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Chapter 923: Balance between Country and Love

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“Why I can just share a tent with Instructor Zilan tonight, right No need to trouble the Young Commander to sacrifice himself.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes as a flirtatious smile appeared on his face.

“Im only accompanying you to sleep.

It doesnt feel like a sacrifice at all.”

“Excuse me, but I feel like Im being forced.”

“But we made a promise that there would be a punishment for guessing wrong.

You agreed.”

“I…” Faced with such a gentleman, who was constantly thinking about getting her in bed, what could she do

Yun Xi pulled over a foldable chair and sat on it as she watched the man assemble the tent swiftly.

She really couldnt think of a way to deal with his domineering and decisive behavior.

Because two additional people had come at the last minute, the organizer could only produce one extra tent and floor mat.

They didnt even have spare beds for them.

But Mu Feichi brought over his blanket and laid it on the floor mat, and lying on it did feel rather warm and cozy.

Yun Xi had been accustomed to sleeping in the desert, the mountains, and the rain forest during the past three months.

Now that Mu Feichi was taking such good care of her, it made her feel like she was too sheltered.

Later, after Li Zilan had finished talking to Mu Feichi, Yun Xi flipped up the tent flap and went in.

The first thing she saw was Mu Feichi sitting crossed-legged on the blanket, writing something.

She sat down next to him.

“What are you writing” She peered over.

Mu Feichi didnt hide it from her.

Instead he adjusted the papers to give her a better view.

Yun Xi scanned through the draft.

It must have been the written report on the competition, and the mission plan for the final mission that they hadnt managed to complete.

They did not complete the mission, and no winner emerged from the competition.

However, with such large-scale international competitions, the experience from each event was a great training lesson for the special forces soldiers who participated.

Not just anyone could participate in this competition and learn directly from it.

The Young Commander still had a long way to go in raising the overall capability and strength of the Jun Country special forces.

“Im looking at what youre writing, and youre not holding back at all.

A lot of people nowadays arent willing to share their experiences and insights.

Theres a saying that when the student masters what the master teaches, then theres no need for the master anymore.”

“Thats true in a sense, but Im different.

I have a lot of things to worry about, and I wish that someone would share some of my burdens, instead of me shouldering everything.

Jun Country isnt mine alone.

It lies on the shoulders of everyone.

Its all of our responsibility, our duty, and our calling to support it.

If some people can take over these responsibilities for me, then Ill have more time to spend with you, isnt that right”

As a soldier, he often didnt have a choice.

He was simply trying his best to strike a delicate balance between his country and his love.

“…” Yun Xi raised her eyes, and her gaze moved to look toward the man who was mere inches away from her.

His handsome face emanated a sense of warmth under the dim lights; his prominent features looked especially elegant under such lighting.

Even when he was talking about such solemn matters regarding his beliefs and justice, his gaze was still so tender and heated when he looked toward her.

Yun Xi could feel her heart pounding when her eyes met his.

“Your performance was not bad today.

However, when you were faced with choices, you were neither confident nor decisive enough.

Just like how you trust me so much, you need to trust yourself as well.

It is only possible to fully utilize your strengths when you believe in them.

Only when we have no way to escape will we fight like our lives depend on it, got it”

When he was lecturing her, his gaze was deep and serious, yet there was just an indescribable charm to it that attracted every bit of her attention.

“Got it!” Yun Xi nodded..

It looked as if her pretty eyes were glowing under the dim lights, while a faint smile appeared uncontrollably on her lovely face.

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