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Chapter 884: One Gaze Sealed Their Fate For Ten Thousand Years, Once He Was Sure, It Would Be For Th

In her previous life, every son of every wealthy family had lavish birthday parties, complete with luxury cars, gorgeous girls, all sorts of stimulants, and unbridled spending.

Yet, for the heir of the number one noble family in Jingdu, his birthdays were hardly celebrated at all.

It was weird.

However, he was a soldier, and he had his duties and responsibilities to think about, and he bore the burden of his obligations and missions.

There were many times when he had no say over what he had to do and no choices to make.

At the gates of the Mu Mansion, Yun Xi got out of the car and walked through them carrying the cake.

The butler had long been waiting at the door, peering out occasionally.

He immediately hurried to open the front door when he saw Yun Xi arriving.

“The Young Commander is in his study, Ms.


Do you want to go to the kitchen to make the longevity noodles first Ill hide the cake for you.” 1

“Certainly! Im sorry for troubling you.” Yun Xi smiled.

The moment she turned, she saw Great White dashing in through the door and running up to her.

“Great White!” Yun Xi patted his head and motioned to the upstairs.

“Go call your master down!”

She nudged Great White toward the stairs, and he immediately understood her intentions and ran upstairs.

The butler put the cake in the refrigerator, then went to take his break.

The chef had already fermented the dough and placed it on the countertop to rest.

Yun Xi was now the only one in the large kitchen.

She only knew the simplest recipe for longevity noodles, which was just to roll out a single noodle as long as possible.

This was what her uncle had cooked for her back when she lived in the countryside.

Her birthday happened during the winter solstice.

So, after getting used to eating dumplings every year, she hadnt actually eaten longevity noodles to celebrate her birthday for a long time.


In the study on the second floor, Mu Feichi had just showered.

He was about to look for a few books for Yun Xi to read.

These were all military strategy books that he had read and found rather useful.

Great White nudged open the door quietly and walked in.

He went up to Mu Feichi, tugged on a corner of his bathrobe, and started to drag him outside the room.

Mu Feichi was a little startled, and he lowered his gaze and rubbed on Great Whites head as he asked, “Whats wrong”

Great White whined a little before turning and walking out of the study.

Mu Feichi followed him and went down the stairs.

However, he didnt see anyone in the brightly lit living room, not even the butler.

He had gotten all the way to the kitchen before he heard some sounds.

As he got closer, he saw the slender figure of the girl busy in front of the countertop.

Under the bright lights of the kitchen and the steamy mists from the pot, it looked as though her long skirt had turned into dreamlike, curling willow branches, coiling right around his heart.

The more he struggled, the tighter they coiled around him.

Theres a type of emotion where you know full well that you will sink into it and become unable to escape on your own.

You might have tried to subdue it or even borne it silently, yet in the end you still inevitably sink deeply into it.

And you did so with heartfelt willingness, even enjoying it like sweet chocolate.

Mu Feichi was different.

From the moment he first saw her, he knew exactly what he wanted.

When it came to someone that he yearned for, even if the path ahead was one of loneliness and solitude, even if it was filled with the unknown and the impossible, he would never even have thought of altering his convictions.

One Gaze Sealed Their Fate for 10,000 Years.

Once He Was Sure, It Would Be for the Rest of His Life.

Great Whites bark startled the girl working in the kitchen.

Yun Xi turned around and saw the man standing in the doorway, his eyes filled with a tender, gentle emotion.

She smiled, and her eyes turned into pretty crescents.

Yun Xi walked forward and raised her head to meet his loving gaze, her gleaming smile filled with unfeigned joy.

“Young Commander, I heard that its your birthday today, so I made you some longevity noodles.” She reached out and poked at his chest.

“No matter how mad you are at me, you must show me some respect and finish the noodles.”

She paused for a bit and added, “You must finish them even if they dont taste good, and youre not allowed to say that they dont taste good.”

“Okay.” Mu Feichi nodded, and a smile covered his handsome face unconsciously.

The desires in his heart were already blooming when her little hand came poking at him.


1 Eating longevity noodles is a Chinese tradition when celebrating birthdays.

The length of the noodles signifies good wishes for a long and healthy life.

2 The winter solstice is typically celebrated by the Chinese people by eating dumplings.

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