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Chapter 1047: My Fate Is Mine Alone

Zhuang Hetong was shocked.

Just a second ago, his master rank companion seemed to have been bullying a junior, seizing the absolute advantage.

But why had the situation completely reversed in just a split second Furthermore, from the looks of it, the white-patterned man’s life even seemed to be in danger!

He didn’t have the time to think too much about those things.

He sent his brick flying toward Zu An’s back.

He couldn't just do nothing and watch his companion die, could he

When he sensed the giant golden brick rushing towards his back, Zu An clenched his teeth and just faced it head on.

However, he summoned his Blue Luan above Zhuang Hetong’s head.

The brick’s power was extremely great.

He could withstand a hit or two, but if it continued, even if Zu An didn’t die, he would be seriously injured.

That was why he had to seriously wound the other party within the shortest amount of time possible.

Only then could he focus on dealing with Jian Taiding.

Otherwise, he would be in danger if the two joined forces.

Zhuang Hetong was brandishing his golden brick when he suddenly felt goosebumps cover his body.

At that moment, he sensed the fear of death.

He quickly brought back the golden brick.

At the same time, he sent all kinds of magical treasures above his head to protect it.

Endless penetrating sword ki fell from the sky, rushing down like a rain of arrows.

It penetrated the defensive magical treasures completely after just a few seconds.

A large amount of the sword ki stabbed into his body.

“Pfft!” Blood trickled out from all over Zhuang Hetong’s body.

Fortunately, the golden brick had already made it back in time and floated in front of him, blocking all of the remaining sword ki.

Even so, he was still seriously injured.

He staggered, then collapsed.

Several figures rushed out and pulled him back.

Zu An saw it all through the corner of his eye, and recognized one of them to be Tang Tian’er.

After a moment of hesitation, he decided not to attack Zhuang Hetong anymore.

He instead focused all of his strength on Jian Taiding.

Jian Taiding clenched his teeth.

His entire body erupted with white light.

Then, ice and snow surrounded him, instantly covering his body in layers of thick ice.

Usually, he used the move to freeze his enemies into ice sculptures.

He had never expected that today, he would have to freeze himself as a protective measure! He felt incredibly sullen and alarmed.

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 777 777 777…

Zu An’s brow furrowed.

It really was tricky now that Jian Taiding had shrunk back into his tortoiseshell.

But he didn’t dare to give him a chance to breathe.

The Tai’e Sword erupted with phoenix flames.

Then, with a flick of his wrist, the sword rotated rapidly.

It slammed into the frozen shell like a drill.

Even after so many defensive measures, the ice that had originally been as tough as black steel began to crack apart.

The Tai’e Sword pressed forward inch by inch.

Jian Taiding’s eyes narrowed.

Why wasn’t even his most powerful defensive skill enough to defend against the enemy’s sword! Normally, the flames of any fire element cultivator would be instantly destroyed the moment they made contact with his frigid ice.

They wouldn’t be able to injure him at all.

And yet this sword was closing in bit by bit! Even though it was extremely slow, it would break through his defense eventually.

He thought, Just what kind of crazy fire is this! He couldn't retreat at all at the moment.

He could only continuously use his ki to strengthen his own defenses and see who would break down first.

Unfortunately, the injury the sword had inflicted on him previously was too great.

His flesh had been cleaved apart, and even his bones were visible.

Several of his bones had been snapped by the sword ki, and even his internal organs had been seriously injured.

His clothes were already completely drenched in blood.

Furthermore, because he was frantically using ki, blood continued to trickle out from his wounds.

Any normal cultivator would have already perished from such a level of injury.

However, as a master rank cultivator, the sturdiness of his body and his regeneration abilities were much stronger than those of others.

But the regeneration speed of cultivators would always have a limit.

They had to slowly recover in seclusion, and only after more than half a year would they be able to recover from such an injury.

And yet he was still fighting, and with his life on the line no less.

In that kind of situation, his regeneration speed might not even be able to keep up with the speed of his blood loss.

He felt waves of dizziness.

For the first time, he felt the threat of death.

He was a glorious, newly risen duke of Cloudcenter Commandery, the great Commander-In-Chief of the Military Affairs Manor.

He possessed all of the authority in the northwest.

He was someone who could do almost anything he wanted in Cloudcenter Commandery! And yet he was actually going to die because of this mysterious bastard Furthermore, the other person wasn’t even at the master rank yet!

He felt ashamed and perplexed when he thought about all those things.

Was there something wrong with the world all of a sudden

But his survival instincts forced him to gather what little he had left of his ki to protect himself.

Even so, as that fiery red drill got closer and closer, he finally felt despair.

He tried to speak up to negotiate with the other party, to advise the other party to stop because of his identity.

At the same time, he was willing to pay any price to preserve his life.

But he was becoming weaker and weaker.

It was to the point that he didn’t even have the strength to speak anymore.

If he spoke, ki would leak out, and his defenses would collapse.

At that instant, the enemy’s sword would pierce through his heart.

What meaning would there be left in pleading for mercy at that point

Zu An was just about to send the sword in with a last spurt of strength when an ice crystal suddenly flew from the side, striking his Tai’e Sword.

Its speed was so fast, he couldn't react to it at all.


The sharp sound of a collision, mixed with the vibrations of a sword, rang out.

The others present all clutched their ears, feeling the ki and blood within them surge chaotically.

The tough frozen shell around Jian Taiding was also completely shattered by the high-pitched frequency.

Meanwhile, Zu An bore the brunt of the force, and almost lost his grip on his longsword.

He was blown backward.

He felt his insides surge chaotically, and only after spitting out a mouthful of blood did he feel a bit better.

Since he hadn’t let go of his sword, his fingers were also drenched in blood.

“Ah Zu!” Qiu Honglei quickly came to Zu An’s side to check his injuries.

She also held his hand, sending in her own ki to help him recover.

“I’m fine.” Zu An said reassuringly.

With his body’s toughness and regeneration ability, even though he was injured, there was no threat to his life.

He turned to look at the roof, and he saw a white-robed woman there.

The woman had beautiful features.

Her skin was snow-white, and her lips scarlet.

Her figure was wonderful, and even as she stood at the very tip of the roof, her posture was elegant.

As her robes fluttered around, she almost looked as if she had come from beyond the secular world.

There wasn’t even a hint of worldliness about her, and just a single glance toward her could make one feel apologetic.

Her sparkling jade complexion didn’t carry the slightest blemish, but her expression was a bit too cold.

She gave off a natural feeling of pressure.

“Who is that woman” Zu An was baffled.

Judging from her aura, she seemed to be a grandmaster!

Jian Taiding was clearly moved when he saw the woman.

He exclaimed “Senior sister!”

“Senior sister” Zu An’s expression became strange.

This woman was actually Jian Taiding’s senior sister It seemed he was going to be done for today.

He had already had to go all out against a master rank and a few others at the peak of the ninth rank.

If a grandmaster joined the fray, like hell he was going to keep fighting.

“Shut up! You are making a fool out of yourself!” The daoist nun-like woman released a cold snort.

She clearly didn’t treat Jian Taiding with much importance.

Jian Taiding lowered his head.

There was a hint of resentment in his eyes, but he didn’t dare to retort in the slightest.

At the moment, Zu An felt an extremely strange sensation.

The daoist nun actually gave him an extremely familiar feeling.

It wasn’t that she looked familiar, but rather that the aura coming out of her made him feel a mysterious sense of familiarity and intimacy.

He thought, What is wrong with me Why am I getting this kind of feeling right now

Jian Taiding spoke up again.

“Senior sister, this person stole confidential intelligence from us.

I must trouble senior sister to help me get rid of him.”

The exceptionally beautiful daoist nun said indifferently, “You are a powerful master rank cultivator, and yet you were almost killed by someone of a lower cultivation rank.

Now, you are even asking for my help.

Do you have no shame”

Jian Taiding’s face heated up.

He quickly said, “I know that I have brought shame to our sect, but this matter is too important.

If news gets out, the sect will also suffer irreparable damage.

I hope senior sister can consider the greater situation.”

Zu An was alarmed. Don’t tell me Jian Taiding has another huge power backing him up

The beautiful nun remained silent for a moment.

Then, she turned to look at Zu An, saying, “Youngster, I will only use one move.

Whether you live or die will depend on the will of heaven.”

Zu An felt a powerful aura locking down on him when she said that.

All of his fine hairs immediately stood on end.

What kind of a concept was that of a grandmaster rank cultivator Even though she had said she would only use a single move, the move would definitely possess devastating power!

But even so, he didn’t feel any fear.

He raised his hand in front of him and exclaimed with a loud laugh, “My fate is my own, and does not belong to the heavens.

Old nun, it’s still far too early for you to kill me.”

No matter how powerful the other party was, they were still just a grandmaster.

He had even stood his ground against an earth immortal in the past, and he had even met people who were on par with the emperor, if not even stronger.

There was no way he would be that scared of a grandmaster.

Furthermore, he had said that deliberately to anger his opponent and check her background.

Sure enough, even the most aloof and otherworldly woman would be triggered by the title ‘old nun’.

“What an arrogant brat! All dao originates from nothingness and the natural; who in this world can claim that fate belongs to themselves and not the heavens Absolutely preposterous!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 122 122 122…

Zu An frowned.

Yan Xuehen He had never heard of that name before.

He had to ask Xiao Jianren about that name later.

That guy was always around the Embroidered Envoy database and should know something about it.

Seeing that the daoist nun was about to attack, Qiu Honglei quickly spread her arms and stood in front of Zu An.

She exclaimed, “Sect Master Yan, you are a senior with virtue and prestige.

How can you attack a junior!”


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