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Chapter 1204: Face to Face

Little White’s eyes widened as she hid in the wardrobe. Even something like this is okay She really was starting to admire her little sister Little Blue’s boldness.

If it were her in that situation, she would never be able to do something so direct.

Zu An froze up, then said,.

“I won’t trouble Little Blue for that.

My body’s wounds have already stopped bleeding.”

Little Blue said with a pure expression, “Big brother Zu, if you don’t promptly treat your wounds, they’ll leave scars! This Myriad Flower Ointment is an incredibly famous external treatment medicine from the fiend races.

It can improve circulation and stimulate flesh regrowth, allowing wounds to close and heal in the shortest amount of time possible.”

Zu An thought to himself for a bit.

He had fought great battles again and again over the past few days, so his injuries weren’t light.

Even though the Primordial Origin Sutra’s regenerative powers were formidable, it couldn't withstand the burdens he had been placing on himself recently.

Relying purely on the Primordial Origin Sutra could harm his body’s foundation.

Since there was medicine around to use, there was indeed no reason to refuse.

As such, he nodded and said, “Then I'll have to trouble lady Little Blue.”

“It’s no trouble!” Little Blue smiled sweetly.

Then, she quickly began to undo Zu An’s clothes with her slender and fair fingers.

She began to breathe heavily when she saw his robust body up close.

Little White’s eyes widened even further.

Her young lady’s bashfulness made her instinctively look away.

But after thinking about it, she changed her mind.

Little Blue had already made her move.

If she was too scared to even take a look, that would be way too cowardly, right As such, she looked at him again.

Little Blue’s fingers gently removed the gauze wrapped around Zu An’s body.

When she saw the wounds all over his body, tears immediately appeared in her eyes.

She said softly, “Big brother Zu, you’re injured so badly, but you didn’t even show it at all…”

She thought to herself that the men from the clan really should take a look.

They always moaned and screamed wildly even though their injuries usually weren’t serious at all.

Zu An chuckled and replied, “It just looks bad, but it’s actually not that serious.”

“What do you mean it’s not that serious when it’s already at this level” Little Blue cried as she gently brushed a finger across the skin around the wounds.

Zu An raised a brow.

Little Blue’s touch was cool to the touch, easing the scorching hot sensation of the wounds.

Little Blue opened the Myriad Flower Ointment.

She took out a small amount, then put it into her mouth.

Zu An was confused. Aren’t you going to apply it to my wounds Why are you eating it all of a sudden But he quickly realized what was happening.

Little Blue put her hand on his shoulder, then reached out with her tongue, gently smearing the medicine over his wounds.

“Lady Little Blue, you’re…” Zu An’s entire body went rigid.

He quickly tried to stop her.

“Big brother Zu, I can make the ointment penetrate deeper into the wounds this way, so the effects will be even better,” Little Blue explained in a muffled voice.

“Big brother Zu, is it because you don’t want to be touched by saliva”

“Uh… Of course not,” Zu An replied, not quite knowing how to respond to the question.

Little Blue seemed to really be worried about what he thought.

She explained, “My constitution is special; ever since I was little, I’ve recovered with just a few licks…”

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle.

He obviously knew what she was worried about and said, “Then… Thank you for doing this.”

Little Blue smiled widely when she heard his agreement.

She became more and more enthusiastic, saying, “Big brother Zu, you can just treat your internal injuries at ease.

Leave the external ones to me!” 

Zu An’s body was completely tense.

This little girl’s tongue was extremely nimble. If you do this, how am I supposed to focus on recovery…

Little White was embarrassed and anxious. Little Blue, how can you be like this!

She wanted to stop them, but how would she explain why she was hiding inside the wardrobe Besides, popping out just like that would put Little Blue in quite the awkward spot too.

She felt extremely conflicted, but she couldn't take that final step because she was worried about how the others would feel.

Meanwhile, Zu An’s entire body was covered in injuries, so Little Blue had to twist her own body around in order to not disturb Zu An’s recovery.

As she was extremely flexible, she wound around Zu An’s body as if she had no bones, and was able to help him apply the ointment no matter what angle was necessary.

Zu An felt like Fahai from the LLegend of the White Snake.

He immediately warned himself, She’s just doing this to treat your injuries! Don’t think about random things, or else you’ll ruin all of her good intentions!

However, when Little Blue moved over to his lower abdomen to apply medicine, Zu An finally couldn't take it anymore.

He quickly stopped her and said, “Lady Little Blue, I think that’s good enough.”

“But there are still many injuries.

What do you mean” Little Blue asked in surprise.

“Look, this place is swelling so much.”

Zu An was stunned.


He sucked in air through his teeth and his entire body suddenly went taut.

He became momentarily distracted, thinking about the animal kingdom of his previous world.

He seemed to remember that snakes were able to swallow prey much larger than their heads.

Xu Xian’s joy really wasn’t something any normal person would be able to experience…[1]

Little Bai was confused.

Why had Little Blue suddenly fallen silent Additionally, why was big brother Zu pulling the covers over his legs Was he worried that Little Blue felt cold

She decided to go out and take a look.

This lass Little Blue had always been a bit too brave.

She didn’t want her to go too far and end up ruining their big brother Zu’s recovery.

But as soon as she pushed open the wardrobe doors, a knock came from outside.

She immediately shrank back in fear.

Zu An’s entire body quivered.

He called out, “Who is it”

“It’s me.” Yan Xuehen replied in her distinct cold tone.

Zu An took a deep breath and asked, “Does Sect Master Yan need something”

“I have some things to say to you,” Yan Xuehen said seriously.

“Uh, I’ve already gotten in bed.

Can we talk about it tomorrow” Zu An replied, feeling somewhat reluctant.

But Yan Xuehen’s voice turned cold and she said, “You’re a busy person too, so I might not have a chance tomorrow.

Open up.

I’ll leave after a few words.” She got a bit impatient and began to push open the door.

There was nothing Zu An could do anymore.

Little Blue shrank into the covers as if she had been shocked by electricity.

There was a hint of panic on her pretty face, making her red lips seem even more red and moist than usual.

“Don’t tell her I’m here!” she cried.

In the end, she was still a little girl.

She felt as if she had been caught doing something wrong and quickly looked for a place to hide.

She gave the dividing screen a look, but after some hesitation, she decided that it was safer to hide in the wardrobe.

But the moment she opened the wardrobe, she saw Little White’s eyes staring straight into hers.

“Ah!” Little Blue jumped in fright, but she quickly covered her mouth. 

“What is that noise” Yan Xuehen exclaimed in confusion.

She used her ki to undo the door lock.

When Little White saw that, she quickly pulled Little Blue into the wardrobe to hide with her.

Little Blue’s cheeks were completely red, but thankfully, it was pitch-black inside and no one could see it.

Why is Little White here

Did she see everything then

Ahh, this is so embarrassing!

Little White was thinking the same thing.

Now that Little Blue had seen her here, her earlier explanation would clearly be exposed as a lie.

Sigh, this is so embarrassing…

Yan Xuehen quickly pushed open the door and entered.

She scanned the room with her sharp eyes, but when she saw Zu An’s appearance, she jumped in fright and quickly turned around.

She yelped in embarrassment, “Are you crazy Why aren’t you wearing anything” She reached out her hand and closed the door.

Otherwise, who knew what others would think if they saw the two of them like this!

Only then did Zu An recall that he didn’t have any clothes on because Little Blue had been helping him apply the ointment.

But he put on his clothes in a calm and unhurried manner, replying, “Who am I bothering by being naked in my own room You were the one who barged in and saw something you weren’t supposed to.

The two of us were already even, but now, you owe me again.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She cried, “You have the nerve to say something like that How can that kind of thing be called even!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 33 33 33…

“Why not I’ve always been a supporter of gender equality,” Zu An said brazenly.

Yan Xuehen’s teeth were aching from how hard she was gritting them.

This guy really did need a good beating! She quickly used the Unshakable Daoist Manual to calm down, then said, “I didn’t come here to pick a fight with you.

How are your injuries” She only turned back around after making sure Zu An was dressed again.

“Not too bad,” Zu An replied.

He thought to himself, Those two girls’ medicines were indeed very effective.

“You’re absorbing medicinal strength right now” Yan Xuehen asked.

As a grandmaster, she immediately noticed his current condition.

Zu An nodded and said, “I received a pill not too long ago, and the effects weren’t too bad.”

Yan Xuehen said, “Since you’re treating your injuries, I won’t disturb you for too long.

I’ll leave after asking you a question.”

Zu An chuckled and replied, “We’ve already gone through so much; we’ve pretty much gone through life and death together.

What do you want to ask There’s not a single thing that this body won’t do if it can.”

Yan Xuehen blushed. Who went through life and death with you She was about to say something when she abruptly sniffed the air.

She asked with a skeptical expression, “Why is there a girl’s scent here”

The two girls in the wardrobe immediately became nervous.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince had previously mentioned that this was big brother Zu’s woman.

Neither big brother Zu or the clan leader had refuted him, so she was clearly a proper girlfriend.

How would she feel if she found out the two of them had snuck over in the middle of the night

Zu An was immediately hard pressed.

He hadn’t expected this ice queen’s nose to be so sensitive. Is detecting the smells of their own kind a natural ability all women have!


Xu Xian is a mythological figure in Chinese folklore, one of the main characters in the Legend of the White Snake, ☜


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