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Chapter 1048: Heavens, Please Stop Messing With Me Already!

Zu An was stunned.

He asked, “You know who she is”

Qiu Honglei replied.

“She’s the sect master of White Jade Sect, a senior among the martial arts circles, a legendary figure.

Why would she attack juniors like us” She intentionally raised her voice somewhat, almost as if she wanted all those present to hear it.

Zu An was stupefied. The White Jade Sect Then isn’t she Chuyan’s sect master

No wonder he had felt a bit strange when he fought against Jian Taiding before, and that mysteriously familiar aura had been coming from that daoist nun.

It was because it was similar to Chu Chuyan’s aura! No wonder he had subconsciously felt a sense of intimacy.

He had long since been wondering when the next time he could meet Chu Chuyan again would be.

He had wanted to leave her sect master and seniors with a good impression the next time he met them.

And yet, their first meeting had actually been in such a situation Not only were they going to fight against each other, but he had even cursed her as an old nun  I really hope she isn’t Chuyan’s master.

That way, there would at least still be hope.

The beautiful daoist nun calmly said, “Qiu Honglei It is true that you are my junior, but this person has just won against my junior brother.

His aura is exceptional.

How can he possibly be my junior”

“Why can’t he be” Qiu Honglei panicked.

She quickly grabbed Zu An’s arm, exclaiming, “His age is around the same as mine, and he’s my lover! Of course he’s your junior!”

“Um…” When Zu An felt the warm feeling coming from his arm, even though it was normally something he found extremely comfortable, he felt really awkward doing so in front of his wife’s senior.

Thank goodness I’m wearing a mask so no one can recognize me… he thought silently to himself.

“Oh” The daoist nun named Yan Xuehen looked surprised.

She gave Zu An another look and said, “There was actually someone so outstanding in this world”

If he was around the same age as Qiu Honglei, wouldn’t that make him around twenty years old And yet, he had been able to beat up a master rank cultivator like a dog at the age of twenty The disciple she was most proud of was already extremely formidable, but compared to him, she was still far off!

But she quickly noticed something suspicious.

She gave Qiu Honglei a look and asked, “Are you not going to cultivate your Heavenly Devil’s Temptation anymore”

Qiu Honglei blushed and said, “Of course I am.”

“Then how can you still be in a romantic relationship with a man” Yan Xuehen seemed to be somewhat upset.

“Next year is supposed to be when the deciding match between you and Chuyan will be held.

I do not wish for Chuyan to win against a cripple.”

An explosion went off in Zu An’s head.

This woman was Chuyan’s master after all! Like hell fate was his own to control; at that moment he was begging the heavens to stop messing with him.

Qiu Honglei grabbed Zu An’s arm and said, “The master allowed me to leave to experience the ways of the world, then forget about my feelings.

Only then can I reach the highest level of Heavenly Devil Temptation.

If I didn’t even experience the romance of the secular world, and yet claimed to be completely indifferent, wouldn’t I be way too bold”

Yan Xuehen’s brow furrowed slightly. This girl isn’t trying to lecture me, is she

“The Devil Sect’s way of doing things is strange after all.” She harrumphed.

“Step aside; this is between him and me.

Out of respect for your master, I will spare you your life.”

“No!” Qiu Honglei was like a hen protecting her chicks, standing right in front of Zu An.

“If you hurt him, you’ll regret it!”

This was a grandmaster they were facing! If they really fought, how could Ah Zu possibly stop her

“I will regret it” Yan Xuehen laughed.

She clearly didn’t understand why she would feel any regret.

But she wasn’t the type to get too worked up.

She didn’t bother arguing.

“He is Chu… mmm…” Qiu Honglei panicked.

She couldn't be bothered with the repercussions.

She was just about to tell the other party about Zu An’s relationship with Chu Chuyan. As the other party’s master, this is like a half son-in-law of yours, so you probably won’t attack then, right

But surprisingly, Zu An covered her mouth and stopped her from saying what she wanted to.

He said, “Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

Are you kidding me Won’t I be finished for good if this nun knows about my relationship with Chuyan

Not only did I call her an old nun, I’m even all lovey-dovey with another girl! Won’t this grandmaster get so mad that she just rips me to shreds Her actions would even be justifiable!

Qiu Honglei blinked.

She really couldn't understand how Zu An was going to face a grandmaster.

But since that was what Zu An had said, she chose to trust him.

Zu An coughed lightly.

He raised his head to look at the nun, saying, “Senior, I feel the condition you offered for me to take a single hit is unfair.”

“Are you scared” Yan Xuehen had a mocking sneer as she remarked, “Were you not acting pretty confident just a moment ago”

“I’m confident, but not stupid,” Zu An said calmly.

“Senior is a grandmaster, and furthermore a well-known figure in the martial world.

You’re facing a junior like me, and yet you’re acting first.

Isn’t this a bit inappropriate”

Yan Xuehen remained silent for a moment.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Jian Taiding’s request, she wouldn’t have been willing to interfere with this matter at all.

Attacking a junior was indeed inglorious.

“What do you want then” Yan Xuehen looked at him coldly.

Even though the situation was a bit disgraceful, a grandmaster’s will was steady.

There was no way she would be so easily swayed by a few words.

She was definitely going to see this through! Still, she could listen to what he had to say first.

Zu An then said, “I think Sect Master Yan should first take an attack from me, to see if you can receive it.”

“Receive a move from you” Yan Xuehen had a strange expression.

It was almost as if she had heard some bad joke.

“What’s wrong Could it be that Sect Master Yan is scared” Zu An carefully examined the other party.

He had to admit that the woman was indeed pretty.

But why did a cultivator need to be so pretty anyway

“There is no need for you to provoke me.” Yan Xuehen blinked gently and said, “Fine, this one can take an attack from you if that will convince you.”

Zu An was a bit hesitant and said, “But this attack of mine takes a bit of time; if you attack me during the process…”

“Hmph, you have no need to worry about that.

If I say I will take an attack from you, I will.

I will not interrupt you before then.” Yan Xuehen had her own pride.

She obviously wouldn’t attack beforehand.

Jian Taiding, who was off to the side, began panicking.

He exclaimed, “Senior sister, this brat is incredibly cunning! Don’t fall for his tricks!”

Yan Xuehen gave him an indifferent look and asked, “Are you saying that I cannot receive a move from him”

Jian Taiding’s breath stopped.

Even though he felt that the mysterious intruder had tricks up his sleeves, no matter what he did, it wouldn’t work against a grandmaster rank cultivator! His mouth opened, but he still didn’t say anything else in the end.

Yan Xuehen wasn’t stupid either.

She obviously knew that Zu An was playing some trick.

However, due to her great strength she didn’t need to think about such things at all.

Regardless of what the other party did, she would just cut right through it with her sword.

She turned around and looked at Zu An, saying, “Make your move.”

Zu An raised his sword, but then after performing two slashes, he suddenly stopped.

He asked, “But what if sect master cannot handle this attack, then comes after me out of anger”

This is a grandmaster we’re talking about! Things will become really troublesome if she becomes dead set on coming after me…

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

The others all had strange expressions on their faces.

They had all been waiting to see what would happen already, and yet this brat kept stopping here and there, just refusing to do it.

It really was annoying.

Even Qiu Honglei felt that Zu An was playing with fire, let alone the others.

“Are you stalling for time” Yan Xuehen’s expression grew cold.

“I’m not.

But I have to be prepared just in case, right I don’t want to win against the sect master, but then have you come after me when this is over,” Zu An said with a bashful smile.

Yan Xuehen harrumphed. This junior really overestimates his abilities.

He actually vainly wishes to win against me

“Do not worry; I am not the type who cannot take a loss.

If I really lose, I definitely will not cause trouble for you.” She suddenly felt something wasn’t right after she said that, so she added.

“However, you cannot continue to stall for time like this.

You cannot use any despicable methods either.”

Even though she didn’t think the other party could win against her even if he used any despicable means, she still said so just in case.

The brat was quite strange, and not even she felt she could see through him.

“The sect master must be joking.

Your respected self is a goddess-like existence; how could I use despicable methods against you” The other party was Chuyan’s master after all, so Zu An wasn’t too stingy with his praise.

Yan Xuehen remained expressionless, but she still approved of those words inwardly.

She said, “Then just hurry and make your move.”

Zu An nodded.

Suddenly, a voice transmission from Tang Tian’er reached his ears.

“Young master, can you really handle this Should I help you out and plead for mercy”

There was a bit of worry on her face.

With her knowledge and experience, she really couldn’t understand how the other party could win against a powerful grandmaster.

He was going to be completely overwhelmed!

She merely treated his tactics as stalling for time.

She worried that he was already at his wit’s end, which was why she couldn't help but ask.

Zu An laughed and secretly replied, “The lady really treats me well.”

Tang Tian’er harrumphed. What kind of situation are you already in Yet you’re still trying to take advantage of me

Zu An put away his smile and replied, “Don’t worry, I can do it.” After saying that, he looked towards the roof where Yan Xuehen stood.

Tang Tian’er was stunned.

Zu An’s confident and free smile was infectious.

It almost seemed as if he weren’t facing a critical moment of life and death.

No wonder even the Saintess of the Devil Sect admires him… She gave the worried Qiu Honglei a look, then thought to herself, You better not die here.


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