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As they were traveling, the taxi stopped at a paint shop, and, next thing, Liang Xiuqin emerged from the paint shop carrying a bucket of paint and got back into the taxi.

Soon, the taxi stopped at an apartment building.

Yun Xi watched Liang Xiuqin pull Yun Ziling out of the car and rush into the building.

Yun Xi sat in Feng Yang\'s car and chuckled.

She observed what they were doing and did not follow them inside.

Feng Yang turned and glanced at her, Aren\'t you going after them

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, unfastened her seat belt, and got out of the car.

I just wanted to watch a show and was not planning to help.

Thank you for giving me a lift.

If you are busy, you can go back now.

Feng Yang leaned back in his seat.

He unfastened his seat belt as well and got out after her..

I\'m on leave at the moment, and I am very free.

I have time to be a spectator.

... Yun Xi gave him a conspiratorial look.

In front of the building\'s entrance, Yun Xi turned to look at Feng Yang, who was walking behind her, and politely gestured at him, Young Master Feng has to suffer and climb the stairs.

Feng Yang smiled.

His fierce-looking face seemed pleased by her actions, and he walked toward the stairway.

His figure was overbearing and unstoppable.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes, remembering Feng Yang when he was 30 years old in her previous life.

He had been even more domineering and sharper than he was now.

In the villa residences where they both lived, he was the celebrated young gentleman of a second-generation military family.

His stature was like a king\'s.

The tenth floor was not extraordinarily high, but ordinary people would run out of breath when they walked up.

Feng Yang stood on the last floor, looking down at the figure coming up behind him, who shared the same composed look as he did.

As soon as Yun Xi got up on the landing, she could hear loud noises and screams coming from an apartment.

B*tch! Did you dare to seduce my husband See if I won\'t kill you!

Ah...Liang Xiuqin, you are barking mad!

You\'re so shameless even at this age.

Pooh! How did Muyang Town produce such a shameless old sl*t like you

Old witch, you dare to hit my mother and splash paint on our door Have you got water on your brain

Yun Xi heard Liang Danyi\'s shrill voice, followed by the sounds of things falling onto the floor.

She leaned against the wall at the entrance to the corridor, listening without emotion to the noises coming from inside the apartment.

Liang Xinyi was not there, so only Liang Danyi and Chen Lixue were fighting one on one against Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling.

In the end, Liang Xiuqin, who was used to leading a cushy life in the city, lost the upper hand and was soon defeated.

Yun Ziling was a delicate young lady.

She was no match for Liang Danyi, who had grown up in the countryside.

She fell to the ground after a violent shove, and her head knocked onto the door frame.

Ah...Mom! It hurts so bad.

Yun Ziling sat up and held her head.

She raised her pale face and clutched her chest, Mom, I think I\'m having a heart attack! It hurts so bad...

Ziling! Are you okay When Liang Xiuqin heard that Yun Ziling was unwell, she no longer cared about Chen Lixue and suddenly bent down to help her daughter up.

Hang in there.

I\'ll take you to the hospital right now! Liang Xiuqin lifted Yun Ziling and carried her on her back with trembling hands, before finally turning her head to glare at Chen Lixue.

The look in her eyes was like she was about to skin Chen Lixue alive, and Chen Lixue felt a shiver run down her spine.

Chen Lixue, just you wait.

If anything happens to my Ziling, I will make your life a living h*ll!

However, Liang Danyi was not afraid of threats and retorted with a haughty tone, Who is afraid of you Bring it on! Don\'t think I am afraid of you!

Danyi, don\'t cause trouble! Chen Lixue held Liang Danyi back, wanting her to control her anger.

Yun Ziling was Liang Xiuqin\'s heart and soul.

Chen Lixue really believed that if anything happened to her, Liang Xiuqin would fight her to the death.

... The commotion finally calmed down.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and then turned and went downstairs.

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