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Chapter 1222: Red Strings

Zu An didn’t notice that his attempt at comforting her had instead produced the opposite effect.

Furthermore, he continued, “None of us expected that situation just now, but the good thing is that I already saw you last time.

Big sis Yan, don’t think too much about it.

I won’t talk about this to anyone.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

Her face immediately turned entirely red. Who comforts people like this She felt her insides surge once more, and she almost fainted again.

Zu An jumped in fright and quickly supported her, while transferring more ki to treat her condition.

“Don’t touch me!” Yan Xuehen cried.

She was extremely embarrassed.

She clearly still remembered what had happened last time during the treatment.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

Zu An didn’t pay her any attention.

He grabbed her hand and infused his ki, saying, “I won’t use that method to treat you, and will instead only give you access to my ki.

Focus on adjusting your condition.

Otherwise, considering your current state, even if you keep your life, your cultivation rank might fall.”

Yan Xuehen fell silent.

She knew that what he had said was true.

As a cultivator, her strength had been accumulated through countless hardships.

Who would be willing to give up something like that

“Stop staring blankly and start treating your injuries,” Zu An said in a tone that seemed impossible to challenge.

“Oh…” Yan Xuehen instinctively agreed.

However, a second later, she realized that even though she was the one usually giving orders, she was actually listening to this brat today!

“Don’t get distracted!” Zu An warned her again.

Yan Xuehen’s face reddened a bit.

She focused and began to adjust her energies.

This time, Zu An merely allowed her to use his ki, but didn’t infuse it into her.

Sure enough, there was no embarrassing feeling like before.

Yan Xuehen was still a grandmaster in the end; she quickly calmed down and focused on treating her injuries.

After around two hours passed, she slowly opened her eyes.

She had finally managed to barely stabilize her injuries.

At the very least, she wouldn’t lose her grandmaster rank cultivation in the future.

Of course, it hadn’t come without a price.

After recovering over the past few days, she had managed to reach a level where she could fight a bit again.

And yet now, she had returned to the seriously wounded state from when she had been in the cave again.

“Thank you.” Yan Xuehen felt strange even as she spoke.

He was clearly the one who had benefited from this situation, and yet she had to thank him.

Of course, she knew he hadn’t done it on purpose.

Furthermore, without his help, forget about her grandmaster rank cultivation, even keeping her life would have been a struggle.

“It’s good as long as you’re fine.” Zu An also sighed in relief when he sensed that the surging energy within him gradually calming down.

Yan Xuehen was about to say something else when she noticed that, because the treatment had taken such a long time, their fingers were still crossed together.

Her heart skipped a beat and she quickly pulled back her fingers.

Zu An was surprised, but of course, he didn’t mind.

He said, “Your wounds haven’t healed.

If big sis Yun bullies you, you shouldn’t fight back.

Once you recover, you can just get revenge on her then.

You’re clearly the only one suffering here.”

“No way! How can I admit defeat to that witch!” Yan Xuehen felt angry as soon as the words left her mouth.

She knew that their cultivation levels were similar.

Even if she recovered, it would still be hard to get revenge on Yun Jianyue.

She obviously couldn't just give in now.

Zu An thought to himself that grandmasters all had their own pride after all.

If not for that state of mind, they might not have been able to reach their present level, right He said, “Then I’ll find a chance to talk to big sis Yun, and tell her to stop taking advantage of you.”

“You can’t!” Yan Xuehen jumped in fright and quickly stopped him.

“Why” Zu An asked in confusion.

Yan Xuehen’s expression became a bit unnatural.

She said, “You don’t understand that witch.

If you tell her that, she’ll just feel even more motivated instead.

Also… She’ll be suspicious that you’re helping me, thus creating suspicion toward our relationship.”

“But that puts you in a tough spot,” Zu An said with a forced smile. It looks like she’s going to be spanked quite a bit in the following days.

Yan Xuehen’s face turned red; she was clearly thinking along the same lines.

She said, “It’s fine; I can deal with it.” She wasn’t willing to continue the embarrassing conversation and instead quickly asked, “Right, didn’t you say you could undo that ‘Love is More Solid Than Gold’ skill”

“I’m not a hundred percent certain that it will work,” Zu An said while summoning Mo Xi again.

Yan Xuehen suddenly thought of something when she saw Mo Xi appear.

She said in a rather troubled manner, “I don’t want these things to be known by anyone else.” Her heart began to pound fiercely after she said that. Why does this feel like some affair What will this woman think after hearing that

Zu An said, “Don’t worry, she won’t speak.

She doesn’t have a complete soul either.”

Yan Xuehen was startled.

She asked, “She’s a summoned being”

With her status and cultivation rank, she naturally knew quite a bit.

There was a rather unknown branch of summoners in the world of cultivation, but they usually summoned nasty monsters.

She had never heard of such a stunning beauty being summoned before.

Her expression became a bit strange when she thought of that.

After all, summoners had absolute control over their summoned creatures.

With such a gorgeous summon, would Zu An do anything strange to her She thought, Hmph, he’s a pervert, as expected.

He even made his summons look so pretty.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 111 111 111…

Zu An was a bit confused.

Why was she getting angry But he still replied, “It’s something like that.

But unlike normal summoned beings, I treat her as a friend.”

Mo Xi blinked when she heard that, but she didn’t express anything else.

“A friend” Yan Xuehen felt more and more certain that it was as she had suspected.

However, since it was a summoned being, she didn’t need to worry anymore.

She asked, “She’s able to undo that skill of yours”

“Mo Xi is someone I just summoned today.

She has an ability that can sever oaths and contracts, but I’m not sure if it will be effective on ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’.” Zu An thought to himself, The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra’ skill is no pushover either; it might not succeed.

“As matters stand, we have to give it a try,” Yan Xuehen said, pursing her lips.

She had almost become a different person after being tormented by that skill.

Zu An didn’t delay, and immediately ordered Mo Xi to use her skill.

But who would have thought that Mo Xi wouldn’t listen to him, instead reaching out her hand toward him

Zu An knew what she meant.

She was clearly asking for payment.

He was speechless, but he still took out ten Ki Fruits and placed them in her hands.

Mo Xi didn’t hesitate and swallowed them all.

An intoxicated look appeared on her face.

However, she reached her hand forward again, her intentions clear: That amount wasn’t enough.

Zu An was speechless. You haven’t even done anything, and yet you’re already taking payment He gritted his teeth, but he still handed her thirty more.

He said, “That’s all for now.

If you succeed, I’ll give you some more.”

Mo Xi hesitated, but she still nodded.

She swallowed the thirty fruits in one go.

Zu An wondered whether these valkyries really didn’t have any souls when he saw her reaction.

Yan Xuehen’s eyes widened.

She said, “Your way of communicating with your summoned being really is a bit… special.” She had never heard of a summoned creature being able to haggle with their master.

Zu An’s face heated up.

He felt a bit embarrassed.

However, he said, “You can start now!”

Mo Xi didn’t cause any more trouble, and instead summoned a pair of faintly discernible golden scissors into her hand.

Yan Xuehen was shocked.

She actually couldn't tell what sort of thing those golden scissors were even with her senses! She could only sense there seemed to be some extremely cryptic natural laws surrounding them. Is this really just a summoned being!

Mo Xi quickly brandished the golden scissors, cutting the space between Zu An and Yan Xuehen.

As the scissors moved closer, Yan Xuehen suddenly saw some red string-like things connecting herself and Zu An.

Furthermore, it wasn’t one, but rather many of them!


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