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Chapter 929: Zhou Chengzhe Suffers

No matter how difficult it was, she wasnt the one forking out the money, so she had to swallow her frustrations.

Every time her mother got upset, Yun Xi would be in a good mood.

Yun Yuanfeng agreed to rent a place for her.

Yun Xi knew that this wasnt a difficult issue for Yun Yuanfeng, so she didnt continue talking about it.

Near the start of the school year, there was a new batch of year three students who had already started their days of remedial classes.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had made arrangements to return to the school together to thank the principal and the teachers.

She also wanted to see how much Yumo had learned from Jiang Chenghuan since she had been gone for the entire summer holidays.

After all, Zhao Yumo had become an adult this year and would be taking over her family very soon.

If she still hadnt gained the ability to deal with all of the sly scheming and cunning manipulation that running a family required, then Yun Xis plan would have to be delayed a little bit as well.

She doesnt want to lose the entire game just because of a few loose factors within it.

Neither of them could afford to lose.

Both of them were punctual people.

Not long after Yun Xi arrived at school, Zhao Yumo arrived as well.

After being apart for almost three months, the two couldnt help but start laughing at each other after seeing that both of their faces and necks had turned a shade darker.

Because they both knew what each other had been doing, they understood not to ask anything about it.

As they sized each other up, they realized that they both had become more energetic than before, while their gazes and temperaments had turned sharper yet more composed.

“I heard that your instructor was known as Lucifer.

He didnt abuse you, did he”

Since hearing from Jiang Chenghuan that Yun Xis trainer was known as Lucifer and that it had been he who had trained Mu Feichi, Zhao Yumo had been worried that Yun Xi would have had a hard time.

But now, looking at how composed and serene she appeared, she seemed to be even more reserved and harder to see through than before.

It seemed that Lucifers training hadnt been simple.

“You must believe that if he could a teach a student to become the Young Commander of Jun Country, I couldnt be that bad after training under him.”

“Yup, I definitely believe that.” Zhao Yumo nodded.

Her gut feelings didnt lie.

Compared to how she had been before she trained under him, Yun Xis temperament and her emotions seemed totally different.

“What about you How has it been learning from Jiang Chenghuan He must be quite strict with you, right”

“Hes definitely not any easier than your instructor.

He has been willing to be cruel and ruthless to me.

He hasnt held back even a little for a girl like me, and hes pretty much just training me like a guy.

These three months have been like a nightmare…way too cruel! But Ive also learned a lot from him.

I guess the best students are taught by the strictest teachers.”

“As long as you understand that.”

Yun Xi smiled and turned as she heard some sounds.

She was greeted by the sight of Zhou Chengzhe jumping out of nowhere with a glass bottle in his hand.

He pounced right at them as he splashed the liquid inside the bottle toward them.

The moment Yun Xi saw the glass bottle, it reminded her of Liang Xiuqin in her previous life who had similarly splashed acid at her from a glass bottle.

She couldnt help but squirm a little, before swiftly identifying the situation and reacting to pull Zhao Yumo aside.

Just as she pulled on her arm, Zhao Yumo had reacted as well.

She took the opportunity to lower her stance and dodge to the side.

At the same time, out of force of habit, she reached her leg out to trip Zhou Chengzhe.

She hadnt trained the past three months for nothing.

In terms of fundamentals like reaction speed, if she were slow, she would receive a good beating from Jiang Chenghuan, which is why shed trained hard to improve her reaction speed and close-quarter combat skills.

Zhou Chengzhe was caught off guard and tripped over Zhao Yumos leg, falling face first onto the ground.

The impact was rather great, causing the glass bottle to shatter as it came into contact with the ground.

Soon there were shards of glass contaminated with corrosive liquids piercing into Zhou Chengzhes palm.

Instantly, bloodcurdling howls of pain and agony echoed through the area below the classroom block…

The acid hadnt splashed onto its intended target.

It had spilled onto the ground and sizzled as it corroded the surface, emitting a pungent smell.

Zhou Chengzhe held his wounded palm and shrieked in pain, his pale face hideously twisted.

Hed thought that all he had to do was to run up and splash it on them.

He totally didnt expect them to react so quickly.

Hed seen how close the acid was to their bodies, yet they somehow had managed to dodge to the side in the blink of an eye.

D*mn it! In the end…he was the one who had suffered.

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