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Chapter 993: Innocence

Standing in the crowd, Yun Xi felt great when she saw Qiao Ximin leaving with a bitter look on her face.

Yun Xi completed her enrollment for Medical School.

Then, just as she was about to leave, she heard someone calling her name from behind.

“Yun Xi! Its really you.” Tang Cheng ran over quickly, and he was very excited to see Yun Xi.

“Its you! I was right.”

Yun Xi looked at Tang Cheng, who had gotten a lot taller.

Hed grown up and become a handsome, energetic teenager.

His eyes were bright and sparkly like stars when he looked at her.

After almost a year, Yun Xi had almost forgotten his face.

It was an unexpected reunion.

She had already practically forgotten how this innocent, handsome boy had protected her in her previous life.

She wants to cherish the people around her in this lifetime, those who treasured and loved her.

“Tang Cheng, you got accepted into Jingdu University too” The answer was obvious, as he had always accomplished what he had set out to do.

“Yes! I am in the Business School.

When I arrived, I heard that the top scholar was from Jingdu.

And I couldnt believe it when I saw your name.

I didnt expect it to be real.

Yun Xi, you are amazing.”

Tang Cheng was a carefree teenager who didnt hide his thoughts or his appreciation for someone.

His simplicity and innocence made him really adorable.

“I just got lucky.

If you dont keep it down now, everyone will come to look at me again.”

Tang Cheng lowered his voice and smiled at her.

“Everyone knows even if I keep it down.

I saw that people had you surrounded for a while just now.”

“Then why didnt you come and save me”

Yun Xi stared at him.

Although she sounded like she was complaining, she felt fortunate to have met him again in Jingdu.

Tang Cheng was her childhood friend who had grown up with her.

He had also been the only playmate who did not stay away from her because of her bad luck.

“I just thought that you were so outstanding, and everyone was full of admiration.

If I had barged in just now, I would definitely have gotten beaten up.”

“Oh, why are you so timid now that you are in Jingdu What a shame!”

Yun Xis eyes turned into crescents as she smiled.

She couldnt hide how happy she was.

Yun Xi took a look at the time.

The weather was sweltering, and it was almost lunchtime.

“Lets go.

I will treat you to a meal.

Since you came to Jingdu, I will be a good host.”

Yun Xi realized that even though they hadnt met for almost a year, she seemed to have many things she wanted to talk about with him.

She was no longer the Yun Xi she had been before she came back to life.

Shes also not the unlucky star of her village whos stupid and puts up with everything.

But Tang Cheng is still an innocent, bright boy.

They have both started on two completely different routes.

Yun Xi cant get Tang Cheng involved in her revenge game, and she must not drag him into her plans.

So she must keep her distance in the future and keep him away from this complicated scene.

But Yun Xi had forgotten that most of the time it was not entirely up to her.

She can protect those she cherishes, but those who treasure her can also give their all for her.

The innocent, bright Tang Cheng was way more robust and capable than she thought he was.

In the restaurant, Yun Xi listened to Tang Cheng as he talked about the things in their village.

He also mentioned that the news of her uncles divorce had spread through the town.

Everyone was blaming Chen Lixue for being heartless and shameless.

However, before anyone could comfort her uncle, he had been promoted and transferred to Jingdu.

The sudden news had shocked everyone.

But in Yun Xis opinion, this might have been the best ending for the story.

Yun Xi then told Tang Cheng about all the things that had happened during the past year.

However, she did not mention her dangerous experiences and only talked about the fun stuff.

Yun Xi spent the whole afternoon chatting with Tang Cheng in the cafe.

Mu Feichi received a file on Tang Cheng that night, fresh and hot out of the oven.

There were a few newly developed photographs too.

Yun Xi was smiling brightly in the pictures, a smile that Mu Feichi had never seen before.

It was a smile that was so innocent and dazzling, without an ounce of scheming or deep thoughts.

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