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Chapter 89: Two Different Statuses

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“Students, this Friday will be the first practice exam.

Everyone should review their knowledge.

The entire grade will be ranked according to this exam.

The top 30 will be rewarded by the school with a free tutoring class.

This will be a good opportunity, and the teachers will help everyone with their work.

Everyone, study hard for the test.

The top ten in this class should strive for a high score.”

As soon as the head teacher had informed them about this news, the class immediately started buzzing.

This was no doubt a great opportunity.

For those who got accepted into the advanced class, going to university was a given.

Yun Xi didnt have many expectations concerning this.

She simply wanted to finish what she had set out to do.

After returning home from work that evening, Yun Yuanfeng couldnt conceal his happiness.

He seemed to be in a super good mood.

That night, the entire family was eating dinner together in the villa complex.

At dinner, in front of the entire family, Yun Xi purposely asked her dad, “Dad, why are you so happy today Have you had any good news”

She knew that the issues regarding Mr.

Jiang had been resolved.

Jiang Wanyun had called her earlier in the evening and thanked her for buying the medicine for her son.

Her father answered, “Yun Xi, I havent forgotten that I have to thank you.

If you hadnt asked Mrs.

Chen for help, Im afraid I wouldnt have gotten promoted this time.”

The trouble caused by Liang Xiuqin had had to be settled by Yun Xi.

Although they said she was a jinx, it was obvious that that was just a silly superstition that they were promoting against her.

Maybe this year her father was in luck.

His jinxed daughter had actually brought him good fortune.

As soon as shed returned, shed helped him form ties with the Chen family and deal with the Jiang family, as well as taken care of other huge troubles for him.

It seemed that his luck had finally arrived.

“Really Thats great! I hope Dad can take the seat of Director this time, and no one will have to add avice when they refer to you in the future.”

“Nice! Nice! Ha,ha, ha…” Yun Yuanfeng was so flattered that he was on cloud nine.

Liang Xiuqin disdainfully watched the father and daughter bantering, and she snorted, “Youre so experienced at being a Goody Two-shoes! You were the one who caused all the problems anyway, so its only natural for you to help your dad resolve them.”

Liang Xiuqin had completely forgotten that she was the one who had offended Mr.

Jiang in the first place.

Now that the matter was resolved, she was trying to turn it around and make it seem like it had all been Yun Xis fault.

Yun Yuanfeng knew this clearly, but he didnt want to start trouble at this time, so he secretly glared at Liang Xiuqin as a warning for her to watch her mouth.

Second Auntie Yao Ying changed the topic with good timing and pulled out two invitations.

“By the way, the Chen family grandmother is holding a charity auction this weekend.

I got an invitation from the third son.

Who is going to go”

These charity auctions held among the wealthy and famous were really just euphemisms.

They could call them charity auctions if they wanted, but in reality they were simply venues for rich people to show off their money.

Liang Xiuqin couldnt bear to look at Yao Ying gloating, so she interjected with a disdainful expression on her face, “Everyone who received these invitations were people of status.

You actually needed to get it from someone else, but we all got them delivered in person.”

With that said, Liang Xiuqin pulled out three invitations.

Although they were obviously the same thing, in her eyes, having it sent to the door and picking it up yourself conferred two different statuses on them.

Yun Xi raised her head and watched the cat fight between her mother and her second aunt.

She had to bite her cheeks to suppress her laughter.

Truthfully, she had no idea what made her mother think that she was in a position to antagonize her second aunt.

Her second aunts family was affluent and powerful, and she herself was a strong career woman who oversaw the operations of an entire pharmaceutical company.

What had her mother ever accomplished

With the backing of her third uncle, shed opened a therapeutic spa and usually spent her days chatting with socialites over tea, while trying to get favors from people everywhere.

These sorts of superficial relationships wouldnt work in dire situations, and none of these people could ever be relied on.

However, her mother was actually quite proud of these connections and felt as if she enjoyed good relations with all of Jingdus upper class ladies.

But in their eyes, she was just an opportunistic nobody who was trying to social climb up to their level.

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