giving a bit less than I should…

As such, he took out a sword from the conch.

The sword sparkled with brilliance, and as it was drawn, it let out a sinister aura.

Zu An was surprised.

This was another heaven-grade weapon!

Before he could even say anything, Shang Liuyu had already spoken up again.

“The Yin Yang Swords come in a pair.

Taking out a single one is meaningless.”

Chi Wen nearly choked for a moment, but he still obediently took out another sword.

It was the exact opposite of the previous sword; it gave off a powerful and dominating aura.

When paired together, the cold yin and hot yang sensations disappeared entirely.

Instead, it was replaced with a mysterious feeling of harmony.

Zu An could sense that the two swords’ auras formed a yin-yang diagram.

Three heaven-grade weapons! Zu An thought, overjoyed.

The Tai’e Sword had cracks in it, so he didn’t dare to take the risk of using it again.

Right now, he was sorely lacking weapons.

Furthermore, even though the Tai’e Sword had a high grade, according to what Mi Li had said, it was sealed.

As time went on, it had degraded.

Now, apart from its material being somewhat special, its real combat strength was only on par with a heaven-grade weapon.

Meanwhile, as for his Poisonous Prick, Immortal Beheading Knives, Sun Slaying Arrows, and other weapons… Even though they exceeded heaven-grade, they each had their flaws and weren’t suitable for ordinary combat.

Now that he had three heaven-grade weapons, it would increase his strength considerably.

Zu An was already quite satisfied, and yet Shang Liuyu spoke up again.

“You’re going to use some chunks of scrap metal you don’t even care enough about to use to purchase your own life”

Zu An was speechless.

Chi Wen seemed about to cry.

He protested, “Auntie, whose side are you on”

Shang Liuyu’s face heated up a bit, but she said, “Think about it carefully.

The other party could have just killed you and stolen your Trident.

Are these weapons comparable to the Trident” Afterward, she said to Zu An, “The Trident is the weapon of a certain age’s Dragon King, so it has significant meaning to the Dragon race.

That’s why we can’t give it to you, or else it will instead bring you trouble.

So, I’m making him compensate you with other things.”

Zu An chuckled awkwardly and replied, “Actually, there’s no need for you guys to be that generous…”

Chi Wen also grumbled, “He couldn’t use the Trident even if he took it.”

The Dragon King had helped him form a contract with the Trident.

If Zu An had really killed him to steal that treasure, it would have just led to pursuit by all the ocean races.

However, at that point, Chi Wen would already be dead.

No matter how many times the ocean races killed this devil, he still couldn't be revived.

When he thought of that, he didn’t feel as wronged anymore.

He began to look in the conch again.

However, Shang Liuyu got annoyed and just seized the conch.

Then, she began to shake it.

Sparkling weapons fell out one after another.

Among them, four items were the most eye-catching.

The first was a pike.

Its tassel was a purple flame, while the other end was a serpent spear.

The second was a pair of wheels that spun continuously.

Their surfaces were covered in blazing flames, and the sounds of wind and flame surrounded them without end.

The third was a golden ring that looked like a bracelet.

The fourth was a seven-foot-long swatch of red silk.

Every single item had the aura of a heaven-grade weapon.

Zu An cried out in surprise. Why do these things look a bit familiar

Chi Wen’s swollen eyes were already about to turn green.

He protested, “Auntie!”

Shang Liuyu harrumphed.

“Auntie is only doing this for your own good.

The Trident isn’t inferior to various deity-grade weapons; focusing on cultivating with it is what’s most important.

Your father dotes on you too much, so he gave you so many weapons, but they’ll only distract you instead.”

Chi Wen was stunned.

What she said did make some sense. So why do I feel as if something’s not right

Shang Liuyu had already picked up the four heaven-grade weapons and handed them all to Zu An.

She began to explain, “This is the Violetflame Snake Pike.

It’s incredibly sharp and can cut through evil with irresistible force.

“These are the Wind Fire Wheels.

While stepping on them, even those beneath the master rank can fly through the skies and travel ten thousand li in a single day.

However, the Dragon race can fly through the skies and swim through the seas to begin with, so these aren’t all that useful for them.

“This is the Universe Ring.

It can enlarge and shrink.

It’s used as a thrown weapon.

“This is the Primal Skysilk.

It can lengthen on its own and bind enemies.

Even if it’s cut, it can repair on its own.

“These weapons, together with the golden brick and the dual yin and yang swords, remained in the Dragon King palace treasury since ancient times.

They were rumored to be the weapons of an extremely formidable being from ancient times.

I didn’t expect the Dragon King to have doted on his youngest so much that he gave them all to him.”

Chi Wen was incredibly depressed. Aren’t they all being given to an outsider now!

Zu An’s eyes shone brilliantly.

No wonder fortune tellers had always told him that he was born to mooch!

You know what What’s so bad about mooching off women!

Mooching has never felt so good!


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