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Chapter 99: Such a Country Bumpkin

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As soon as this thought had entered her mind, the more she thought about it, the more she disliked the dress she was wearing.

She had the urge to take off her dress this instant and change into the gorgeous one she was holding in her hands.

Thinking about this, she held the gown up in front of her body, and turned to Liang Xiuqin with excitement.

“Mom, is it pretty”

Liang Xiuqin sized up the dress.

This design by a famous designer really was extraordinary.

“Yes, it looks beautiful! This design by a famous designer is indeed impressive, and you can tell that all the materials used for every stitch are of very high quality.

You would definitely look fantastic in it.”

The maid whod delivered the box opened her mouth and was about to say that the dress was for Yun Xi.

She couldnt bear to watch this any longer.

“What are you so happy about They sent Yun Xi that dress.”

“Whaaaat” Only then did Yun Ziling snap back to reality.

She turned her head toward the maid who had brought the dress into the room and asked again, “Are you sure they didnt send me this dress”

“The person who delivered it said it was for the eldest lady.

I think it was the Chen family who sent it.

If it wasnt the Chens, then it was the Jiangs.”

The maid had been with the family for a long time, and she didnt like seeing Yun Ziling bully Yun Xi.

She spoke loudly and she spit out her words clearly word by word.

“For her” Yun Zilings face instantly darkened.

Looking at Yun Xis plain dress, she couldnt help thinking of how much of a country bumpkin she was.

If she were to wear this gown, she would be an unsightly disaster.

“How is that possible! Just look at her country bumpkin looks.

If she were to wear such a high-end designer gown, it would seem like a nobody was actually trying to seem like she was somebody.”

“But this gown is really for the eldest lady.”

Yun Ziling was already very upset, and the maids words were merely adding fuel to the fire.

She glanced over at her with a venomous look in her eyes.

“Shut up! You have no right to speak!”

Yao Ying shook her head at the maid.

“Go make preparations in the kitchen.

The old man is still playing chess at Uncle Gongs house, but he will be back later at mealtime.”

The maid followed her orders and left the scene of drama.

“This is such an extravagant dress.

Im afraid that even if I had the money I wouldnt be able to convince Ling Jing to design a dress like this for me.

Either the Jiang family or the Chen family have really made such an exorbitant move.

But since the gown was sent to Yun Xi, theres no sense for you to obsess over it.”

“Why! How can a country bumpkin like her be worthy enough”

Clutching the gown in her hand, Yun Ziling was reluctant to let go and was overcome with envy.

This was Ling Jings design, which only people of Madames status could afford to wear.

Yun Xi was a country bumpkin and a jinx.

What right did she have to wear such luxurious clothes

She had never worn such an expensive dress in her life, so it was outrageous for the country bumpkin to get the opportunity before her.

More important, tonights auction would be attended by all the rich and famous.

It was ridiculous to say that they attended to support a charity, because, to be blunt, it was simply a place to show off their wealth.

After all, it was an auction, and all the people attending were rich.

The more money they spent on charity, the more wealthy it made them seem.

It was simply a wealth and status competition.

If she could attend wearing Ling Jings design, none of those socialites would dare look down on her in the future.

Anyone who could afford a design by Ling Jing was on a par with all the socialites from distinguished families.

So, how could she be willing to let such a good opportunity go to Yun Xi

Yao Ying found her blatant greed insufferable, and she sneered, “Whether or not she is worthy enough doesnt change the fact that this gown belongs to her.”

Liang Xiuqin had always found that the way Yao Ying protected Yun Xi was unbearable.

“So what, whats wrong with a younger sister wearing her older sisters clothes If the younger sister likes it, the older sister has to relent.

Why should sisters be so selfish with each other”

When saying this, Liang Xiuqin looked at Yun Xi, who hadnt said a single word.

“Ziling likes this gown.

Youre her sister, Yun Xi.

Since she likes it, then you have to give her the gown.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer.

Her mothers shamelessness was quite out of this world.

“Since shes snatched my gown, what will I be wearing tonight”

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