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Chapter 930: You Still Lost

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo stood aside and looked at Zhou Chengzhe indifferently.

He had injured himself, but he had asked for it.

Theres no way anyone would sympathize with a person like him.

A pathetic man certainly is something to be despised.

The school bell rang when the classes ended.

The teachers came out of the classrooms and looked over the railings after hearing the commotion.

Instructor Xu saw Yun Xi and Zhou Chengzhe downstairs.

He immediately went down the stairs while making a call to the principal.

Zhao Yumo walked forward and looked condescendingly at Zhou Chengzhe.

He used to be ranked first in the school and had been a proud man, so it was disappointing to see him in such a sorry state now.

“Zhou Chengzhe.

I think you still havent learned that nothing will come back to haunt you if you dont do stupid things.

We have all graduated, so why are you still picking on us”

“Its all because of you that I did so badly on the high school leaving examinations.

You must have bribed the teachers who graded the papers.

How could I have gotten such horrible results You must have done something.”

Yun Xi had come out the top scholar in the examination, but Zhou Chengzhe didnt even make it into the top five.

How did that even happen

Zhou Chengzhe couldnt believe it.

He didnt think that Yun Xi could have gotten such good results, and he also couldnt believe that he had failed at the last lap.

Most important, the summer vacation had already ended, and he still hadnt received any admission letters from any school.

Since Zhou Chengzhe was really confident, he had picked the top schools as his choices.

However, his results did not meet the requirements of the schools he chose, so none of them had accepted him.

Hed worked hard for years and had ended up with nothing.

How could he accept that

Zhao Yumo laughed after hearing what Zhou Chengzhe had said as if she had heard the worlds funniest joke.

“You really flatter us! It might be possible to do something in the examination hall, but bribing the teachers who grade the papers Then, tell me, how much money do we need to bribe all the teachers Also, the test papers are randomly assigned to different teachers, so do you think we can predict the future Are you crazy or just stupid to say something so dumb You messed up in the examination because you were overly confident.

Why are you blaming us for that Are you crazy”

Zhao Yumo had not forgotten what had happened during the examinations.

Zhou Chengzhe had looked so confident and cocky, as if he was already the top scholar.

And what was the outcome he had gotten Hed thought too highly of himself and underestimated all his competitors.

So, for being overly complacent, hed failed the examination.

Zhou Chengzhe had thought that Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had schemed against him.

Hed even blamed them for his failure on the examinations.

How despicable of him!

“Yumo, we dont have to continue talking to him.

Hes like an animal, willing to do anything out of desperation.”

“How dare you say that I am an animal B*tch! Its because of you that I am in this situation now.

I should have been the top scholar of the examinations.

Everything should have been mine.

Instead, I lost it all, and its because of you.”

Zhou Chengzhe thought that it was because of them that hed ended up with nothing.

Zhou Chengzhe felt extremely angry and humiliated, and he flew into a rage when Yun Xi spoke.

“Only the incompetent ones say something like that, while those who are capable would fight me with their own abilities.

But, unfortunately, you have still ended up being defeated by me.

You have lost, and you have to admit it.

Zhou Chengzhe, everyone has to be responsible for their own mistakes.

Dont think that it doesnt apply to you just because you used to be one of the top students in school.”

Yun Xi seemed to have thought of something after she finished her sentence.

She gave Zhou Chengzhe a condescending look and smirked.

Then the sharp and cold look on her face suddenly darkened.

“I just came back yesterday, and you managed to find me in school today.

I guess someone tipped you off.”

Well, it looked like Liang Xinyi was still trying to cause trouble for Yun Xi.

So now, Yun Xi shall give her some trouble to worry about.

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