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Chapter 1069: Liven Things Up

Meanwhile, Jian Taiding had just heard his subordinate’s report.

He immediately frowned and asked, “Yu Yanluo brought two people to that imposter’s room, and they only came back out after a long time Do you know who the two of them are”

“We do not.

Those two were cloaked the entire time, so we could not see who they were.

We were not even able to discern their gender.” That subordinate said.

“Useless! You cannot even find out something like that in my manor What is the use in even keeping you all around!” Jian Taiding was furious.

He normally wasn’t so irritable.

However, he had been severely injured a few days before.

If it were just that, it would be fine since he could regain complete control of the manor once he healed.

But today, a freaking imposter had shown up, completely ruining all of his grand dreams.

How could he not become restless

The subordinate lowered his head apologetically.

It was instead Uncle Ming who advised Jian Taiding, “Second master, there is no need to trouble him.

Madam Yu is the Yu clan leader.

She has always been a mysterious person.

How could this subordinate know their identities if she wanted to hide them” He gestured toward the subordinate, saying, “You can withdraw for now.”

The subordinate had a grateful expression.

He bowed toward the two of them before quickly leaving.

Jian Taiding didn’t say anything.

Only when that subordinate left did he say to Uncle Ming, “I really cannot understand this sister-in-law of mine.

She has clearly always responded well to my concern for her.

She always welcomes me with a smile as well.

No matter what I say to her, she always has a kind and warm expression, which is why I never really pressured her to do anything.

But now, it seems she has been playing me as if I were some monkey! I have no idea where she found this feral man to ruin all of my plans!”

His anger wasn’t completely unfounded.

He had already completely seen Yu Yanluo as his personal property; and yet, not only had Yu Yanluo brought in this imposter duke to oppose him, she had even acted like that with him in front of everyone! It was almost as if she had done so to disgust him!

Uncle Ming sighed and said, “In the past, Madam Yu was known as the world’s number one beauty.

Untold numbers of outstanding heroes have proposed marriage to her.

It is rumored that even his majesty felt something for her, but he still had no way to get close in the end.

That means she definitely has her own methods.

Second master might have underestimated her previously.” He actually spoke rather tactfully.

He could have said that Jian Taiding was so blinded by infatuation that he had become a complete bootlicker.

Jian Taiding’s face heated up as he said, “I indeed underestimated her a bit before.

That woman is too formidable.

She suddenly came up with this new scheme… I really have no idea where she found this ridiculously similar imposter.

If we did not know the truth, we might have been fooled too.”

“That is why it will all depend on Zhang Ji now,” Uncle Ming said with a calm expression.

“As long as she finds proof, we will immediately inform everyone and make sure the imposter is completely doomed.

We might even be able to use this as a pretext to act against the Yu clan.”

“You are absolutely right!” A fierce and determined expression flashed through Jian Taiding’s eyes. Hmph, they dare challenge me, the overlord of Cloudcenter Commandery! I need to teach them a painful lesson so the rest of this world knows who the real master of Cloudcenter Commandery is.

The two of them discussed some more details.

However, as he saw Uncle Ming out, for some reason, Jian Taiding suddenly said, “Uncle Ming, do you think it is possible… I am just saying, but what if… my older brother did not die That person is just too similar, after all!”

Uncle Ming’s expression turned serious as he replied, “Second master, what you are feeling is a bit of paranoia.

How could the duke still be alive Both of us saw that with our own two eyes… Hmph, furthermore, even if he really is alive, so what Cloudcenter Commandery has already changed.

Even the truth can be changed into lies.”

He couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

He had previously found the second master more ambitious and formidable than the first master, thinking he could achieve something great.

But now, the other party was already so flustered by something so small.

Really… Could his will have gotten weaker because he was injured

Jian Taiding was alarmed, but his expression also became steadier as he replied, “Thank you for the reminder, Uncle Ming!”

Afterward, the two waited for news from Zhang Ji.

Unfortunately, the imposter didn’t have Zhang Ji serve him during the first day.

That was within their expectations, however.

If this person was a fake, there was no way he would dare to have intimate relations with Zhang Ji.

He would delay it for as long as he could.

In the following days, they began to secretly instigate some trouble.

Some rumors and slander began to spread through the Duke Manor and even Cloudcenter Commandery, saying Cloudcenter Duke was a fake because he didn’t dare to share a bed with his wives, that he was scared of being exposed.

People just laughed it off at first.

But as time went on, the returned duke continued to refuse interactions with the concubines.

Their attitudes gradually changed.

Don’t tell us that fella really is fake

Zu An, who was at the center of everything, obviously knew it was all just gossip.

He felt admiration for Yu Yanluo’s plans.

The enemy had already prepared everything, and they had made him look as if he had a guilty conscience, preventing him from interacting with Zhang Ji.

Now, forget about the entire Duke Manor, even the rest of Cloudcenter Commandery was paying attention to the matter.

People were all waiting for the answer to the riddle.

But the more they doubted him at present, the more confident they would be that he was real afterward.

Jian Taiding thought the situation was perfectly within his grasp, thinking he had them by the reins, and yet he had no idea that he was playing right into Yu Yanluo’s plans.

In people’s eyes, Zu An had already been pressured into an impossible situation; thus, he would have no choice but to agree to Zhang Ji’s service, to see if he could somehow bluff his way through.

Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming were secretly watching outside the courtyard, waiting for Zhang Ji to rush out through the door.

After all, Zhang Ji had special status herself, being the duke’s concubine.

Jian Taiding could only ask her to check whether the duke was real or fake, but not for her to really accompany that imposter in bed.

Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming were already lying in wait surrounded by trusted aides, however.

Once they received confirmation, they would immediately act according to their plans.

They would first arrest the imposter, but also simultaneously detain Yu Yanluo.

Then, news would reach outside the manor, ensuring people all knew what was happening.

In reality, it wasn’t just Jian Taiding.

There were many powers who had planted spies in the manor, or had people stand guard nearby.

They were all waiting for the result of the private meeting.

Jian Taiding stroked his goatee as he stared at a bright light in the distance, muttering, “That is the light I told Zhang Ji to leave on ahead of time, so the imposter could not try to turn off the light and bluff his way out.”

“Second master is wise!” Uncle Ming also smiled.

It seemed that although Jian Taiding slipped up sometimes, he was still a good candidate overall.

They had planned things out for so long already.

Now, the dust was finally going to settle.


“Why hasn't she come out yet” They were getting more and more nervous.

Even Uncle Ming couldn't help but become a bit anxious, as he couldn’t see anything happening.

But Jian Taiding, who had seemed a bit irritable recently, instead became extremely calm.

He poured a cup of tea for Uncle Ming and commented with a smile, “Uncle Ming, why are you losing your cool Do not panic.

Everything is within our grasp.

How about I play a song on the xiao[1] for you to help you relax”

He took out an elegant jade xiao afterward and brought it up to his lips.

He played it as he looked toward the nearby courtyard.

The xiao music was actually the secret signal he had agreed on with Zhang Ji, telling her to hurry up.

Otherwise, if something unexpected happened, she was supposed to give the signal for them to come to her aid.

The trusted aides smiled when they saw Jian Taiding play his xiao under the moonlight.

He looked confident and at ease, just like an elegant man in a world of chaos.

His graceful bearing really was enviable.

All of them thought to themselves that if they could have even a tenth of their second master’s elegant style, wouldn’t they be able to get any girl they wanted

Only Uncle Ming frowned inwardly.

He felt that Jian Taiding was trying too hard to appear artistic and intellectual.

This was just some useless popular trick young masters from influential clans would learn.

As the xiao music spread through the entire Duke Manor, even the leaders of the different powers outside were moved.

Jian Taiding must have been fully prepared.

It was clearly a message from Jian Taiding to everyone in Cloudcenter Commandery, telling them he was still the ruler!

But as time went on, Jian Taiding’s smile also gradually froze.

His lips were starting to turn dry from blowing the xiao.

Why hadn’t Zhang Ji come back out yet

He forced a smile when he saw Uncle Ming’s confused expression, saying, “This is fine.

I suppose she was just delayed by some minor things.

After all, that man really does look pretty similar to my older brother.

How about I switch to a different song”

And yet, even after Jian Taiding’s next song ended, Zhang Ji still didn’t come out.

Jian Taiding could no longer remain calm.

He wanted to redeem himself somehow, and yet he didn’t know what to say.

He continued to wait with an overcast expression.

There was no way he could still be in the mood to play songs! He stared rigidly at the courtyard’s entrance.

As they continued to wait, the horizon began to pale, and yet Zhang Ji still didn’t come out.

Damn this adulterous couple; don’t tell me they ended up using my songs as their backdrop to play harder

Even the chickens were starting to crow.

Jian Taiding finally broke down.

How could he continue to wait He stormed off with an ashen expression.

A long time after the sky brightened, Zhang Ji finally came out from the courtyard.

Her complexion was completely rosy.

Her resentment from being left alone for the past year was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, she had a sweet and satisfied smile.

Those watching knew the result even without asking.

News quickly spread throughout Cloudcenter Commandery:  Zhang Ji had personally tested the duke out.

He was the authentic Cloudcenter Duke!

Cloudcenter Commandery’s entire court was shaken up by the news.

But the story that spread among ordinary people was something else entirely.

It was said that the duke and his wives had been separated for so long that when they met again, it was like dry firewood meeting a raging inferno.

Meanwhile, his second brother Jian Taiding had stayed outside the window the entire night, playing his xiao to liven things up.


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