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The mayor wasn\'t stupid.

He was able to see right through Qiao Ximin\'s behavior.

After responding to Qiao Ximin in the fewest amount of words possible, he then completely ignored her.

Instead, he turned his attention to Yun Xi, who he found very interesting.

Now his attitude had become very kind when he interacted with her.

Miss Yun, you have saved my Ning Ning.

We will remember this favor forever in our hearts.

Yang Mingjiang looked at Feng Xixian, who was standing beside him, and smiled at her, Please ask Miss Yun to come over for a meal sometime so we can thank her properly.

Roger that! Feng Xixian was happy to take on this important task and smiled as she patted Yun Xi on the shoulder.

Yun Xi and I will not be shy about taking you up on that.


Yang Mingjiang nodded in acknowledgment.

As soon as he turned his head, he noticed a figure walking toward them from the end of the aisle, and he felt slightly taken aback.

Young Commander... Yang Mingjiang looked at the approaching figure with surprise and hurried toward him.

Hearing the Mayor say Young Commander, the Hospital Assistant Director and all the other doctors who had been standing around him turned their heads to look behind them.

Qiao Ximin reacted instinctively also and turned her head abruptly.

She gazed at the tall, overbearing figure walking toward them, and her heart thumped with joy.

Mu Feichi was wearing a light green shirt paired with dark green trousers.

Although it was a simple uniform, he stood out among this group of people.

He had such a cold, noble temperament and a terrifying aura.

Even if he was just standing still, his domineering vibe resonated all around him.

His black eyes swept across the crowd and finally landed on Yun Xi.

Yang Mingjiang respectfully shook hands with Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi and asked, What\'s the matter Why is everyone here

He had happened to come to visit some of his comrades today.

He hadn\'t expected to see a group of people gathered together here as if some major occurrence had taken place.

Even Yun Xi was here.

He worried that something could have gone wrong.

Yang Mingjiang glanced at the ER doctor who was standing in the group and said in a deep voice, It was Ning Ning who had an accident.

The rescue has just ended.

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes.

What happened What was the matter Wasn\'t he okay just a few days ago

Um... Yang Mingjiang knew that the Young Commander had always cared for this child because Mu Feichi and his son had been comrades-in-arms.

The Yang family and the Mu family had a close relationship because of this connection.

The child was born after his father had died, and he was being raised mostly by his grandparents.

They had somewhat spoiled the child, and of course they were responsible if anything happened to the child.

Yang Mingjiang glanced at the attending doctor and motioned him to come over and explain Ning Ning\'s condition to the Young Commander.

The attending doctor explained the situation in detail, and he also spoke about Yun Xi, who had helped the boy and basically saved his life during the emergency.

Yun Xi nodded at Mu Feichi and then looked away.

As always, she did not wish to let outsiders know about their relationship.

More important, Qiao Ximin was there in the group and watching everything that was going on.

Ever since Mu Feichi had arrived, Qiao Ximin\'s eyes had not left him.

Yun Xi had to be extremely careful not to mess up her chessboard.

An icy coldness filled Mu Feichi\'s sharp eyes.

Since there was an old myocarditis wound, why did you take the child to ride on the Ferris wheel

If Yun Xi hadn\'t been there to attend to the child in time, how would he ever have mustered the courage to deal with the family of his comrade-in-arms in the future

The reproach he had just made immediately caused Yang Mingjiang and his wife to feel so guilty that they did not know what to say.

Madame Yang was just about to open her mouth to shoulder the responsibility for the decision when Qiao Ximin jumped out of the crowd to speak on her own accord.

She took on the responsibility of bringing the child to the amusement park and apologized forcefully.

In addition, she cleared Madame Yang of the blame in hopes that she could win her forgiveness by doing so, trying to draw the Young Commander\'s attention to herself.

Unfortunately, she had no idea that Mu Feichi would not even spare her a single glance, but turned to look at the attending doctor instead.

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