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Chapter 967: As She Wishes

In his villa, Jiang Qilin stood up from his wheelchair with the support of a cane.

Without really thinking about it, he rubbed his thighs with his slender hand.

He looked out at the shimmering lake from the picture window.

After more than three months of recovery and rehabilitation, he could finally stand up on his feet again when he had thought he was going to stay paralyzed forever.

This miracle would probably come to be known as a legend in the medical field.

No one would ever imagine that the person who had created this miracle was a young girl.

Jiang Qilin also doesnt know where and how he got the confidence to trust her.

And now, lo and behold, she has ended up living up to his trust in her and has healed his legs.

But its still not quite the time for Jiang Qilin to openly stand up in public.

Hes been sitting in a wheelchair for many years, and now he was going to have to re-establish most of his relationships.

Although he didnt stop working diligently during this time, he had become less influential since hed lost his status as the heir of the Jiang family.

The Jiang family was considered one of the four wealthy families and were very important on the military scene.

The internal structure of the family was complicated, so if he wanted to regain his control in the family, he must get support from people who were willing to help him.

“Young Master…” Jing Yi came into the living room with a document in his hand.

He pulled up a chair for Jiang Qilin, leaving the wheelchair where it had been.

“Whats happened” Jiang Qilin looked at Jing Yi, and his sharp eyes fell on the documents as Jing Yi passed them to him.

“The date of the open bidding for the old town redevelopment has been set.

I have checked which companies are participating in the bidding.

The first company to join was the Huo Corporation, which was no surprise.

The remaining companies are those that wish to participate in the collaboration, and these are the detailed profiles of the companies.

“One of them…” Jing Yi paused, coughed, and then continued, “a branch of the Qiao Corporation is participating in this bidding, and the Young Commander has sent a message saying…”

“What did he say” Jiang Qilin suddenly raised his head.

He knew that if the Huo Corporation was going to participate in this project, the Mu Corporation would never get involved.

So it cant be good news for the Young Commander to send a message about it.

“He said that Miss Yun is making use of this old town redevelopment project to push this branch of the Qiao family up the ranks.

She is planning to let them gain the power to fight for the helm of the family, so they are asking us to consider backing out and giving up this project.”

Its a project that will be worth billions of dollars.

So if they were to work with the Huo Corporation, they would be able to get the best benefits out of it.

The Jiang Corporation had joined the public bidding.

And with the presence of these other companies, the chances of the branch Qiao Corporation winning would be pretty small.

Now that the Young Commander had sent this message so urgently, he had probably found out through his networks about the few businesses and corporations under Jiang Qilin.

“Pushing this branch of the Qiao family up the ranks…”

Jiang Qilin started weighing the pros and cons.

He then remembered the little girls determination to turn Jingdu upside down, and he began looking forward to the day it would happen.

Moreover, he owed it to her that he could stand up again.

This project would be bound to bring wealth to the company.

And for a businessman like him, who would think and put all his best interests first, it was an opportunity that he wouldnt want to miss.

But its different for him now, as it would have been impossible for him to stand up again if not for this young girl.

He will always keep his gratitude and what she did for him in mind.

Even if he has to repay her in other ways, he would do his best to accomplish whatever she wanted.

“Jing Yi, I want to see the day when she turns Jingdu upside down.

Its not impossible to break the balance, and I could probably do it too with some tricks.

But once the balance in Jingdu is broken, one would need to control the situation and resolve any conflicts.

And for that to happen, the person must be capable and would need to have some tricks up their sleeves.”

“I understand.

And even if the skies were to crumble down, Miss Yun Xi will still have the Young Commander at her back.”


But since Miss Yun has decided to do it herself, she probably doesnt plan on getting any help from the Young Commander.”

Jing Yi cant help but think about how excited this young girl was that day when she talked about blowing up the system.

He chuckled lightly.


So your instructions for this…”

“Well do as she wishes.”

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