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Chapter 889: Feel Happy About It

If it had been anyone else, they might have been able to promise to find her and bring her back in the shortest time possible, but this person was Lord Yan!

All the disguises and camouflaging techniques, together with the anti-tracking skills that they knew, had been taught to them by him.

If he really wanted to take someone away, with his skill level, there were a surplus of ways for him to evade their search.

They didnt even know where to begin.

“B*stard!” The moment Mu Feichi heard what Qi Yuan had said the folder in his hand was slammed onto the table with great force.

The veins on his forehead popped out slightly, as his dark, expressionless face was burning with a wrath that had been ignited instantly by this news.

His eyes were so cold it seemed as though his gaze could freeze everything it looked at.

The atmosphere inside the tent immediately plunged below freezing.

No one dared to open their mouths, and they all tightened up their nerves in fear of becoming the next victim of the Young Commanders anger.

Agitated, Mu Feichi pulled over the phone on the table and dialed Commander Mus number.

The call took a while to go through and it wasnt picked up by Commander Mu himself.

It only reached him after being passed around for quite a while.

When he finally heard Commander Mus voice coming from the other end of the line, Mu Feichi asked straight away, “Commander Mu, where did you allow Yan Shuo to take my girl”

His tone was clearly demanding.

He sounded calm, but everyone around him knew that the least composed person right now was likely him.

“Your girl Who” On the other end of the call, Commander Mu clearly heard how anxious Mu Feichi was, yet he acted as if he knew nothing and dragged it out.

“You know exactly who Im talking about! What is the meaning of letting Yan Shuo take her away Did you ask for my opinion”

“Your opinion Mu Feichi, her legs grow on her body, she can follow whoever she wants.

Its not like Yan Shuo kidnapped her.”

“If it werent for you instigating him, why else would Yan Shuo even pay any attention to her”

Ever since he had brought her to District A, hed been worried that this day would come.

But he hadnt expected that in the end, Yan Shuo would have taken her away.

“If she hadnt been willing to go, no matter how much Yan Shuo tried to convince her, she wouldnt have followed him.

Mu Feichi, you know full well inside that the person who could stand beside you in the end wont be an ordinary person.

That girl is absolutely clear about this as well.

At least now, she is willing to become stronger for you, willing to work hard side-by-side with you, so go ahead and secretly feel happy about it.

I dont know where they are, go find them yourself if you think you can.”

It was seldom that his son would spontaneously call him, yet the first thing hed said was to question him, so of course he wouldnt be happy as a father.

Once Commander Mu finished that sentence, he hung up without waiting for Mu Feichi to say anything in return.

Mu Feichi didnt get any useful information from the call.

Instead, he felt as if hed just been venting his anger, and it hadnt been helpful in any way toward the problem that he wanted to solve right now.

He turned around and placed both his hands on the table.

Looking down at the messy table, Mu Feichis brows twisted together, his eyes turning so cold they looked as if ice were forming in his irises.

The things that Commander Mu had said just now started to become clearer and clearer in his head, and he gradually suppressed his agitation.

If she had done this in order to work hard so that she could stand side by side with him, he wouldnt stop her.

But when the person training her was Yan Shuo, he was freaked out from the bottom of his heart.

It was for no other reason than because he knew full well how cruel and ruthless Yan Shuo was.

If she was trained by Yan Shuo, it would be difficult for her to not become another version of him.

Mu Feichi was fully aware of how he had been back then, compared to how he was now.

And he knew even more clearly how much blood, sweat, and tears had gone into this transformation.

He couldnt bear to think of her suffering through the same thing.

Shed chosen to be together with him, and he could bear whatever he needed to bear, all in order to protect her for the rest of her life.

But looking at the situation now, that seemed impossible.

Besides, that girl wasnt someone who would let him shelter her for the rest of her life.

He could feel waves of heartache consuming him.

He had rarely felt so profoundly helpless before.

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