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Chapter 931: Cast Aside

“I dont know what youre talking about.

I have been waiting here for days.

It has nothing to do with Liang Xinyi.”

Since Zhou Chengzhe wanted to bring Yun Xi down, he had to use Liang Xinyi to help him do that.

But he couldnt betray her now, since the enemy of someone he hated was necessarily his friend.

“Youre still protecting her.

I guess you havent decided to destroy your relationship with Liang Xinyi.

However, dont worry, I will block off this option for you completely.”

“You!” Zhou Chengzhes face sank, and he glared at Yun Xi angrily.

He was full of hatred, but he could only relieve his hate for her by slashing her with a knife in his imagination.

“Yun Xi…” Yun Xi heard urgent footsteps.

She turned around and saw her homeroom teacher rushing over.

Yun Xi stepped to the side when she saw the principal and several academic deans also walking over.

“Good morning, Instructor Xu.

Good morning, principal.

And good morning to all the deans.” Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo turned and greeted them all politely.

Zhou Chengzhe started panicking a little when he saw the principal arriving with several people.

“Yun Xi, are you all right” Instructor Xu saw a puddle of dark brown liquid on the floor, and there was a pungent smell in the air.

“Instructor Xu, I am all right.

Dont get too close to that as its acid.”

“Acid” The principal heard what Yun Xi said when he got closer.

He immediately turned to look at the injured Zhou Chengzhe, and his face got worried.

“Zhou Chengzhe, whats going on This is not the first time you have caused a scene at school.

Do you think the teachers wanted to see you do badly on the examination Whats the use of blaming others when you should be asking yourself whats going on You are even throwing acid and trying to harm someone now.

Why did we have such a vicious student studying in our school Director Zhang, call someone immediately to throw him out of the school so that we wont cause further alarm to the other students.”

The principal turned to look at Zhou Chengzhe coldly.

“Even if he wants to repeat his final year the next school term, he shall not be accepted into our school.”

Initially, the school had had high hopes for him and had taken extra care of him when they found out about his family difficulties.

But they had definitely not expected him to become so extreme and scary.

Zhou Chengzhe felt the true embarrassment of falling from grace when he heard what the principal had said.

The vast difference in treatment accorded to Yun Xi and to him caused the hatred in his heart to burn like a raging fire.

All his resentments had started because he felt as if Yun Xi had robbed him of everything.

The person who he hated the most had become the schools superstar, and he had been cast aside and thrown out like an old shoe.

On what grounds

He would not accept this.

He would not take it lying down.

Instructor Xu came forward.

He pulled Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo behind his back to shield them from Zhou Chengzhe and stared at him sternly.

“Youre lucky that Yun Xi is all right.

If not, you could be thrown in jail for the rest of your life.

For you to have turned out like this, do you know how heartbroken your homeroom teacher is”

There was going to be a selection process for a senior teacher promotion this year.

Before Yun Xi came, the most promising teacher to be considered was Zhou Chengzhes homeroom teacher.

But now, with a top scholar in Instructor Xus class, Instructor Xu would be the one getting promoted instead.

In addition to Zhou Chengzhes failure in the high school leaving examinations, he repeatedly made scenes in school.

He had asked teachers to review the examination papers for errors after the results had come out, and this had put his homeroom teacher to shame.

Zhou Chengzhes homeroom teacher was embarrassed and ashamed, in equal measure to how proud he had been of him previously.

Zhou Chengzhe lost all his composure while raging.

He thought that his homeroom teacher had taken extra care of him simply to get promoted when he became a top scholar.

His homeroom teacher had had his own motives for being nice to him.

In his current state, Zhou Chengzhe did not realize that no one had an obligation to be good to you or take care of you.

Instead, one should be responsible for oneself.

The teacher had taken care of Zhou Chengzhe because he was his student.

And, of course, he would be proud of him if he was a top scholar, and it would just be a pity if that did not happen.

But in the eyes of Zhou Chengzhe, who was narrowminded and ungrateful, life is all about just making use and taking advantage of one another.

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