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Chapter 978: Send Her Back to H*ll

Mu Feichi, who was the youngest decision-maker of the Mu Corporation, was fully aware of the situation in Jingdu and the movements of all of the important families.

How could he not know about the ploys of the Han family

They could hire experts, but couldnt he do the same

Now, Yun Xi wanted to set a trap for the Han family and the Qiao family, so he naturally chose this project.

Many companies wanted to collaborate with the Mu family.

However, the ones who were able to catch Mu Feichis eyes could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It would be easy to initiate a collaboration without leaving any trace.

If the Mu Corporation released the news that they did not have the research equipment needed for this project, and the Han family had the necessary equipment, the cooperation between the two would be inevitable.

This tactic would also be applicable when used on the Qiao family.

The Qiao familys primary goal was to form a relationship with the Young Commander of this military country.

If he casually began to let it be known that he was doling out a project that was in some way related to the business operations of the Qiao family, they would catch a whiff of it and come knocking on his door.

When it came to setting traps, Mu Feichis decisiveness and methods were more accurate and ruthless than hers.

He just had to throw a bit of bait out, and the Han family and the Qiao family would be ensnared.

“In this case, Ill be very happy to accept your help.”

With Gu Baifan at the helm, he didnt need to worry.

In this way, she did not have to worry about it either.

“However, this time, I want to pull the Su family in also.”

Mu Feichi leaned back against the bed and looked at her.

“Who from the Su family has offended you today and made you so unhappy”

She had gone out to dinner with Liang Weimin today and run into Chen Lixue, her daughters, and the fourth child of the Su family.

If she was unhappy, it was probably because of the doings of the Liang sisters.

“Liang Xinyi thinks that with the Su family as her backer, she can get everything and escape Han Zhongtengs control.

As long as I am alive, I want to make her stay entangled with Han Zhongteng to her death.

They made my uncle unhappy, so I want to ensure that they are not comfortable.”

“Its easy to deal with them.

Just find someone to beat them up.”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him and snorted.

“Thats not enough to appease my anger.

To make someone suffer, you have to start with what she fears or even hates.

Today, she has relied on selling her body in exchange for what she desires, and it was all caused by Han Zhongteng.

If she doesnt hate him to death, I dont believe it.

When I make her think that she has the hopes of escaping h*ll, then Ill send her back with a single kick.

Isnt that more satisfying”

“Yes, thats a good idea.” Mu Feichi nodded without hesitation, with a look of approval on his face.

Yun Xi turned to look at him and creased her eyebrows slightly, seeming a little puzzled.

“After listening to what I just said, wouldnt you say that a womans heart is the most poisonous”

He was a man, and he should feel disgusted when facing such a vicious woman.

However, he thought that what shed said was a good idea.

His taste was indeed extraordinary.

“Compared to most pretentious and underhanded people, you are so forward with me.

That means you dont treat me as an outsider.

Besides, my counterattack would not be as kind as yours to people who offend me.”

“…” Young Master, lets not compare, okay

“Theres no hurry for the Su family.

Ill lay the trap for you.

If you want Liang Xinyi to be valuable, you have to make her useful first.

Her mother hasnt married into the Su family yet.

So there is no bargaining chip for the Han family to look highly at them.”

“Well then…” Yun Xi turned and looked at him solemnly, “…we need to find a way to have Su Zongping quickly marry Chen Lixue.”

“Su Zongping has no place in the Su family, and now the family head is Su Donglin.

Everything is up to him, and even Grandfather Sus decisions are useless.”

“So I will meet with Su Donglin and offer him some business.

He is a businessman, and his interests come first.

Im sure he wont turn down my offer.”

“How will you introduce yourself to him” Mu Feichi chuckled lightly.

The words felt like cold water to Yun Xi, and she had no comeback for that.

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