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Chapter 1230: A Straightforward Man’s Distress

The group quickly went on guard.

Were the attendants planning to split them up

However, the female attendants in the palace simply arranged for Zu An to stay in a side room.

Many people worked in the palace during the day; those rooms had been prepared in case of any special situations that required them to work throughout the night.

However, they were rarely used.

Yu Yanluo and the other women obviously didn’t want to be separated from him.

They thus asked to stay near him too.

The attendants, however, replied that arranging for them to stay in the side rooms would instead make Bluefield Country look as if they mistreated their distinguished guests.

If news got out, all of Bluefield Country would be mocked.

Since the other side was escalating the matter to one of a country’s dignity, Yu Yanluo naturally couldn't say much else.

However, the group still felt some misgivings.

Fortunately, Tushan Yu was understanding and moved Zu An a bit closer.

That was the result the group reluctantly accepted in the end.

When she found a moment of spare time, Yu Yanluo told Zu An, “You have to be careful tonight.”

Zu An replied with a laugh, “What does a grown man like me need to be careful of Those of you who are injured are the ones who need to be careful.”

Seeing as Zu An wasn’t taking the situation seriously, Yan Xuehen couldn't hold herself back and warned him, “Who says you don’t need to be careful just because you’re a man Legend has it that fox-spirits are able to suck out men’s essence.

There was also that fat daoist’s strange divinations.

You shouldn’t treat this situation too lightly.”

The other women all shot her surprised looks.

Yun Jianyue remarked with a smile, “Wow, our stone cold woman actually knows how to worry about someone, and a man, no less”

Yan Xuehen’s cheeks heated up a bit, but she reacted quickly.

She said, “We need to take care of each other as companions.

Do you think everyone else is like your Devil Sect, only knowing how to kill and destroy”

Yun Jianyue was about to start another fight, but when she saw Tushan Yu walk over, she swallowed the things she had been about to say back down.

Instead, she quickly said, “This is our Holy Sect’s whistling arrow.

If anything happens, fire it.

We should then do our best to gather together.”

They were in someone else’s territory, so they had no choice but to remain vigilant.

She gave each of the others an arrow, then taught them how to use it.

Tushan Yu then personally led Yu Yanluo to the inner palace.

Meanwhile, an attendant led Zu An to the side wing.

Along the way, the fox girls they met were all extremely curious about Zu An.

They asked him all kinds of questions.

However, Zu An wasn’t in the mood to chat, so he just replied to them absentmindedly.

The fox girls lost interest when they heard his answers.

When they finished the task of taking him where he needed to go, they said, “This is an important place in the Imperial Palace, so you are not allowed to leave and cause trouble.

It will be problematic if you end up running into any respected individuals.”

Zu An said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere.” In order to avoid that potential romantic disaster, he wouldn’t go out even if these fox girls wanted him to.

The only thing he planned to do was to get some good sleep and leave peacefully the next day.

“That is how men should be; you should just stay inside and not show yourself in public.” The fox girls nodded in satisfaction before leaving.

Zu An chuckled and didn’t argue back.

He gave the layout a look.

It was quite a bit better than he had imagined.

Even though it wasn’t all that spacious, it was excellently tidy.

After washing up, he sat down on his bed and began to cultivate.

Even though those who didn’t know him well thought he was just a skirt-chaser, he actually spent most of his spare time cultivating.

Otherwise, if he only relied on cheats, he would be nothing more than a flower in a greenhouse, someone who wouldn’t survive true trials and tribulations.

Time passed just like that.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it” Zu An called out, opening his eyes.

“Young master Zu, it’s me,” replied a gentle and beautiful voice.

Zu An was surprised, because he could sense the other person’s identity through his soul.

It was Bluefield Country’s leader, Tushan Yu.

He was genuinely surprised, because the other party hadn’t given him a single look the entire time.

Even when they had talked, it was curt and short.

Her indifferent expression had made it seem as if she viewed him as empty air.

And yet, this woman had actually come to visit him in the middle of the night.

Zu An replied, “It’s already late in the evening.

Meeting with a woman in private at this time would damage my reputation and integrity.

If there is something, please tell me during the day.”

Tushan Yu’s smile immediately froze on her face.

She was dumbfounded.

She had come in high spirits, wondering just how surprised and excited Zu An would be once he saw her.

But now, she was being given the cold shoulder Considering her appearance and status, when had she not been the center of attention, surrounded by onlookers When had she ever been refused before

You have successfully trolled Tushan Yu for 377 377 377…

However, her anger vanished in a flash.

She quickly calmed herself down, then continued to say gently, “I heard big sister Yu say that you needed Blue Earthflowers.

I just found some in reserve.

Seeing as you probably need them, I decided to bring them to you first.”

Zu An was stunned.

He couldn't avoid meeting her if it was related to the Blue Earthflowers.

He walked over and opened the door.

He saw that Tushan Yu was standing by the entrance, looking lovely.

She had already changed her outfit, now looking more casual and personable.

Her outfit had a V-shaped neckline that exposed her delicate and fair collarbones, as well as her sparkling and exquisite shoulders.

Even though she was exposing quite a bit of skin, due to her bearing and the style of her clothing, she didn’t show a hint of seductiveness.

Instead, her appearance only added a bit of liveliness and sharpness to her fresh and pure nature.

However, as long as a man gave her a single look, those beautiful collarbones and shoulders would continue to appear in their minds.

Even though it was clearly just a little bit, their imagination would then go wild.

Zu An began to reminisce about the past.

Back then, the streets had been filled with charming young ladies dressed like this.

Even though this world was somewhat open-minded, that was only when compared to ancient China.

Compared to those gorgeously dressed city beauties, their imagination was still a bit lacking.

Forget about child’s play like revealing a bit of one’s shoulders, he had even seen completely see-through clothing that only covered the three main areas.

Even though those women were wearing clothes, it was almost as if they weren't wearing anything at all.

However, the most important part was that those clothes were designed carefully, making it so that one couldn't see anything one wasn’t supposed to see.

Tushan Yu was already prepared to see an expression of shock.

Zu An definitely wouldn’t be able to hold back and would continue to stare at her, or pretend to be honorable and not look, but still sneak looks from the corners of his eyes.

She was already completely used to men’s tricks over the years.

And yet, who could have expected that after just one simple look, Zu An casually looked away Tushan Yu could clearly tell that his reaction wasn’t fake at all.

Was that all It was almost as if he considered her some country bumpkin.

At that moment, she began to question life itself.

Could it be that the Medusa Empress is too pretty, so his way of looking at things also changed after being around her for a long time

But she felt even more uncomfortable when she thought about that.

Didn’t that mean she was far inferior to the other woman

Suddenly, Zu An saw the bundle of Blue Earthflowers she was holding.

He received them without a second thought and said, “Thank you, Bluefield Country Lord!” Afterward, he closed the door again.

Tushan Yu was stunned.

You have successfully trolled Tushan Yu for 444 444 444…

Just as Zu An began walking back to the bed, he suddenly heard a loud banging on the door.

He asked in confusion, “Is there something else”

Tushan Yu gritted her teeth when she heard the disinterest in Zu An’s voice.

She replied “I’ve given you something so precious, but you aren’t expressing anything”

“Didn’t I thank you already” Zu An replied, feeling a bit annoyed.

He wanted to immediately help Daji break through to the seventh rank, yet this woman kept clinging to him.

Tushan Yu was speechless.

You have successfully trolled Tushan Yu for 233 233 233…

She took a deep breath.

She finally managed to endure her urge to storm off and retorted, “Is it just a thank you Isn’t young master a bit too stingy You should at least invite me in for a cup of tea, right”


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