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Chapter 968: Be Calm and Steady

The helicopter landed on an empty field next to an abandoned, dilapidated building.

Mu Feichi passed Yun Xi all the equipment hed brought, including sniper rifle bullets, binoculars, a laser rangefinder, and more.

Yun Xi took the three rounds of bullets he passed to her.

She looked up in shock after checking through the equipment and turned to look at the man loading the sniper rifle.

“Sir, these are real bullets!”

Yun Xi did not expect this.

It was training, but Mu Feichi had brought her to a battle with real bullets.

She suddenly felt like they may have gone too far with this.

Yun Xi doesnt know if Mu Feichi was trying to scare her on purpose or if they always trained like this.

She suddenly felt an invisible wave of pressure overcoming her.

After Mu Feichi had loaded the bullets, he turned and saw Yun Xi, who was still sitting there stunned.

She was probably too surprised and unknowingly panicked, revealing all her emotions right now.

“Babe, are you nervous” Mu Feichi placed his hand on Yun Xis neck, and he could feel her pulse pounding.

“Lets go back if you are scared.”

“Im not scared.

However, I was a little surprised that you are testing me in a battle with real bullets.”

“Didnt you want to experience how a spotter functions in a battle If we dont do it with real bullets, you wont understand really how dangerous this is.

But you will find out once you get on the field.”

Yun Xi knew that the situation on a battlefield was ever-changing.

So, not only does a battle with real bullets make it more challenging for her, but its also extremely dangerous.

Yun Xi felt her stress levels rising, and she felt a little unprepared.

Mu Feichi glanced over at Yun Xi.

This battle was something she had to overcome, so he could guide her but not replace her.

“Li Zilan and Qi Yuan will be our enemies, and both sides will have a sniper and a spotter.

Two rounds, and we need to kill our enemies within the set time frame.”

“Kill them This…” How was she going to do that

“Why are you so nervous I am the one firing the gun, not you! But since you are my spotter, you must do a good job.

Dont make the wrong judgment, lest I get killed.”

Mu Feichi paused for a moment.

He pinched her cheeks and decided to scare her further.

“Babe, these are real bullets.

You have to stay calm and steady.”

“No, I cant do this.

Even if its just to injure them.

I give up.”

“An arrow that has been released will not turn back.” Mu Feichi turned around and pulled her toward the abandoned building, not giving her any chance to change her mind.

“Ill give you ten minutes.

Prepare yourself.”

Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi along and got to the roof of the abandoned building.

He then took her to the top of the water tank.

She was still hesitating, even after hed finished setting up the sniper rifle.

“Many times, you wont feel the stress and tension from threats of dying if you are not using real guns and bullets.”

Mu Feichi patted her shoulders and pushed her in front of him.

He then adjusted the position of the sniper rifle and placed it directly on her shoulder.

Standing in front of him, Yun Xi felt as if she was being forced to do something she wasnt capable of doing.

She stood stiffly in front of him while he used her shoulder as a stand for the gun.

Yun Xi tensed up as she stood in front of him.

While Mu Feichi, who stood behind Yun Xi, was relaxed as he adjusted the level instrument and scope on the sniper rifle.

“Looking at how you are now, I guess Lord Yan did not impart all his skills and knowledge to you.”

“He only taught me to shoot at my enemies, not at my friends.”

“So, to a certain extent, you only barely passed his standards.

If Yan Shuo saw you right now, he would probably pass out from anger.”

“…” Yun Xi slowly calmed down and steadied her nerves after hearing what Mu Feichi said.

“My skills are poor, but thats on me.

Dont blame Instructor Yan for not teaching me well.”

“Yeah Then show me how bad your skills are.”

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