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Chapter 994: Rabbit to Falcon

There wasnt much information about Tang Cheng.

He was a simple man, and there were no complications involving him.

Looking at how brightly Yun Xi was smiling in the pictures, Mu Feichi knew that Tang Cheng meant a lot to her.

A simple, clean man appearing beside Yun Xi would not benefit her in what she had to do.

Instead, he would become a tremendous liability for her.

“Qi Yuan, is it good or bad for a rabbit to appear beside a lion”

Yun Xi had already started playing her game.

She had already cast the net, and it was a road of no return.

Yun Xi was not strong enough on her own yet.

If something becomes an additional weak spot, she might be held back and wont be able to strike actively.

Tang Cheng might even become her Achilles heel.

Qi Yuan was overwhelmed by Mu Feichis question, and it took him a while to come up with an answer.

“It depends on whether the rabbit is prey or bait.

If the rabbit is prey, there will be others if it gets away.

But if the rabbit is bait, then the lion itself will become the hunters target.”

“Thats right.

So it doesnt matter whether the rabbit is prey or bait.

It is not beneficial for the lion as long as it stays around.”

“But…I have never seen Miss Yun so happy.

She doesnt have many friends, and Tang Cheng is the weakest,” Qi Yuan added.

Qi Yuan doesnt know what the young commander wants to do.

But Tang Chengs appearance had increased the risk factors exponentially for Yun Xi.

“Is there still time” Mu Feichi casually asked as he looked at the pictures.

It took a long time for Qi Yuan to react.

“Yun Xi is getting stronger, but so are her opponents.

Its impossible to overturn the situation in Jingdu in a short time.

Theres still quite some time, so this rabbit can still turn into a falcon with sharp claws.

If Tang Cheng can become a falcon, then he can be her eyes, and he wont be a threat to her plans.”

“Really” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

The dim light reflected on his profile.

Then, after a moment of silence, he shut the files and said, “Make the arrangements and bring him to me.”

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan replied.

He then put the files away, leaving only the pictures on the desk.

The photos reflected the light and were shining brightly.

Mu Feichi looked down at the pictures, and he caressed them with his slender fingers.

Her bright smile was etched in his mind.

He had initially wanted to safeguard this smile, but he could only protect her more ruthlessly in the end.

It isnt a pleasant choice to make, but he had no other options as a soldier.

As shes with him, he can only train her to be more robust and more outstanding.

Only then can she survive well and stay with him until they are old.

Yun Xi went back to her apartment after class.

As she opened the door, she saw a pair of shoes.

She frowned a little when she saw someone sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

The air-conditioner in the living room was turned on, and the temperature was so cold that it gave her goosebumps.

After changing into her home slippers, she went forward and patted the person who was only wearing a black T-shirt.

When she touched his arms, they were shockingly cold.

The beeping sound from turning off the air-conditioner woke the sleeping man.

Mu Feichi opened his eyes suddenly and saw the person half-squatting beside him.

“Youre back!” Then, instinctively, he reached out and scooped Yun Xi up in his arms.

“What are you doing Let me go!”

“Im not letting you go.

I am freezing…”

“How can you not be cold when you fell asleep with the air-conditioner at such a low temperature Whatre you going to do if you catch a cold and get a fever Youre not so young anymore.

Why do you not know how to take care of yourself”

“Well, I have you, dont I” Listening to Yun Xi nagging, Mu Feichi somehow felt that it was music to his ears.

All the regrets and unhappiness accumulated in his heart disappeared as soon as he saw her face.

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