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Chapter 1195: Unrivaled at His Rank

Chapter 1195: Unrivaled at His Rank

Yun Jianyue looked in a certain direction and said, “It seems there’s another grandmaster hidden over there.”


Likely the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s bodyguard.

He is the next in line to become the Fiend Emperor.

There is no way the Fiend King Court would let him wander around by himself without any proper protection.

Otherwise, he could end up suffering a disaster at the hands of those with ulterior motives,” Yan Xuehen said calmly.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s cultivation was indeed among the very best of the younger generation, but he was still a bit lacking compared to older generation experts.

“Zu An might be in danger then,” Yun Jianyue said worriedly.

She wouldn’t be too worried if it were the Golden Crow Crown Prince alone, because even if Zu An lost, he would have no problem protecting himself.

But if that grandmaster in the distance made a move, Zu An would be in big trouble.

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “That will not be the case, I hope.

Grandmasters all have their own pride.

How can he join a battle between juniors”

Yun Jianyue sneered.

“Is that so Who was it who was chasing a junior as a shameless grandmaster not too long ago”

Yan Xuehen choked.

She had indeed been in the wrong regarding that matter, but she still wasn’t happy hearing that from her old adversary.

She changed the subject, asking, “How much of your cultivation have you recovered If that guy does make a move, will you be able to save Zu An”

“It’s unlikely.” Yun Jianyue released a forced laugh.

Both her and Yan Xuehen’s injuries were too serious.

It would be quite some time before they would properly recover.

“Where did your confidence when bullying me earlier go You’re completely useless when it really matters!” Yan Xuehen replied, shooting her a hateful look.

“I’m at least better than some people, you know I didn’t need to be carried on someone’s back, and I can at least take care of myself,” Yun Jianyue said, clenching her fists.

She laughed maliciously and continued, “If you keep arguing, watch me give you another round of spanking.”

Yan Xuehen jumped in fright and quickly cowered.

She rubbed her aching bottom.

She thought to herself that there was no way she could go on living if she were beaten like that in front of everyone’s eyes!

Yu Yanluo was angry and worried. Even in the kind of situation we are in right now, you two are still fighting with each other! She quickly looked toward the sky in concern, worrying about whether Zu An would be able to hold on.

Meanwhile, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was shocked when he saw the surging flames around Zu An’s entire body.

This human not only had a tough body; the flames also seemed to be extraordinary, maybe even comparable to his own Golden Crow Sacred Fire! How was this still a freaking human!

But after that moment of surprise, the Golden Crow Crown Prince snapped out of his daze.

He remarked, “You’re playing with fire in front of me Hmph, you’re just showing off your slight skill before a true expert!”

After he spoke, his hands produced two blazing dragons.

They roared, burning all the trees and plant life wherever they went, only leaving behind two scorched black trails.

Zu An didn’t show any weakness, however.

He summoned the Fire Phoenix, then created a forty-meter-long Flame Blade similar to the crown prince’s own, slicing the two fire dragons into four pieces.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression was grim.

He didn’t dare to look down on his opponent in the slightest anymore, and he immediately used Golden Crow Radiant Flow.

He bombarded his opponent with his Golden Crow Sacred Fire from several different directions.

The Golden Crow Sacred Fire wasn’t ordinary fire.

It contained dominant yang force, filling it with berserk and destructive energies.

Even another fire element cultivator would still suffer when faced with the Golden Crow Sacred Fire.

That was because the Golden Crow Sacred Fire could engulf and devour ordinary flames.

The attacks of other fire element cultivators would only serve as nourishment for it, making it the bane of their existence.

Unfortunately for the Golden Crow Crown Prince, Zu An’s flames belonged to the Fire Phoenix.

The Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, and Golden Crow were the three greatest sacred beasts of the fire element, and in theory were of the same class.

That was why the Golden Crow Sacred Fire could not destroy his flames at all, and the battle instead became a contest between their respective skills.

At the foot of the mountain, Little Blue tugged on Little White’s clothes and exclaimed, “Big sis, this human is so handsome! He can even use fire! If we stayed near him during the winter, we’d definitely be really warm.”

The Snake race naturally feared the cold and prefered warmer climates.

But even though the Golden Crow Crown Prince could also use flames, they were a bit too ferocious.

Furthermore, because Golden Crows were a natural predator of snakes, they subconsciously felt a bit closer to Zu An.

Little White jumped in fright.

She replied, “You’d better not have any of those thoughts about him! He’s the clan leader's man.”

Little Blue disagreed.

“The clan leader isn’t so selfish.

Let’s just find a chance for her to lend him to us for a bit! Come on.”

Little White harrumphed.

“The young really don’t know shame.

You’re still a maiden; how can you give away your purity like that”

Little Blue was stunned.

She replied, “I was just going to use him to stay warm! What were you thinking about”

Little White became extremely embarrassed.

She didn’t pay Little Blue any more attention.

Nearby, Yu Yanluo could also vaguely hear what they were saying.

Her cheeks also began to turn a bit red. Ah Zu really is warm.

No, I should say he’s really hot, so hot that my body unknowingly dissolved into water…

But the events on the battlefield quickly interrupted her thoughts.

Zu An was gradually being pushed into a disadvantage! The flames around him were starting to wane, while the Golden Crow Sacred Fire around the Golden Crow Crown Prince was growing more and more powerful!

Zu An had been using the Fire Phoenix to control the fire element.

Compared to the Golden Crow’s natural affinity, his efficiency was quite a bit lower.

He had been wondering whether he should change to the Snow Phoenix’s Snowflake Sword, but he felt hesitant; the birdman had that golden flame around him, so the swirling snow storm might not do much against him.

The Snowflake Sword’s ice element might be restrained instead.

Just then, he suddenly noticed a warm feeling coming from his chest: The flame pendant Pei Mianman had given him.

Because her black flames were too powerful and she had been scared that she might hurt him, she had given him the precious pendant her mother left behind to grant him immunity to them.

The Golden Crow Sacred Fire began to reach Zu An’s skin.

However, the pendant slowly absorbed the flames when it sensed that they were about to encroach on him, while also releasing a gentle force to protect Zu An.

Zu An was shaken.

The flame pendant had been designed for the black flames; it couldn't grant complete immunity against other flames.

Still, as long as it was a kind of flame, it would still provide him with outstanding resistance.

It was just like an accessory in a videogame that provided fire resistance.

With its assistance, Zu An felt that the Golden Crow Sacred Fire’s heat had dropped to a degree he could endure.

As such, he decisively chose to look for an opportunity, then rushed straight into the golden flames.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered when he saw that.

He remarked, “What, you can’t hold on anymore and are about to put up your final struggle What a pity.

You’re only seeking your own doom!”

He could tell that the phoenix flames around Zu An were growing weaker.

He raised the power of his Golden Crow Sacred Fire to the limit, deciding to take the chance to scorch his opponent to ashes!

However, his expression quickly stiffened.

Not only had his opponent not burned down to nothing, he instead cut through the sacred fire like a ferocious arrow! Then, that arrow appeared right before him, and a fist smashed into his lower chin!


The crown prince knew that his jaw had shattered.

His head rang with noise, and he almost fainted on the spot.

If not for his naturally tough Golden Crow body, that fist might have made his skull burst like a watermelon!

His opponent didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath.

Fists slammed down on him again and again.

He thought, Why the hell does this bastard keep hitting the same spot!

Blood spurted wildly from the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s face.

His head felt as if it were about to explode.

He was about to cry.

Hadn’t they already said that they were going to compete in terms of skill Why had they gone back to fighting in close quarters again


Under the attentive gazes of the crowd, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was pummeled again and again.

In the end, he smashed into the mountains like a meteor, producing endless plumes of smoke and dust; it was unclear whether he was dead or alive.

Those watching were so stunned their jaws almost fell off.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince, who was unrivaled at his rank, had been defeated just like that


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