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Chapter 977: He Gives Her What She Needs

The two documents indeed contained what she had wanted to find out from Grey Wolf.

However, what Mu Feichi brought over was definitely confidential information.

Rather than digging through an enormous pile of intelligence that Grey Wolf would have sent over for suitable material, Mu Feichi had already narrowed it down for her.

He was basically telling her that if she wants to kill someone, he will hand her the knife without hesitation.

After checking through all the details carefully, Yun Xi raised her head to look at the man who was sitting on the side of the bed staring at her.

She kicked him.

“How did you know I needed these”

He had delivered it at the perfect moment, and had handed her the knife just as she needed it to set a trap for others.

They were indeed connected in heart.

“As a qualified man, I naturally understand what my woman needs.”

This had originally been a serious topic, but when Mu Feichi commented on it, everything took on a different tone.

“Babe, if you want something else, I can also give it to you.

I can volunteer myself.”

“I dont mind getting other things, but you…” Yun Xi looked up and glanced at him.

She poured cold water on him very unceremoniously, “Forget it.”

“What do you mean by forget it Im so ravishing!”

“No matter how ravishing you are, its useless.

I dont have time for this now.”

She raised her hand and flipped to a page in the folder she was browsing.

“Isnt the Mu Corporation in charge of this project”

Mu Feichi glanced over and nodded.

“Arent you trying to set a trap for the Han Corporation The Han Corporation has always wanted to get involved in this project, but the Mu Corporation monopolizes this market.

It hasnt been so easy for them to get a share of the pie.”

“So youre going to give me such a big project to set the trap just because I want to target them Young Commander, this is a project worth tens of billions!”

“So what Piles of gold will not win my babes happiness.”

“You self-indulgent ruler!”

“Im not self-indulgent.

You are extremely skillful, and the Mu Corporation will profit from this project no matter when.

Now, we need it just to bait the Han Corporation.

Besides, with Baifan helping us, are you really worried that they will be able to cheat us Theyll be lucky if he doesnt bankrupt their family.”

“You really…” Since he said so, what else could she say

He trusted her so much and was giving her this project worth tens of billions to use as practice.

If she hadnt accumulated experience in her previous life, she would never have dared to think up such an idea.

If she really lost everything, she could never afford to pay Mu Feichi back.

Frowning, Yun Xi pondered for a moment, thinking of Qiao Ximin and Han Yaotian.

An idea gradually formed itself in her heart.

It seemed as if when Mu Feichi sent the information about this project, he had already understood her scheme.

This project could not be more suitable for trapping Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin.

It was a development project for renewable energy for mining.

The Mu family monopolized this project in Jingdu.

It was not just because of the Mu Corporations roots in Jingdu, but also because of the interrelated government projects.

The Mu family had accumulated connections in the government that were far deeper than any of the wealthy families.

High-level executives were more confident about entrusting such large-scale projects to him, as they did not have to worry about unpredictable situations or even associations with foreign companies.

These were the heritage and tactics of the centuries-old noble families.

As long as their foundation was there, ordinary people could not shake their positions easily.

Mining resources was the most profitable business, and it was where people could accumulate hidden wealth.

Many people in Jingdu wanted to get a share of it.

However, the three noble families firmly held the resources in this area in their hands, and they were directly responsible for the higher management of the country.

Ordinary wealthy families had no chance to intervene in these matters.

The Han family was ambitious and had been thinking about getting involved in this for a long time.

They wanted to pave their entry with small projects and had even hired many highly paid experts in this area to study the various mining equipment.

This way, the Han family thought that they could get their feet in the door of this lucrative sector.

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