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Chapter 934: Irreplaceable Nature

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Back at home, Yun Xi asked Auntie if Chen Lixue had left any clothes behind.

Auntie thought it over and took her to the storage room.

“There is one set of clothes that she didnt take because they were hanging up to dry when she left.

I didnt throw them away yet.”

Yun Xi nodded, searched through them, and found a red undergarment.

Then she told Auntie, “Throw these clothes away.

Dont let Mom see them.

You do understand, Auntie, right”

When Auntie noticed her tone, she understood that she was trying to make trouble for her mom.

Without asking anything further, she quickly took the clothes and prepared to toss them.

“I know.

I was just about to throw out the trash in the kitchen..

Ill throw this stuff out now too.”

Seeing Auntie off, Yun Xi turned and went upstairs with the bright red undergarment in her hand.

Chen Lixue had such poor taste, but her undergarments were very sexy.

All were of the color red.

After coming to Jingdu, she had bought a lot of sexy underwear.

Several times Yun Xi had overheard Liang Xiuqin making fun of her when she collected her clothes for the wash.

“No matter how sexy her underwear is, no one gets to see it!”

She still failed to take into account that Chen Lixue had already had an affair with Yun Yuanfeng.

It wasnt true that no one had gotten to see it.

In fact, Yun Yuanfeng had already seen it.

For this reason, Chen Lixue had let out a proud guffaw whenever she heard Liang Xiuqin make that snide remark.

She did not have to personally find ways to provoke Liang Xinyi, as that would be too troublesome.

Since she could manipulate her mother as a useful pawn, there was really no need for her to take any action against her cousin herself.

After dinner, Yun Xi went upstairs to read and at the same time take a count of the amount of cash she had in her small vault.

Grandfather had been very happy that she had received three top awards in one go.

Hed rewarded her with 5,000 yuan.

Yun Yuanfeng had also given her a reward of 2,000 yuan.

Such a huge amount of money had caused Liang Xiuqin to be very envious.

So what if she was envious, that was no excuse for her to embezzle the money.

Yun Xi had handled over the money to Second Aunt in front of everyone, for her to deposit it in the bank on her behalf.

Even if Liang Xiuqin had tried to steal her money later, it would have been too late.

Just as she crossed her legs and sat on the carpet beside her bed to count her money, the man, who had quietly crept up at some unknown moment, was sitting by the window watching her.

The summer weather and the calling of the insects in the trees outside was as noisy as a musical performance, even at night.

Mu Feichi sat sideways on the window ledge, watching with amusement as she sorted out her money.

She placed the counted money in envelopes and labeled them.

The way she counted her money amused him.

She counted the bills one by one, placed them on the carpet, then picked them all up after counting, and stacked them together again.

It was obviously a boring task, but she did it very seriously.

He had seen many of her serious moments.

Every time she did something that she considered important, she took it very seriously, and was never perfunctory and never negligent.

There was always a charm that was uniquely hers, be it her dedication, her persistence, even her ruthless decisiveness.

It made him feel that even if there had been someone who looked exactly like her in the world, her attractive nature was 100 percent irreplaceable.

The reflection of the desk lamp in her crystal-clear eyes was like bright shining stars blooming and shimmering in her eyes.

The small little figure reflected in his eyes, coupled with the soft gentle light, caused him to be completely engrossed unknowingly.

Finally sensing that something was not right, Yun Xi looked up.

She was stunned for a bit when she saw the figure siting by the window.

Because of the sensor system he had set up in her room, she let down her guard whenever she was in the room.

It was the most relaxed and comfortable that she ever felt.

This was her own little world.

Apart from Mu Feichi, who regarded this place as his own home, no one would come and disturb her.

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