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Chapter 1089: Tragic End

“The Milk of Purple Frost!” Jian Taiding exclaimed.

He was also shocked.

He obviously had an impression of something as amazing as that!

Unfortunately, back then, he had been so busy scheming against his older brother that there was no time to get the secret out from his mouth.

He had thought that the knowledge would go with his older brother to the grave.

His majesty was able to recover even after suffering such severe injuries.

Does that not mean I have a chance now Jian Taiding thought.

After all, he had been injured, and then injured again.

Together with the rebound of the fierce Powerful Strength Pill, his meridians were already a complete mess.

Even if Zu An didn’t kill him and he was able to return and slowly recover, he wouldn’t become a cripple, but he would still never reach his former glory.

Forget about grandmaster rank, he might not even be able to keep fifth or sixth rank cultivation.

Furthermore, he would never have any hope of having a higher cultivation for the rest of his life.

For someone who had stood at the very top like him, there was no difference between a sixth rank cultivator and a cripple.

Any random one of his subordinates would be stronger than him.

How could he possibly still keep them under his control

Just his family background There was no way that would be enough to keep him in that seat of authority.

He might just be quietly assassinated a few days later and thrown into some random sewer.

But now, with the Milk of Purple Frost, everything could be different.

Not only would he have a chance of recovering, he might even be able to rise higher! His eyes burned intensely with passion as he exclaimed, “So the reason you came here is because the Milk of Purple Frost is here”

Zu An suddenly looked toward the massive icicle after hearing the conversation.

He had felt that the icicle was a bit strange ever since he first saw it.

It didn’t blend in with its surrounding environment at all.

Furthermore, the cave was exceptionally cold, far colder even than a snowstorm.

There had been all kinds of runes protecting it from the outside, but when they had entered earlier, the runes seemed to have already been broken through.

They had probably been destroyed when Jian Taiding and his companions chased the poisoned and wounded Jian Yanyou to the cave.

Everything pointed at the fact that the cave was strange.

Never had Zu An expected it to hide something so extraordinary, however.

He had heard that Milk of Purple Frost came from a special kind of stalactite; it seemed the icicle that was clearly different from the others was its carrier.


Only a single drop of the Milk of Purple Frost forms every ten thousand years.

When my father first discovered this cave, he unexpectedly discovered two drops.

One quickly formed, while one would form several decades later,” Jian Yanyou said, beginning to reminisce about the past.

“Even though several decades is a long time, for something that might easily take tens of thousands of years, it is but a fleeting moment.

“Father offered the first drop to the emperor, and waited patiently for the second drop.

Considering the time, I believe it will form soon.” Jian Yanyou harrumphed.

“I was a bit hesitant at first, because even though the Milk of Purple Frost is miraculous, going through a trial of death was too dangerous.

I was also the duke at the time, making me the emperor within Cloudcenter Commandery.

Furthermore, I had the world’s number one beauty as my bride…”

He gave the improperly dressed Yu Yanluo a look as he spoke and snorted.

“My life was already quite perfect, so there was indeed no need for me to take such risks.

However, never did I expect my younger brother to be so fantastic.”

Jian Taiding chucked in embarrassment, saying, “Big bro, I was wrong.

But is the end result not good If this had not happened, how could you have reached a level none of your predecessors could”

He gained some confidence when he saw his older brother’s expression ease up a bit.

His older brother had always doted on him.

No matter what kinds of wrongs he committed, he would always be forgiven.

Even though he had done some terrible things this time, Jian Yanyou hadn’t died.

It didn’t seem as if Yanyou would punish him too badly.

As such, he tested the waters and asked, “Then did big bro wake up to use the Milk of Purple Frost” He prayed repeatedly to himself, Please say no, please say no! That’s my only hope left!

Jian Yanyou frowned.

He suddenly clutched his head, exclaiming, “Why did I awaken Why did I awaken I shouldn't have.

The Milk of Purple Frost hasn’t fully formed yet; I shouldn’t have awoken now!”

Jian Taiding’s eyes lit up when he saw Jian Yanyou clutch his head in pain. Yes! The Milk of Purple Frost is still here! That means there is still hope for me to recover!

Zu An was also happy to hear that.

Regardless, he had saved this man’s wife, and he had been working so hard to find out the truth for his sake, even getting revenge for him.

He had done quite a lot, so he was going to see if he could get the Milk of Purple Frost from him.

Even if he had to pay a huge price for it, he wouldn’t hold back.

If the other party absolutely refused, it was related to Mi Li’s life, so he would fight for it if he had to.

Yu Yanluo was the only one who was concerned about Jian Yanyou.

She asked, “Yanyou, what’s wrong” Jian Yanyou’s appearance really was somewhat sinister, making her feel a strange sense of fear.

She instinctively remained by Zu An’s side, as he gave her the greatest feeling of security.

Jian Yanyou suddenly raised his head, his eyes full of madness and malice.

A trace of black seemed to be spreading from his pupils as well, gradually turning his eyeballs completely black.

He stared fiercely at Jian Taiding, growling, “I remember.

Wasn’t the reason I woke up because you were howling next to me like a freaking wolf”

Jian Yanyou’s eyes had turned pitch-black.

There was no longer any trace of his former doting gaze; instead, there was only vicious killing intent.

Jian Taiding gulped, feeling incomparable fear.

However, he reacted quickly as well and redirected the blame.

He pointed at Zu An and Yu Yanluo, exclaiming, “Big bro, I was just crying out for your injustice! You worshiped that woman like your ancestor.

Forget about her hand, she has never even let you touch a single corner of her clothes! Then, not long after you died, she immediately got together with another man, and he even did something so improper right in front of you!”

“Shut your mouth! It is nothing like what you are saying,” Yu Yanluo snapped.

She was so angry that her entire face was red.

Unfortunately, she knew just how powerless she was to explain herself right now.

She couldn't just call in a wet nurse to check if she was still a virgin, right

Jian Taiding was happy when he saw that his older brother’s attention had been redirected toward the other two.

His words were effective after all! As such, he added fuel to the fire and said, “Big bro, not only did that woman do those illicit things with that man, for the sake of currying favor with him, she even gave him several of your concubines to play with! He has been pretending to be you for several days in the Duke Manor, while those sisters-in-law know nothing! They are humiliated by him several times every day, and even the way they walk is a bit different…”

As much as he had once loved Yu Yanluo, that was how much hatred he felt after she had given her body to Zu An.

Furthermore, Zu An was the one who had wounded him, so he had hated the other man to begin with.

If his older brother eliminated them for him, that would be a form of revenge in itself.

But Zu An’s cultivation seemed to be quite good, and his sister-in-law had some trump cards too.

If they and his older brother ended up destroying each other, that would be the absolute best result.

He added fuel to the flames while secretly looking at the giant icicle above the pool.

There seemed to be a drop gathered on its surface. Could that be the Milk of Purple Frost

Once they start fighting, I have to find a chance to seize it! Once I recover my former strength, I will no longer be in this state…

He felt his entire body lighten before he even completed that thought.

Then, he felt the entire world spin around him.

He was looking at everything from a different angle.

His older brother, the damned adulterous couple, and a headless corpse.

There was blood gushing out from its neck.

Huh I don’t recall there being any corpses left behind when Kong Qing and the others left.

Wait, why do those clothes look so familiar

By the time he realized the horrifying result, his entire world sank into darkness.

“Ah!” Yu Yanluo jumped in fright.

Even though she did indeed hate Jian Taiding, it was still mainly because he had harmed Jian Yanyou and planned everything that followed.

But they had known each other for so long, and he had always greeted her and treated her extremely politely.

The two of them had reached a level where they were like friends.

As such, she was still momentarily alarmed when she saw him die in such a miserable way.

She felt a bit unwell when she saw such a bloody scene.

She subconsciously learned toward Zu An, and only then did she feel a sliver of warmth.

Just then, Jian Yanyou leaned down toward Jian Taiding’s severed neck, then gulped down the spurting blood.

As he drank the blood, he had a rapturous expression.

Forget about Yu Yanluo, even Zu An’s scalp felt a bit numb.

They held each other’s hands tightly.

Yu Yanluo calmed down a bit, then looked vigilantly at the other party, exclaiming, “You are not Jian Yanyou.

Who exactly are you!”


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