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Chapter 886: Nothing Beats You By My Side

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“Babe, you cook pretty well.” Mu Feichi looked at her and smiled.

There was a faint gleam in his eyes.

Looking at his expression, Yun Xi felt her heart ache.

She sighed as she blinked and pretended that she didnt notice his expression.

She stared at him as he finished the bowl of noodles.

Mu Feichi put down the bowl and pushed it aside.

He looked back at Yun Xi, “Didnt you say its my birthday So wheres my present”

“There isnt any.

I didnt know it was your birthday.

Where could I find a gift at the last minute”

“Heartless little girl.”

“You want a present Close your eyes, and I will make one for you.”

Mu Feichi leaned back in the chair lazily.

He looked at her as if he didnt believe her, but was still looking forward to the gift.

“Quick.” Yun Xi covered his eyes with her hands and reminded him, “No peeking!”

“All right.” Mu Feichi smiled.

He then cooperated with her and raised his hands to cover his eyes.

Yun Xi went over quickly to the fridge and took out the cake.

She placed the candle on the cake and lighted it before pulling his hands off his eyes.

“Its ready!” She held up the cake and looked at him sincerely.

“Sir, Happy Birthday!”

Since they had known each other, Mu Feichi had given her more help and care than any of her relatives ever had.

Yun Xi was grateful for what Mu Feichi had done for her, and she had always kept those thoughts in her heart.

She wanted to be by his side, and she was trying her best to be qualified to do that.

Mu Feichi probably guessed what it was when he heard her lighting the candle.

But he was still surprised when he opened his eyes.

There was just a number three candle on a simple cake and nothing else.

The cake looked really simple, but this gesture hit him at the softest spot in his heart.

He didnt need to ask and could tell that it had been handmade by her.

Yun Xi had personally made a cake for him.

It was a simple cake, without any fancy decorations.

“Why is the candle in the shape of a number three Dont you know my age”

Yun Xi nodded and looked at him in all seriousness.

“I know.

But to me, you will always be Mu Three-Years-Old.

No other number suits you.”

“Then how are you going to explain to our children on their third birthday that I am three years old too”

“Thats your problem.

What has it got to do with me” Yun Xi glared at him grumpily, utterly unaware that Mu Feichi had led her into a trap.

Mu Feichi nodded with a faint smile.

“Of course! I am unique in your eyes, and no one else can compare.”

“You are digressing.

Hurry, make a wish and blow out the candle!”

The topic was getting too intimate.

Also, Mu Feichi was really experienced at making salacious comments.

Yun Xi would definitely be on the losing end of this conversation.

Mu Feichi looked at the flickering light from the candle and made two wishes silently.

In this lifetime, I would like to hold Yun Xis hand, grow old with her and always be with her.

Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi as he watched the candle silently for a moment before blowing it out.

Then, Yun Xi passed the cake-cutting knife to him, although she couldnt tell if he had already made his wishes.

Yun Xi stared at Mu Feichi curiously.

“What did you wish for”

“Dont people say that wishes wont come true if you talk about them So I cant tell you!”

“So mean.” Yun Xi snorted.

She noticed the piece of cake he was handing to her, but she pushed it back to him.

“You are the birthday boy, so youre the boss.

You should eat first.”

Mu Feichi took a bite.

The cake tasted sweet and salty, yet not too heavy.

In addition, it had the aroma of peanuts, which was really unique.

“Have a taste.” Then, with the fork he had just used, Mu Feichi fed a bite of the cake to Yun Xi and praised her.

“Its pretty good.”

Mu Feichi made another wish after hed fed Yun Xi.

He wished that he could get to eat the cake Yun Xi makes every year in the future.

Ill have you by my side every day.

The most beautiful sight cant be compared to the first ray of sunshine at dawn.

And, nothing beats you being by my side.

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